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  1. Hi all. Just playing FM2020 touch on Ipad for the first time and can’t find any option for automatically shortlisting players when they are scouted. Am i missing something or is this not possible on the touch version. Thanks
  2. Yes that is the idea, the full PC version of FM in tablet form. I dont know if its technically or financially possible to do but it would certianly help the older generation like myself enjoy the full game without having to sit at home all day. A dedicated tablet would surely give more power, storage and graphics capability to run closer or equal to the full PC version
  3. Yes i know its an 80's concept but with 2016 and onwards technology surely this would be possible. I am only thinking as an 40 year old FM fan who has played every version including Championship Manager in the early days and now doesnt really have the time to sit at home playing FM all day. For me, the watered down PC version, tablet version or mobile version just dont do it. Its the full immersive career mode or nothing. As for the business side of things i realise it would be a lot more expensive than just buying the game but it would be a price i would be prepared to pay if it meant i could play on the bus, train or at work
  4. Does anybody have any ideas on the possibility of FM being launched on a stand alone tablet where versions of FM are the only program you could load onto it? With tablets getting more powerful and cheaper to buy this would make the tablet form of the game more immersive like the PC version but portable for everyday use. Or am i just dreaming?
  5. Ok thanks. Im still a couple of months away from the January transfer window so will try again then. Luckily my injury crisis seems to be clearing up
  6. I have a few young players out on loan with recall clauses in their contracts but i can't find any options to recall them. I've had a few injuries in my first team squad and really need these players back. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. When i load up this database update Luis Van Gaal isnt the Manchester United manager it is Jan Jansen. I am using the latest 1st October release. All transfers seem to be up to date so im not sure why Van Gaal isnt there?? Am i doing something wrong?
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