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  1. I suspect this is one part of the game where they're balancing reality with the fact that it's still meant to be enjoyable. If the AI was simply able to lock down every good player to release clauses worth hundreds of millions of pounds then you'd have floods of people on here complaining that they couldn't buy any really good players. Also, in the entire history of the professional game only 8 players have been sold for more than £80m and only two of them, Dembele and Mbappe, could be reasonably described as youngsters at the time of the transfer. Yes real football is definitely heading in the direction of transfers upwards of that value being common and yes we might well see a number of youngsters moving for those kind of fees in the next few years but at the moment they are still the exception rather than the rule. Also, I've just signed new contracts with two 19 year olds in my team, both have been with me since day 1 when I was in League 1 and both have an £80m release clause in there. I would argue that already the game is being pretty damn unrealistic with release clauses but in the opposite direction to what you think it is!
  2. From memory it's under finances, so find your team on the Football Manager RTE that I mentioned, go to finances and if memory serves you should find an option on there for ticket price.
  3. You could always get yourself a copy of a certain Real Time Editor (that we do not discuss on this forum) and manually up your ticket price each year by a realistic amount. It would mean you could continue your save without it being ruined by the unrealistically low ticket prices.
  4. One of my best ever players on any version of FM was a striker who played for me from League 1 through to the Premiership, spent the best part of a decade at the club and at every level was a consistent 40 goal a year (in all competitions) striker. Once I became England boss he did the same trick for England, his record ended up being something like 90 appearances with 80 goals. When he was about 28 I decided to see just how good he was so I took a look in the editor, I think it was because there had been some debate on here about how important CA was and I was interested to see, and his PA was somewhere around 140, maybe even in the high 130s. On paper he was nowhere near world class but he was strong in all of the important areas and if used correctly, as an out and out striker who isn't expected to do anything but score goals, he was amazing. CA is important to a degree but the right attributes in the right places can take a player a long way even if their CA isn't sky high.
  5. Well things couldn't have really got off to a better start. I had a relatively easy start to the season but so far so good. Sunderland 2-0 Fulham (16th last season) Swansea (Promoted from Championship) 1-2 Sunderland Sunderland 3-0 Newcastle (9th last season) Brilliantly though, despite all of the transfers, our best player so far has been Will Grigg, somebody who was a member of the squad from my first day in League 1 and who only scored 7 goals in 22 games last season. Literally only kept because I couldn't afford to replace him and only playing because of injury, but he's started with 4 goals and 2 MoM awards in 3 games!
  6. I actually think I've managed to assemble a reasonable squad in the end. On paper we're probably somewhere around 12-15 in the table in terms of ability. Mostly picking up Premier League rejects who I think will work in my system, with a few decent youngsters included and a couple of wildcard foreigners included. Managed to get some good free transfers too. Also signed this guy on a free the day after I took that screenshot: Personally I think I've done pretty damn well all things considered. I've got a good mix of experience and youth, a few young players on free transfers who still have plenty of improvement remaining and could be worth a few quid in the future, and amongst the rest are a lot of players who probably aren't on paper that great but who fit in to my system very well. I actually have high hopes for this season now!
  7. Where's the downvote button, admins please give us a downvote button.
  8. Started a new save as Sunderland a little while ago. First two seasons went brilliantly. In League 1 I didn't lose a single league game, in the Championship I stormed it and finished with 116 points. Everything was clicking, morale has been great, my players have been happy, I've managed to stay pretty injury free, I built the team around a couple of tactics that just seemed to work. However things have just changed. I reached the end of the second season having just gained promotion to the Premiership and started trying to think about what areas I needed to strengthen. I thought I was in a pretty good job, could do with a new DC, DL, a couple of MC and a backup GK but that was about it. Then I realised that I had a squad full of loan players. The unlimited loan rule for the Championship had meant that a good 50% of my squad in that second season were loans! After stripping them out of my squad this is what I'm now left with: Yeah, not good! Of that squad there are only 2 top class players, Kenyon & Mumba, 5 who I would say are capable of doing a job for a newly promoted team and the rest are trash! So right now my position is that I need to sign probably in the region of 12-15 Premiership quality players on a budget of £50m. This could be tricky!
  9. Kane has done far more in his career so far to warrant a high CA than Piatek has. Piatek had a really good season in Poland that got him a move to Genoa and has definitely looked good since the move, but he hasn't played that much in his time in Italy, 30 games in 1.5 seasons, and his goalscoring record is very good but he has a habit of scoring against weaker teams and disappearing against stronger ones. Add in that he's only made 2 appearances for Poland despite breaking through in the country nearly 4 years ago. Kane on the other hand broke through at club level 5 years ago, has scored 159 goals since, has only had 1 season where he's scored less than 30 goals in all competitions, plays in a league with far fewer soft games, has led the line for his country for the last 3 years with an outstanding international goalscoring record. Now I'm not saying that Kane is necessarily a better player, my personal attitude is that in a couple of years Piatek could very well be a more competent player than Kane is, but right now Kane has shown far more to warrant a high rating than Piatek has. Also, it's not like Piatek is bad. At his current starting CA his is good enough to get regular starts for almost any club in Europe and his PA is high enough that if he reaches it he'll comfortably be good enough for a starting position at any club. It's not like he's being hard done by!
  10. Finding the bug is easy, recreating it is usually easy. Figuring out what is causing it is hard and figuring out how to fix it is even harder. Just because they are aware of a bug doesn't mean that they are going to be able to fix it immediately. Minor bugs like the two that you listed are always going to be lower priority than more serious issues and so given that SI do not have the manpower to tackle every single little issue there are always going to be some that get put on the back burner initially and take longer to fix. Even when they can get around to fixing a bug it's not going to be anywhere near as simple as you seem to think it is. For a start figuring out why it's happening in the first place can often be extremely difficult and even once that is known there is a very good chance that the solution involves having to change multiple different things that are all linked together to cause the initial issue. You also find it mind boggling that FM has bugs in it? I'll present you with a challenge. Name me a single game this size or greater that has ever been released without a single bug in it. Go on, should be easy...
  11. I'm trying! Because I signed him at 16 I was only able to offer him what I have done already and it's too soon since he signed that one. I'm checking almost weekly to see if he'll enter negotiations again!
  12. So I just started a new save with Sunderland, making a start on my usual quest to turn Sunderland into the best team in the world. Now as always the very first thing I did was search the world (or at least as much of the world as I can scout) for unattached newgen youngsters who might be worth picking up. Usually this results in half a dozen signings, most of which will never get near the first team but occasionally I'll find a kid who will eventually work his way in to the team a few years down the line. Well this time it was a bit different. I was looking through the usual mass of scout reports about players who weren't worth touching when I did a double take, an unattached 16 year old GK rated as 4 stars for CA who was interested in joining me. I present to you the latest signing for SAFC, Ian Kenyon: £110 per week, free transfer, 16 years old and already the best GK at the club with bags of room to improve according to my coaches! Thank you FM gods!
  13. Just like the database on release there is a data lock, a date after which transfers are not implemented. Generally this is accepted to be the end of the English transfer window, so things such as Rodgers taking over at Leicester and Ranieri being sacked which happened quite some time after that are not going to be included.
  14. A different tactic each time, and usually a different tactic each season. I never download tactics and I never use the same tactic from a previous save. Every save I build a new tactic from scratch, usually based around the same basic principles, but always highly customised to suit my current squad and the way that I believe they are best used.
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