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  1. A different tactic each time, and usually a different tactic each season. I never download tactics and I never use the same tactic from a previous save. Every save I build a new tactic from scratch, usually based around the same basic principles, but always highly customised to suit my current squad and the way that I believe they are best used.
  2. Good players does not automatically mean good performances. Look at Man Utd in real life. Their squad might not be amazing but there's easily enough talent there to be in the top 4 but all season long they'd been underperforming because of the way in which the players were being expected to play. The OP might have signed some decent players but if he's not getting things right tactically then he's always going to struggle.
  3. mack4ever

    Is gegenpress really noob abuse?

    I've had plenty of success with a variety of styles. Most recently I was very much playing a Mourinho style tactic. Sit back in two lines of four and make the opposition break me down, and when they lose the ball we're going to build slowly from the back rather than countering at pace. Worked really very well in that save. However for Liverpool I'd actually argue that the reality is that they're not too far off being up there with the best of them. I think they've got a real chance of winning the league this year and with a bit more strength in depth I reckon they've got a damn good chance in the Champions League next year. Just look at their squad: Salah, Mane and Firmino are a world class front three. Van Dijk is one of the best central defenders in the world right now. Alisson is right up there with the best and is only going to get better. Keita, Lallana and Fabinho are a really solid group in central midfield, with Shaqiri and Milner extremely capable utility players around them. The only area they're relatively weak is in defence, but even there Matip is very good and with Robertson, Gomez and Alexander-Arnold they have a trio of very talented youngsters who are starting to show some real class. However even the relatively weak defence is countered to a certain extent by the work rate that they have and the way the entire team defends as a unit. If you look at their first XI I don't think there can be more than about half a dozen teams in Europe who have a better lineup than they do. If they can get some more strength in depth they will be one hell of a force in real life. Why is it so unrealistic for them to do well in the game?
  4. Ah OK, I didn't know there was an actual definition of "active player". Where in the game is that figure referenced at all?
  5. So having thought I had the hang of the work permit system on my current post-brexit game, I've come across an example that has very much confused me, and I was hoping somebody here could shed some light on this situation. So in my current game the work permit rules are: The player I am trying to sign is German and does not qualify for an automatic permit based on international appearances, so I'm straight into the appeal stage. The transfer fee is £3.6m so as you can see on the screenshot above he does not get any points from the transfer fee, however I do believe he should qualify from the other areas as shown below. "1 point if player is an active player for a club playing in the top 6 leagues in Europe" So there we have his contract showing him with backup status, but still in the senior squad for Dortmund, and the league rankings showing the Budesliga as the 4th highest league in Europe. So in my mind he should have qualified for 1 point from that. Next we go on to his wages: So that is the contract he signed with me, £66k per week. That is my current squad and the Dortmund current squad (he's not in the picture because I signed him without a work permit in the hope of getting one later). Reason why I've shown both is because I wasn't 100% sure if the wage section of the appeals rule related to my squad or the squad I was signing him from. However as you can see, in my squad he will be the 2nd highest earner and at Dortmund he was the 12th highest earner, so in both cases he is "in top 50% of the top 30 earners at the club" and so should have got 3 points from that. So that is 3 points because of his wage and 1 point because of the league he was in before, for a total of 4 points and a successful appeal. Can anybody tell me what I'm missing here? Why a player who as far as I can tell qualified for a work permit on appeal was rejected?
  6. I'm playing as Sunderland, first season in the Premiership and playing using a narrow 4-3-2-1, play focused through the middle with short passing and right now after 20 games we're sitting in 11th place when we were predicted 18th...
  7. mack4ever

    Work Permit (Post-Brexit)

    It's not realistic? You know that the rules that are being applied are exactly the same as currently exist for English clubs, the only difference in your save is that the rules apply to all countries rather than just non-EU countries. What it does do is force you to think more. If you have a player that you desperately want to sign but who won't automatically get a WP then you need to make sure that your offer will get him one on appeal. Look at the last 2 years transfers for your league and make sure your bid puts this player in the top 50% and that's 2 points, offer him a salary that puts him in the top 75% of the top 30 earners at your club and that's another 2 points and there you go, 4 points and a work permit.
  8. mack4ever

    Players rejecting moves

    Well, what you usually see is the media attempting to guess at the reason.
  9. mack4ever

    Losing its realism

    If they had made it perfectly clear to the manager that they expected a top half finish and the manager was looking likely to fall comfortably short of that then yes, I can completely imagine them sacking their manager over that.
  10. Well then set the team instructions to press less but put higher pressing on the individual players you want to be more aggressive with it.
  11. Fourth places loses out if a team below them wins the Europa league.
  12. It's not a bug, the season isn't over and the remaining games can have an impact on who gets what in terms of European qualification therefore the table is still showing what all of the clubs have guaranteed they will reach, not what the best they can reach is. The simplest comparison would be if you're playing in a league where there are playoffs. Once you hit a point where you are guaranteed to qualify for the playoffs you will see the PL (or whatever the abbreviation is) appear next to your name on the league table. This isn't saying that you can't go on to get automatic promotion or win the league, it is simply saying that you have guaranteed that you will finish in the play off positions or better. It essentially shows the worst case scenario. In the case of the OP the league table is showing that he has guaranteed he will qualify for the Europa League, but because there are still games remaining he has not yet guaranteed qualification for the Champions League. As the OP said, Man City in 5th were in the Europa League final while he was in the Champions League final. If City had won their match and the OP had lost his then City would have qualified for the Champions League and the OP would have only made the Europa League. So at the present time the worst case scenario for the OP is that he only qualifies for the Europa League and so that's what the league table shows.
  13. And this is why it's always good to wait for the end of the season before assuming something is wrong...
  14. Yep, I was being blind! Mods/admins, feel free to close this thread.