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  1. Also, the minimum squad size of 15 players is wrong. The actual minimum squad size is 20 players.
  2. So doing some quick calculations, it looks like that the salary cap per week is wrong. With 28,000 pounds per week, thats around $2.6M AUD a year. Referring to the salary cap system https://www.a-league.com.au/salary-cap-system thats actually the LEAST amount a club can spend on its club's salary, not the most. This is 30k pounds a week. That was for last season, we can assume that this season it would be more.
  3. Melbourne City's salary is over the salary cap too (Even if De Laet is counted as a marquee). Central Coast Mariners start with McCormack unregistered, they do not have enough cap space to register him, he should probably be made a marquee player or his wages reduced. Aiden O'Neill is also not registered Brisbane Roar cannot register both Jamie Young and Brendan White under the cap. As said above Siem De Jong cannot be registered for Sydney FC under the cap, he is a designated player. Daniel De Silva is under the cap. So pretty much half the A-League teams on FM cannot register their actual A-League team!
  4. Melbourne Victory's salary for their players is 4000 pounds over the maximum salary, meaning that not all their current squad can be registered.
  5. Were you controlling the Phoenix, or is their team just way too strong? They have the weakest squad in the league.
  6. Lawrence Thomas is listed as a backup player for Melbourne Victory, I hope we all know that is not the case
  7. Dont worry! I found it under Preferences -> Online Preferences, where there was a list of banned users that I unbanned.
  8. Hey guys, sorry if this question has already been answered but I accidentally banned someone from the online game I have hosted and he cannot join, and I cannot find a way to unban him. If there is a way to do it, and I hope there is, how do I go about to do it? Cheers, Natos P.S. Sorry if this is in the wrong thread but really in a pickle at the moment. :S
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