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  1. i played fm 08 in ubuntu under wine. With the 3D however of fm 09 is it possible?Anybody knows?
  2. 2D and 3D Match engines

    i dont know if this is the right forum to ask,but is it possible the 3D match engine to run under wine( Ubuntu Linux).Anybody knows?with fm 08 i had no problems
  3. the 08 version works fine under wine. Will the new version work with the 3D match engine?
  5. but in real life managers dont watch the match in a 2-D display.... i would prefer both choices(2-D OR 3-D)
  6. i take greece for example.From the moment that in the database already are division 3 clubs,even the lower conference greece clubs,why not to add at least division 3 league to start a club with
  7. i (as everybody) buy fm every year and i ll continue to do this.But i suggest for the next year the fm 08 saved games to be used in 09,because when you play 3 or 4 seasons,then its hard to begin again the new season.Not everyone have the time to play 2-3 hours a day to play 20 seasons.
  8. the challenge is this:i play with leeds.Iput it with the editor in conference south north with no money,no staff ,noassistant,noscout,no fysio,and no players at all.Even the youth.when i start a new game the computer generates youth players. In my fourth season i am in league one.But you must be patient.Scout reports,after match stats,even reviewing the highligts are very important.
  9. i think the d-line is the key for the success.After reading all wwfan and cleon articles i mixed them in a challenge.I play 5-3-2 with defence ment,short pass,slow tempo,counter attack and deep d-line.The wing backs occasionaly becomes ml,mr. It works great
  10. FM 2143

    nice job TRFC .Which medicins do you take?
  11. more leagues( i want greek 3rd division )more player charateristics, NO 3D MATCH ,and nothing more.The game is perfect.I dont want the game to be as FIFA manager.....
  12. will be a PS2 version of FM?

    how you know that?