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  1. The real problem is that making a gegenpress tactic, where players run and press in a high way, while leading to the decrease in players's tiredness, does not lead to become less effective. A tired player should no longer be able to make that pressing in the non -possession phase, and should not allow lucidity in the possession phase. This does not seem to me happen
  2. In fact, me too. I did 2 friendlies (one of which was the internal one) and I had practically all the attackers (immobile, Felipe Anderson, Zaccagni, Luis Alberto and Isaksen) injured with recovery periods ranging from 2 months until the week. It seems to me a little exaggerated.
  3. Seeing the game in full, at the time of the final whistle, before you can access the screens in the locker room, you must forcibly wait for all the players to arrive at the changing room tunnel. It already happened in the Beta Version. It's frustrating
  4. I started a new game, always with Lazio, and I am seeing that the changes to the 3D engine of the game are truly exceptional. Finally you can see triangolations, players who defend the ball and manage to make openings in the open field.
  5. It is 5PM and still not the download begins !!
  6. Ciao Train...si che io sappia fra 2 minuti dovrebbe iniziare la possibilità di scaricarlo. Attendiamo....
  7. I agree with others. In practice, playing with a 4-3-3 with wide attackers is like having a single striker. Striker who is then only in the middle of the area almost always, unless the midfielders climb to the area, and is easy prey to the defenders.
  8. I have a series of very young players, all under the age of 18, borrowed from Lazio in reality. These players are borrowed which in Italy often make only to expand the payment, since they then have the obligation of the redemption. Yet these guys, who obviously are players from the youth team, have the coaches of their departure teams who protest because they do not play owners. It does not make sense. I attach an example of one of these players, but it happens with others too
  9. I just bought it in season 6. Taken for 34 million, a disappointment for now.
  10. One thing has always bothered me in FM. When, following a set piece (free kick, corner or line-out), a player 'out of position' finds himself in a position that is not his, but with the ball at his feet and an excellent chance of making an important action, but instead remains stationary or even prefers to go back (typical of central defenders) and then pass the ball to the usual midfielder. I understand that some players aren't great crossers, or don't have great finishing, but I prefer to see them soundly miss the shot / cross, than to see them come back.
  11. I agree, I think it is also necessary that complaints can be made directly in the game. And in case take bookings or expulsions as coaches. As it happens in reality
  12. Modern football has always been characterized by the protests of the players, like tricks to make the referee fall into error. I just finished a game where the refereeing was outrageous. 8 yellow cards, 5 of which in the first 30 minutes. The other team hit throughout the game and got a booking. An obviously offside goal in which the VAR didn't even intervene. In a game like this I don't want to have to complain to the press at the end of the game, I don't need anything. I would like to get angry during the match, perhaps ending up booked or expelled, as happens in reality. The same players on the field never get cards for protests, let alone for simulations in the penalty area. Yet these are things that happen in reality with continuity. I think a button should be implemented that allows the coach to challenge the referee. And that this may lead, depending on the characteristics of the coach and the referee, to a reaction. It could be a change of referee, less unfavourable, a booking or a sending off if necessary. And if expelled at that point we become mere observers of the match and our second will make tactical changes and all the rest. What do you think?
  13. During the game, when I decide to praise or scold some players on the field, it is particularly annoying to select the players on the menu. Every time I make a multiple selection, because maybe I want to praise three specific players, very often the selection jumps while I put the 3rd player.
  14. It could be a workout setting. When you set up the internal match, you could set the option to view and manage it.
  15. I've been trying for some time to set up a game that gives me satisfaction in attack using the wings. Unfortunately for now to no avail, given that the game is very ineffective. What annoys me is the outside attacker who rarely does what he's supposed to do. When he starts in the space on a relaunch, he punctually gets lost in useless touches of the ball, he doesn't aim for the goal, and when he could possibly serve as a solo striker in the area, he passes the ball. Surely they will be problems related to tactics and settings, but so far I have never seen a cross made when it should have been. Either they arrive in vain at the end of the field to be closed by the defender, or they shoot random crosses from the trocar, often not even reaching the area. I like the game itself, but I'm seeing too many equal actions, even in the face of different tactics, to get to the goal. Always long balls with an attacker starting alone. Very few goals with maneuvered actions in the area, almost zero with cross goals.
  16. I think it could be a great feature for the future. You could finally see the movements on the field of the players with the various settings changes without always having to do everything in official matches. And making friends is often too much.
  17. Usual question. Of course I can continue the game started with the demo, but what am I going to lose of the news of the final version? Should I still start a new one?
  18. As we know this season is special, with the world championship being played between November and December. The thing that I considered positive is being able to have the team, with those not called up for the World Cup, to be able to train them specifically and make friendlies to get the team ready for the return. Instead the team is made completely unavailable for the entire month of November (between November 9 and December 9). I am not aware that this will be the case in reality. Error to be remedied, or will it really be so?
  19. congratulations for the discovery! It was already known that it was not an edition of substantial modifications.
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