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  1. in 2020 once we progress past FA, there is no league games scheduled for the upcoming season. also overview shows no stats or standings.
  2. bump in need of help! i can't create a db because of this
  3. i get the blue menu on screen, see the "select database" on the left but no place to click and choose the db to import. help?
  4. that was the problem in the beginning. i made some small edits to the TBL rosters then i started having this problem. i tried to import a whole new fresh 2007 db now this is happening
  5. I had a career using the TBL rosters and recently decided i wanted to add myself into the game. I used the pre-game editor to edit the DB and add myself into the game. When installing the DB to start my season i hit an error screen then a continuous barrage of errors like it i tried re installing a fresh DB as other separate rosters and no luck still get the same error edit: Wanted to change title name to "cannot import any rosters" but there is no option to do that :/
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