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  1. There seems to be a bug calculating when teams are qualified for the playoffs. See the below photo: 3 teams must qualify from each division for the playoffs, and the 4th place team, the Sharks, are nowhere close (can reach a max of 87 points). Both the Canucks and Oilers should have already qualified.
  2. I keep getting agent offers for restricted free agents during the off-season. Perhaps these agent offers should be restricted to unrestricted free agents, or at least say "Player X is an RFA and Team Y would be willing to trade my clients rights"?
  3. This has probably been mentioned a few times, but please look at trade deadline day improvements! This is one of the busiest days of the year in the NHL and should be simulated properly in EHM. Just played another season, and I cannot begin to tell you how much it sucks to hit continue for trade deadline day, then all of a sudden have 50 new messages including good players going on the block, and get traded for without giving the player GM a chance to react. Right now it is just a frenzy that only the AI is allowed to participate in. Some suggestions: - Slow simming to hourly on trade deadl
  4. I would like to second this. In Canada anyways, the NHL trade deadline and opening day of free agency are major events with non-stop coverage from the two major sport networks. The game should be able to properly represent what actually happens on these days, with 20+ trades happening over a few hours. I would also love to see a more useful Assistant GM in trade discussions. Instead of just saying "This greatly favours us" or "This favours us slightly", provide better feedback. Something like "This trade greatly favours us. I don't think team X will make this trade, but if we included Player
  5. Just had the same thing happen to me as coach of the Canucks. Coach got fired, news release said I fired him with no notice from the board saying that they went above my head or why the coach was fired. Definitely seems like a bug! Game version 15.2b.
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