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  1. Thanks @knap, I'd just got my tactic working well with 19.2, then BAM, UPDATE, BROKEN TACTIC... Was about to throw the PC out of the window but you have saved me a few hundred £££ lol (Working well on new update!)
  2. http://www.fast-files.com/getfile.aspx?file=167443
  3. Hi all,As I'm guessing a lot of people have done, I had a go at implementing Gareth's WC system into an FM tactic.It worked ok, but didn't rip up any trees (seems I replicated it pretty well then!) but then I started adding my own twists...The results have been very satisfying even if I say so myself Formation: 5-3-2 / 3-5-2 (however you want to classify it)Style: Counter AttackingBuild-up Play: Play it out from the back whilst being ready to play the quick-fire killer ball over the topDefense: Aggressive central DC attacking the danger with the two either side there to cover (but not set to cover role as, for some reason I can't fathom, it REALLY didn't work as it should).Midfield: Dynamic trio with the central MC filling the 'pivot' function and sitting deep, officially there to break up the oppositions play but also gets involved in the attacking phase. Advance Playmaker on the right to provide the creative outlet, and an aggressive Mezzala on the left to surge from deep and generally cause mayhem.Attack: Classic 'Little and Large' partnership here, nothing fancy. TM supported by balls in from the flanks, Poacher there to ferret around and be a pain in the backside while being the main threat from balls through the middle.As Dean Saunders said on Talk Sport recently, there are only three ways to attack; Through them, Around them or Over them. I've tried to set this tactic up to apply a little of all three so that whatever the opposition want to do we can still find a way to break them down.I've been tweaking it for 4 seasons now with my fictional non-league, no resource, Level 10 team and it has done wonders. Suggested key attributes that seem to fit well are as follows;GK: Nothing surprising here; Handling, Ariel Ability, Reflexes, One-on-OnesDCL/DCR: Essentially your 'cover'; Positioning, Heading, Tacking, Jumping Reach, AccelerationDC: Your aggressive "Charge-In" defender; Positioning, Heading, Tacking, Jumping Reach, Aggression WBL/WBR: If you can find one who can also defend it's a bonus, but more important to have the attacking threat IMO; Pace, Acceleration, Dribbling, CrossingMCL: He will score you goals if you can get the right player; Dribbling, Acceleration, Finishing, Composure MC: Think Jordan Henderson's role for England; Positioning, Tacking, Passing, ComposureMCR: Your creative outlet; Passing, Vision, Flair, Off the Ball STL: Give him some Red Bull (*other energy drinks are available) and some blue Smarties and let him loose; Pace, Acceleration, Finishing, ComposureSTR: More than just a big lump... well, ok, perhaps not, but he performs a key role within the system; Jumping Reach, Heading, Strength, Technique Set-pieces are also customised with the MCR assigned to take all of them (suited my team, feel free to adapt if it doesn't work for you). I've been using Fitness / Tactics during pre-season and Balanced / Attacking Movement during the season, with 'Rest Day After Match' enabled - but I've not really played around much with this so there may be better combinations to be had - it's working so I've left if alone!Constructive feedback welcomed! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1447878187
  4. Hi Liam, Just had the same issue in my own custom DB. Discovered it was linked to promotion / relegation parameters (B clubs cannot be promoted etc) which was unbalancing the league structure. Firstly I'd suggest running the in-editor simulation of the competitions, that will highlight if there will be any issues going forward (run for 5+ seasons) Secondly, you could experiment with the min/max number of teams for each division parameter as that MAY get around this issue, although I've not tested that myself. Not sure how experienced you are with the editor, if any of this sounds like double dutch please shout lol
  5. Welcome to the Croft Isles, a bustling tropical footballing paradise off the south-west coast of Africa. (This is a work in progress but is 99% complete, only some cosmetic adjustments left to make.) Background; Hi all, I've been editing since the first editor surfaced and each year I create something daft - this year is no different aside from the fact I thought I'd share it with you all. The idea was to create a nation from scratch, heavily focused on youth development and high league 'mobility'. And so, the Croft Isles were spawned. Creation Notes: Everything created from scratch; 1 Nation 20 Cities 60 Stadiums 60 Professional clubs 60 Academy clubs (each affiliated to a Pro club) Derbies, Media, Non-Players... Youth Development; All 'Pro' clubs have an affiliated Academy side which may only field U21 