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  1. ive never paid attention to club vision yet. i just accept whatever is there and then play my own game. same as a lot of the other bloat the game has. i havent really noticed any negative effect on my saves yet. sometimes i get a c+ on some report i ignore...
  2. the only playing i do in fm anymore is load up a save, plug in a tactic holiday it too see if the manager gets sacked or not. this is more fun than playing fm20 how i normally play...
  3. i cant believe it, Steve Bruce has cone to SI forums for tactical help...
  4. you will need to switch to windows 10 pro https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4023899/windows-10-s-apps-not-install https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4023898
  5. alot of the time is spent developing a large amount of new features which the game can do without, focus on the thing that we use the most, the match engine. it is what the customers want and need to improve the game. improve it yearly untill the negative comments are demnding features such as a medical centre, a development centre, a squad dynamics centre. bragging about how successful the game is in a growing population is deflecting the issues and fuelling the fire.
  6. does he also have good acceleration and agility, as well as attributes mentally to help him read the game? or was he picked up off a wonderkids list like the majority of the people who have these problems.
  7. he requires a father figure if u sign him buy someine like kris kamara to look after him
  8. i understand how we are saying it is one dimensional on paper, however each player is different, each player has different traits. each player has different attributes. how they play the roles will be different.
  9. when you say nutting? you mean headbutting and not what happens 2mins into your favourite prawnhub video?
  10. a point to note about drive speed. i have a i7 and 16gb ram before fm20 came out i switched up from a 5.4k hdd to an nvme ssd which has 3.4gb read n write speed. the only difference with fm i have is how long it takes to go from hitting play to the opening credits is instant, and hitting exit is instant. it has had no effect on any of the inbetween.
  11. definitely random, he has 13 on mine, i think there are a lot of young players with random determination this year
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