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  1. Hi could you tell me why on FM Mobile 2020 there’s no Club World Championship for the team that wins the Champions League? tks
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    FM 2018 Mobile

    hi there, I've been an FM avid player for the last 10 years For the new mobile release it would be helpful to have more realistic revenue numbers and budgets for teams who play in the Premier League . It would also helpful to show Under 21 Teams for major European and South American countries at least. Last but not least the transfer market should be more 'pro active' in the sense that for highly rated players the Club should receive more offers and not just one- offs. thanks
  3. Hi I just won the Championship and for the start of the new premier league season i was given only 7 million pounds for the transfer market..that's totally out of line with current real premier league standards for any club that plays in premier league Any reason for that?
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