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  1. It can take a long time for players to learn a new position and they may never be entirely comfortable in their new role. Looking at his stats i would say he is better suited to Advanced Playmaker given his very high stats in Passing, First Touch, Vision and Technique. Although i understand this position may not suit your tactic
  2. Done some digging on a different forum and now realise transfer updates can’t be applied to FM Touch. Not sure what the reasoning is but it sure spoils it for me as i like to have the latest squads when starting a save. Strange move from SI in my opinion
  3. I have been using this transfer update for years on the full version of FM but have decided to have a go on FM Touch 21 during these summer months due to time constraints. Does this update work on FM Touch? I have inserted it into the editor data file but nothing changes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. This is a bug which is being looked at. I raised it during the Beta but it still exists in the full version
  5. I raised this issue during the Beta and was told it was being looked into. Hope it’s sorted soon
  6. Fans working really hard most of the time. Here is my system information MacBook Pro Info.spx
  7. Same here. Fans working very hard.Had this problem during Beta 2020 and it was fixed promptly
  8. Hi all. Just playing FM2020 touch on Ipad for the first time and can’t find any option for automatically shortlisting players when they are scouted. Am i missing something or is this not possible on the touch version. Thanks
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