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  1. Update - I think I found a way to move from it. When I arranged a friendly tha - clicked in the training section or something like that and again wnt to fixtures - arrange friendly. It is working for now.
  2. After my second season with Barcelona I started arranging friendlies before the new season. I arranged one friendly and a week beofre it one leauge and when clicked to arranhge another friendly it crashed. I deleted cahes and preferrences, but still crashed every time when trying to arrange this friendly even in another game date.
  3. Again tight offside, but it wasn't! тайт офсайд.mp4
  4. When I have multiple bids for a player I can't accept becauxe it show this message and the button for accpeting is not shown. And actually even of works properly, it is not that ok for me. I am playing with 110 zoom. проблем.mkv
  5. This goal was allowed even though checked by VAR - not sure if it is due to the fact thar VAR can also make mistakes or an issue that shouldn't happen. I've also noticed that almost always is written "Thight offside" even is sometimes is not offside. Sorry for the bad quality of the video but I wanted it to be under 9.77 MB. Засада.mp4
  6. The date pf the transfer news is not correct in the news - 1900 , although I thinkthe transfer windw was correct and the issue was only in the news.
  7. Not sure what actually happened or is it a bug. But in the meeting I added another position to scout - DR. At the end we didn't discuused this posion with the scouts and the offered to discuss the GK position. It shown in the viedo. скаути.mkv
  8. There were no answers and questions in the broadcast interviews after the matches in the Spanish cup - it happened as shown in the screenshot in my 2 matches in the cup.
  9. Hi! I have some questions about training in FM 20 on topics which I probably don't understand well. That's why I'm asking for help. First of all - in the team responsibilities I control the general and individual training of the first team and only the individual of the reserve (B) team and the youth squad. 1. When I make individual training for the B team or youth team players after a while I see it gone and should do it again. Why is happening and how can I stop it? 2. Whatever club I play some of my players (especially players that are not in the first team) start developing
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