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  1. I'm not talking about conceding goals in the 90th minute or that my team suddenly can't win. It just feels scripted overall. My team have been fighting for promotion 3 years in a row. 1st season: The team who promoted did it with only 58 points (we ended 5th with 53 points). Fair enough, we weren't ready for promotion. 2nd season: The team who promoted did it with only 52 points. We ended 3rd with 51 points after losing our last game. Seemed my players didn't even care about securing promotion against a team who had nothing to play for. 3rd season: We had a great season. 19 wins, 7 draws and 4 losses. We got 64 points which normally would be more than enough for promotion. But this time it wasn't enough. We ended 3rd and lost the Play Offs. We could secure promotion on the last day if we won by 2 goals more than the team who was above us on the table. We won 4-0 on our last game, but the other team somehow won their game 6-0 (their biggest win before that game was 3-0). I also feel whenever we win, the teams around me on the table also wins. And when they lose or draw, I have a strong feeling we won't win our game either. And I'm mostly right. Last season a team got promotion with only 53 points, but we can't even get promotion with 64 points. Football is so unfair. Does anyone else feel the same? Maybe I'm just really unlucky. This is the first FM I really feel the game is kinda scripted to make the game feel more exciting. It would be boring to win promotion by 15 points, so I like the excitement to fight 3 other teams for the last promotion spot. So I'm not angry or anything. This is just what I feel about this game.
  2. I have made a opposition instructs in the tactics for general use. But when I start a game they doesn't seem to work? My opposition instructs is default every game, and NOT the way I set them. How can I fix this?
  3. What stats do I need to look for if I wanna choose "close down more" or "close down less" on a player instruction?
  4. Found it myself. Sorry for the stupid question. But hey! That's what this thread is about, right?
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