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  1. Anyone encountered an issue when some teams don't enter national cup at all. Using Timo's Megapack( Bosnian league) and halfway through the season I noticed that half of first division teams never entered the cup, not even in later stages. Any idea how to fix this?
  2. Is it working with new Champions League format? Was using qwert2 megapack, now I have more teams from Albania and Kazakhstan in league phase than England lol Don't want to make the same mistake again
  3. Is it safe to disable some files like Honduras and Guatemala? What's in these? Because I can't use league packs with it. Thanks.
  4. Hello I have few questions, sorry if some maybe have obvious answers. 1. Is it compatible with Dave Increased realism mod? 2. Can '' Games of small countries'' tournament be turned off? 3. Not sure If I understand ''Italian league system'' requirement. Pack doesn't work with vanilla Italian league? What does that file add or changes ?
  5. In every unlocked league there are no restrictions for number of foreign players?
  6. Anyone having issues with ''only one league file can be selected'' when using data updates?
  7. Regarding player wages...Nice feature, really liking players in weaker countries have smaller wages. However, I do notice wage spike after a season . Like teams signing players for 3k week wage while their top earners so far have maybe 300-400 per week. Is that some core game mechanics issue that happens nevertheless?
  8. Ok this is probably something on my part but noticed my staff has bigger wages than my players (playing Bosnian league). I did download sortitoutsi latest data update, could that be the reason? Thanks
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