players. Academy sides are incorporated into the national league structure Academy sides may not reach the same divisional level as their parent club All 'Pro' clubs have excellent youth training and youth recruitment Limit to 'Foreign' players that may be included in squads League Mobility; Potential for up to SIX sides to be relegated from each division per season Bottom 6 sides from each division are pooled with top 6 sides from next division down to contest 'Promotion Playoff' League format, play each other twice Top 6 sides at end of playoff are 'promoted' Bottom 6 sides at end of playoff are 'relegated' Championship Playoff in Premier Division Top 8 Premier Division sides contest playoff League format, play each other twice Top 2 sides qualify for African Champions League 3rd & 4th placed sides qualify for African Confederation Cup "Foreign" Players; All teams limited to 10 "Foreign" players in their 35 man squads May include a further 10 in Academy squad providing U21 Nations Treated As Non-Foreign; Premier Division Overview; Division 1 - 8 Overview; Cup Overview; Please feel free to download and enjoy. I welcome any constructive feedback or bug reporting. Croft Isles V1.0.fmf (Save in "Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\editor data")
  6. Hi Transk, I usually created new nations using CIS as the base (inactive nation) and then changing the continent, but this year I couldn't get my head around editing the continent so opted to 'take over' a smaller nation. I've gone back into the database changes and reinstated the players and cities linked to the original nation and renamed everything, that helped but didn't solve...
  7. Hi all, Changed Comoros to a fictitious nation, deleted everything related to Comoros and created everything from scratch... only problem is the deleted data is still registering in-game. This is having a massive impact on player names and nationalities, which is totally baffling me... Any suggestions?
  8. Quick update on my Gillingham save from earlier; First season in the Prem, predicted 20th (by a country mile with a squad that is largely the same as the one predicted 8th in League 1 two seasons before) - finished 16th and 4 points above the danger zone which, in my mind, is one hell of a result!) Made some decent signings in the summer, still predicted 20th again this season (I have 1 'Good Premier' player, 5 'Decent Premier' players - the rest are all still Championship level) but so far the season has started quite brightly! Couple of things that have worked for me; 1) OI's - 2) Changing the central MC's role to Advanced Playmaker (A) 3) Morale is everything - have been praising everyone who get's an 8.0 match rating or better and warning anyone under 6.4 after every game. The board have just announced that we're getting a new stadium in 2 years time, so let's see where we are when that happens
  9. Mr Rosler, you have single handedly saved FM15, FM16 and now FM17 for me - you are an FM GOD! 2nd successive promotion with Gillingham, predicted 8th last season in League One and came 2nd, predicted 23rd this season in Championship and came 1st Couple of things I've noticed over the two seasons; 1) My strikers consistently score low ratings and and seem very hit or miss - this may well be down to the players I have though. Have you experimented with any other striker roles at all? 2) My MC(A) was my top scorer both seasons 3) I found that when I want to see a 1-0 out, I switch one of the strikers out for an extra DC(D) and slot him him to the left of the DC(C) - has worked well for me, may not for others but worth a mention. Here's to next season - keep up the good work
  10. Seems that this is key to a good season; Started season with a couple of good DC's, although quite average pace and acceleration, and performed ok in the first half of the season. Bought in a couple of 'sprinters' in January, who were on a par quality-wise with what I already had, and the improvement in results and performances has been very noticeable and I'm now mounting a late title charge
  11. Quick question Mr Rosler; with the main weakness seemingly being balls over the top, have you experimented with more aggressive Sweeper Keeper duties? (Going to give it a go myself but curious if you have already tried it?)
  12. All the more reason why we should appreciate the efforts of Mr Rosler!
  13. Hi Mr Rosler, With all the hoo-ha on the boards the last few days I became aware that I've been following you for several years without (I don't think?) leaving you any feedback(?) and it is largely thanks to your tactics that several versions of the game haven't found a new life as Frisbees! Having mixed success with this tactic at the moment, but in fairness with this ME I think you've made the best of a bad situation. Anyway, just wanted to say a big thanks for all your efforts and keep up the good work!
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