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  1. Hello.I am managing Ipswich Town and I surprisngly promoted in my first season after winning the Play-Off. I have surprised everyone in the Premier League, and we're currently at 8th place. We have beat teams like Arsenal, Chelsea and Man. United, and I am really happy with the season so far!But I seem always to struggle in January and February, on every savegame! We played an impressive 8 games without a lose (5 wins, 3 draws). Then we lost away against Chelsea (which is okay, I didn't expect a win here). After that game, we drew against Leicester after a late goal by them, before we struggle
  2. I played with a direct passing style, I changed from: Direct passing Pass into space Hit early crosses High tempo To: Short passing Unticked pass into space Work ball into boss Unticked high tempo (changed it to normal tempo) I also added "be more expressive". Results after making the changes: R. Sociedad 3-1 Villarreal R. Sociedad 2-2 Celta Vigo Racing 1-1 R. Sociedad R. Sociedad 3-1 Porto R. Sociedad 4-1 Bilbao Villarreal 1-4 R. Sociedad I also changed back from AM to DM. Also changed our mentality from control to standard. Looks good so
  3. Hello. I started with an easy team like Chelsea and won the league with 32 wins, 4 draws & only 2 losses. I scored 107 goals and conceded only 23. I'm not a tactical genious, so I'm pretty proud. The losses came against Liverpool away (they finished 2nd) and Hull at home. However, I thought I won it too easily, so I decided to leave Chelsea. Then I took charge of Real Sociedad who came 13th. In my first season as a R. Sociedad manager, I used the same tactic with Chelsea (but i Changed DM to AM), and did pretty well. We came on a 3rd place which I'm really really proud of, becaus
  4. I have the same problem, just can't compete with the big teams! I am 4th with my Crystal Palace team, but whenever I face City, Arsenal, United, Chelsea & Spurs away I am usually 2-0 down after 10-15 minutes. I have tried to play defensive, counter, standard, attack... But I always concede 2 goals within 15 minutes against the big teams. So frustrating... I am not expecting a win, but smaller teams like Burnley & Hull usually lose with only 1 or 2 goals against the big teams...
  5. I am about to give up. I thought I had figured out about tactics in this game after promoting my local team from second highest division to the highest division in this country. My local team are newly promoted to the second highest division IRL, so I was pretty proud of myself. (I live in Norway btw). Did an OK second season and finished at 9th place in the highest division. But in the 3 next seasons I ended mid-table, even though I bought some pretty decent players, so I gave up because I couldn't finish higher. I then started a save with Aston Villa and finished mid-table in the first seas
  6. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I play FM on 2 computers. I just started my 3rd season and played 3 games on my main computer. But when I loaded the game on my 2nd computer, I were still in the pre-season. I won't access my main computer before tomorrow. Will my last saved game still be on my main computer? I know it's just 3 games, but I started the season really well, and I'm afraid I will lose alot of transfers...
  7. I am glad you like my idea. Of course you can also do this in a middle of a game if you're looking for a new job. Not only when you start a new game.
  8. When starting a new game you should be able to have many options on what clubs you want to manage. Sorry, my English is bad. But I will try to explain: For example. If you want to manage a team who will fight for relegation, there should be an option to get a list of every teams who are expected to fight for relegation when starting a new game. You should also be able to filter clubs by how poor or rich they are. An example on how this filter would look like: Clubs I am looking for: Expectations: Fight for the title Economy: Good Country/Area: UK Clubs who meets your requirements: Che
  9. This is maybe not a club who everyone knows a lot about, but on FM15 Rosenborg got relegated in the 1st season. They're the most winning Norwegian team and they were expected to finish 1st or 2nd. On FM2012 I think, Fulham went from Premier League to Blue Square in only 10 seasons or so. I remember I had a save where I travelled to year 2100. Much had changed in year 2100. Galatasaray was the most winning CL team (they won it 7 times in a row) and Coventry & Norwich dominated in England. Liverpool still had no PL titles. God, I miss this save.
  10. When I lead by 1 goal I usually stay with the same tactic until the end. I don't know why, but I concede late goals 70-80% of the time when I change to a defensive style. I feel that I have more control when I use the same tactic. Or if I for example play with "offensive" mentality I change it to "control" or "counter", but I never change it to "defensive" because then I'm most likely to concede a late goal.
  11. Thank you for the great responses, guys. I really appreciate it. I think I will be better to rotate my squad a bit.
  12. I started as "international player". I don't have my game up and running right now, so I can't answer the other questions. However, when I think about it... When I signed the players, most of them wanted to become a first team player/rotation. So that may be a point. However, I don't understand why they accepted the contract offer when I changed their contracts to "backup". They said they're happy with the contract talks, so they signed for my club. No idea why they accepted it though, when they really want first team play. Also I still have no idea why youth 18 players complain about lack of
  13. My players often gets unhappy because they don't get first team play. I talk about players who I signed as backup. I gave them "backup" status in the contract, but still they complaint after a few weeks because they don't get regular first team player. Then WHY did they sign for my club when I clearly stated in the contract that he will be used as a backup? Even the players on the Youth 18 teams who are useless complaints about not getting regular first team play. The teams morale gets bad because of this. Really didn't have this problem on the previous versions.
  14. You could beat Guimaraes, but don't forget that Juventus, Inter, Palermo and Dortmund are all good teams. If you lost against Atalanta and Sassuolo the next game I would be concerned. Try to tweak your tactic a bit if you haven't already, or have a team meeting. And yes, I do realise that FM is a bitch on this point, haha. This happends a lot to me, especially around January-February. I am playing with Burton and we've played amazing. However, we've only won 1 of our 5 last games or something like that and I feel my team is suddenly playing really bad. Thanksfully we're at 1st with 15 points
  15. I have made a opposition instructs in the tactics for general use. But when I start a game they doesn't seem to work? My opposition instructs is default every game, and NOT the way I set them. How can I fix this?
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