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  1. Hello, all things worked like a charm for me for a lot of months now. A few days ago I did a format on my PC, so I installed again the FM20. Now everytime I close the game this message "Football Manager 2020 20.4.1-1363262 (staging) has stopped working" pops out and never created a crash dump file. It doesn't affect anything but it's annoying. I am using a lot of graphics and a custom skin but before the format I was using the same graphics and the same skin and this was not happening. I tried with no custom graphics and skin and it does not do it. But when I move my save games to my documents
  2. Do we had any news about crashing when using Background selector?
  3. Hello skinners! I've made a skin of mine and I have this problem. When I have messages, the number doesn't show on my sidebar. When I click on another screen like squad or club the number appears. Do you know where the fault is? Thank you very much!
  4. Hello everybody. I am the creator of the skin called "FMTGW Skin". After the today's update when I go to a match the match titlebar has the default colours (deep red and yellow) of this year's manager. When I click back and then enter again to the match the "problem" is fixed. Does anyone know why's that? I am using a header panel also. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <panel> <!-- debug menu --> <attachment class="get_global_attachment" get_property="Dmen" set_property="coni"/> <layout class="fit_children_attachment" alignment="vertical" offset="0"
  5. I found a bug.. The scorers are not visible down of the competition in the Competitions Menu. and for the cups only the assisters are visible.. I use my own skin but with the official skin also has the same problem.
  6. FMTGW Official Skin 1.8.2. I'm the creator of this skin and I've made it for my resolution which is 1600x900. Try it..!
  7. FMTGW Skin is our third skin made for Football Manager and our first for FM16. It is made by AlexMorak, the graphic designer of our team. FMTGW Official FM16 Skin is similar to our Anniversary FM15 Skin, with many functions being the same but in the future there will be updates with new additions, such as possible bug fixes and new graphical design on some of the game menus. v1.2 Features: -Background Selector (10 different choices) -TV Logo Selector -Instant Result Button -Club Overview panel changes -Different sidebar Logos -New titlebar v1.3 & v1.4 Features -Bu
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