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  1. is this a bug? i feel like im on holiday mode, ive played 1 match in september, nothing else.
  2. if i opt in, and the updates are applied. Can I go back and play on the older, released version?
  3. the way i see it rafa benitez low line of engagement, low line of defense, higher pressing urgency. our team regroups into our half, this is the delay phase, then when the ball reaches the half way line with the centre backs the strikers start to press then the middle and so on as the ball advances through the transitions. jurgen klopp high line of engagement, high defensive line, high pressing urgency. the front three press high up the pitch into the opposition box, forcing mistakes, rushed passes into midfield/long balls. forward role and duty should not impact line of engagement. however it should impact how willing the player is to press and how far back they will go to press.
  4. i dont have any tricks that are overpowered. i havent followed that generalization hidden under your spoiler. as that would have been a disaster for my team (newcastle btw) the tactics forums arent about over complicating things. they are about teaching concepts, logical thinking, analysis and application. If you dont learn these things and follow generalizations you will fall on your sword.
  5. leicester won it with 81. that is only 2 points. Arsenal came second that season on 71 points. so a total of 72 points would have won the league
  6. I have done. i took a couple spankings to balls over the top but once you learn to manipulate defensive shape it becomes the real game changer i havent added an player instructions yet
  7. i posted both i used throughout the season in the newcastle team thread. keep in mind these might not fit aston villa
  8. unbelievable first season all transfers over the season, performed amazingly player of the year for me had to be this guy This is how we finished the season as things started to go wrong after the middle of the season as teams started sitting in very defensively against us the board game be 86m to spend for next season and i already have pinamonti joining so will be looking at getting a great bbm type player to fill in the cm attack role
  9. Of course it is situational, why would it not be. It is situational in real life. but I won the league in 1 year with relegation fodder so, how can it be hard. Go to tactics forum, learn from the real experienced players, not the ones who post fixes without reasoning or logic and over achieving will become easy
  10. at his age even if he turns out at a lower ca he will still make mike ashley a profit and i can move onto someone better. the players in my teams are just place holders till i get better anyways.
  11. I don't know he's gonna be as good as last year as he had random pa last and this year. This is one of the things I like best about the game
  12. League so far Season 1 Transfers: only improved our wingbacks on both sides. Tactics players coming in to replace kenedy and rondon once their loans are up Pinamonti 10m Trincao 1.7m Had a takeover approach but it fell through, me and my best bud mike ashley are tearing it up anyways
  13. Every one is allowed an opinion, it's just that if you are not one of the 3-4 people you are wrong I like stirring, i was born with a wooden spoon
  14. the easiest way is to remove the hard drive from the laptop and plug it into another pc as a data disk. once there you should be able to access all data that was on it unless it was corrupt/broken. then it would take specialist recovery methods which might become expensive. free tools and the like are usable but not recommended.
  15. on tactics screen for example if i select wingback i get the attributes for a wingback showing then if I select BPD I get the attributes for both showing. however If I select BPD first it gives me the bpd attributes. This isnt a huge issue, just a bit confusing sometimes when picking my team on this screen
  16. you wont learn by being offered answers. that is the point here. you have to learn to think logically about the game. by the sounds of it you still do not know how you want to play. have been offered tactical changes and taken them without understanding what it is that is changing, and will be complaining that you got fmd or the game is fixed when it stops working again. we were all that guy at one point. when the penny drops you will understand why rtherringbone is asking what he is asking.
  17. When selecting Advanced playmaker on support from the amc slot in individual training, it sets the position/role/duty to MR edit: This is actually happening whenever I pick a position/role/duty that does not have a green bar next to it for the player This is in the known issues, oops
  18. I don't think that it is actually relevant to anything, how much height 1 player gets per jumping reach point means nothing. from 0-1 would put the short guy higher than the tall guy when he jumped. This means that how high a player is jumping, and how many inches they gain means nothing. All that is relevant is the jumping reach number difference.
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