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  1. Your players are up against a much higher standard of opposition than they are. They will be facing a side who move the ball quicker, players who keep the ball better and so any time they go for a tackle there is going to be more risk of them mistiming it, or they're more likely to hold their opponent to try and keep control or any of a dozen other offences. Of course when you play a better team you're more likely to give up fouls and receive bookings.
  2. It's a joke because your players made a mistake? Ah of course, I forgot that this game is meant to be designed so the user never loses, the users players never make a mistake, score every single one on one, never concede a goal. Maybe they'll fix these glaring issues in FM20...
  3. Stop talking nonsense. Criticism or negative feedback has always been allowed on here. Sometimes posts are closed with the user told to go and post in the official feedback thread if it is the right place for it, and of course if the post is offensive, rude, full of swearing or includes personal attacks on SI or members of the team then it will be closed but in those cases it's because of the behaviour of the user who made the post not because of the criticism they levelled.
  4. Come on then, upload your save game so we can all have a go and let's see how many people can win the game that you think is unwinnable.
  5. I hate to break it to you but nobody cares. Quite frankly I can't think of anything more boring than watching somebody else play FM and I'm sure a great many others share my opinion on that.
  6. I would like to throw Carlos Fierro in to the mix. If memory serves he was an absolute beast from FM12 through to about FM15, a player who was almost guaranteed to go on to be one of the best strikers in the world if signed by the user and in reality is a mediocre player in the Mexican leagues at best.
  7. My previous Sunderland save. In season 1 I stumbled on a newgen GK who my scouts rated as being League 1 standard already at only 16 years of age and with potential to improve massively. I snapped him up, threw him straight in to the first team and he did the job brilliantly. Two years and two promotions later we were in the Premiership and he was still my first choice, he kept on improving and my coaches opinion on his potential kept on improving. At this point he was rated as being a decent premiership player and with potential to improve much further. The thing is that by this point he was starting to attract attention from a host of big clubs and he was getting a bit unhappy with staying at the club. However when we were in the Championship I signed him to a 4 year contract and so whether he liked it or not he was staying until a club met his £80m release clause! The problem that I was of course going to run in to was that if nobody met it then he wasn't likely to sign a new contract and I would lose him on a free but I decided to take that gamble. I figured that if we did well then we could push up the league far enough that when he was in his final year he would be happy to sign a new contract, and we did really damn well. Survived comfortably in year 1, mid-table in year 2 and in year 3, the final year of his contract, we were pushing for a Champions League spot and I was planning to start contract negotiations when he had about 7 months left on his contract, leave him as much time as possible to see that the club could match his ambition but sign him up again before any other club could make a move and offer him a contract. Now for the screw up... When January rolled around I was pretty much just skipping through between games, I wanted to finish the season and was holidaying between matches. One day I arrive back for a match and when skipping through the news saw that Arsenal had a bid accepted for him and he'd agreed to join them. As his contract was near an end his value was plummeting and my assistant had accepted an offer of £7m! A player who had previously been valued at around £35m, with a release clause of £80m and who was the best player in my team by a country mile sold for £7m. I rage quit the save and started a new game. Two things that make it even worse. 1) After I quit that save I went and loaded a slightly earlier save from a few weeks before, and found out that at that point he was happy to sign a new contract so I could have easily wrapped him up with a new deal. 2) I checked his PA. It was 184. So I lost a keeper who had the potential to be one of the best in the world for bloody £7m.
  8. I say screw all of these one club saves, become a Journeyman. Add a few leagues, pick a club and win the top division with them. As soon as you win the league you can tick that country off the list, remove that league from the game and add another nation, resign from your club and change country. Keep going until you have won the top division in every country.
  9. Not quite right. You can play without the datebase update but not the patch. All of the functional changes of the newest patches will be in place but obviously database changes won't.
  10. He's had two good seasons for a club in one of the weaker leagues in Europe and made his international debut at 21. That hardly makes him a great player. You know who else made their international debut for Holland at 21 after having 2 good seasons for a Dutch club side? Ola John, the powerhouse of world football. You know who else did the exact same thing? Ricky van Wolfswinkel. One season at Vitesse and two at Utrecht where he was pretty damn impressive and he has definitely gone on to be world class... How can you not wrap your head around the fact that Barcelona do not know for sure that De Jong will develop in to a great player, they're taking a £75m gamble on that fact. Barcelona don't know how good he is going to be, you don't know how good he is going to be, I don't know how good he is going to be, the researchers at SI don't know how good he is going to be. Even bloody Frenkie de Jong doesn't know how good he is going to be! That is why he has a PA with a range because nobody on this bloody planet knows how good he is going to be therefore assigning him a fixed PA is nonsensical because we simply don't know in any capacity how good he will be.
  11. How do you not understand this? Just because he has played well for Ajax and been signed for a large fee doesn't guarantee that he's going to be a great player! Countless players have been tipped for super stardom and have then not got anywhere near. His PA already guarantees that he is capable of reaching a standard where he would be capable of holding his own at damn near any team in the world. You seem to think that he should have a much higher PA so I have just one question for you. What has he done so far in his career that proves categorically that he is going to be one of the best players in the world?
  12. You do realise that the AI in FM have no more access to the players hidden attributes than you do. Under the surface they suffer from the same scouting inaccuracies as you do, there is uncertainty in every transfer they make. In my only long save (20+ seasons) in FM19 so far I have seen clubs like Barcelona & Real Madrid sign countless young players who haven't developed into anything like world class players. Personally when I was bringing Bristol Rovers up through the leagues, at one point I had 5 players who were signed by Barca or Real Madrid in their late teens who by their mid 20-s were lower tier Premiership at best.
  13. Of course, Barcelona would clearly never sign a youngster or promote a youngster from their B side who didn't have the potential to be up there with the best in the world. Adama Traore, Deulofeu, Caceres, Keirrison, Icardi, Soriano, Botia, Romeu, Vazquez, Muniesa, Jeffren Suarez, dos Santos, (both Jonathan and Giovani), Cuenca, Bojan, Assaulin, Denis Suarez, Rafinha, Montoya, Batra, Tello, Afellay, Fontas and Jeffren all say hi by the way...
  14. Why would being signed by Barcelona mean he deserves a higher PA? Do Barcelona have some unknown technology that allows them to determine which players in real life are guaranteed to become world class? Let's be honest here, he's looked like a promising player so far and it would be sensible to bet on him becoming a very good player in the future but there is no guarantee at all that he will go on to be a world beater. Right now even the lower end of his PA would make him good enough to be a starter for just about any team in the world, so what exactly is the issue here?
  15. You see no correlation between real life matches where multiple goals have been scored in the final minutes and a match in FM where there were multiple goals scored in the final minutes? At this point it's quite clear that you don't possess more than half a dozen brain cells and so quite frankly it's a bit pointless trying to say anything to you anyway.
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