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  1. I have 2 issues Ability to swap players not in the matchday squad on tactic/team selection screen is impossible for me. I need to go back to the squad screen to do this. Other is training intensity/lack of support when asking questions on the forum about training in general is lacking. I know its stripped back and simple but some things need addressed.
  2. In individual training we can set our training to automatic, is there any where that lets us decide what affects this, or shows how automatic is effected/chosen. Like in full gane we have the rest screen.
  3. Best guess is they dont know themselves, as there has never been an answer on this. Even the online manual states staff attributes for touch. Or atleast it did on release. Should proof that before commenting but they will delete this post anyways.
  4. The only thing that stops me playing touch is the lack of coaching staff. How do you judge how good your coaching staff is? Is it based on your assistant manager? Facilities, what? If i could get an answer to confirm this id probably only play touch, and id probably buy an xbox as i only have a laptop for fm which is 5 years old and sluggish.
  5. I also have the loan issue, bit of a nightmare considering I can only really afford to make up the rest of my squad with loans.
  6. If thats the case, its pretty pointless. But fair enough. Thanks for the answer.
  7. Don't know of this has been asked or answered and thought this thread may cover it. Peak potential, what is this? Why is it there? this number is listed different to most max potentials. Is this dynamic? While having a static max potential, someones peak may alter dependant on situation. Injuries, club facilities, coaches, personality changes etc.
  8. I think this is where balance and strength are confused, if you submit a load of wingers/forwards not falling over when being challenged youd end up with everyone having 15 balance 15 strength. I think these need to be seperated a little to suit forwards vs defenders in the weightings. So forwards have higher balance, defenders higher strength. But thats just one side of it. The attribute counts for much more. Your insigne running at high speed may not be able to perform a certain type of shot/pass/cross. So has lower balance. Also it might take less contact to take hi
  9. We wind up each other just the same. Its not cos you are female. However if you took offebse. I am sorry
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