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  1. I love this! The first libero-tactic that I really works. One note: I struggle a bit to get the stirkers running. I've used it for two seasons with Arsenal and play Auba/Laca in front of Ozil+Miki. Even Ozil outscored Auba last season..
  2. I feel like the computer "learns how you play" if you play too similar all the time. The main reason was to make it different from the 4-4-2 where I dont have many instructions. I wanted one quick, attacking tactic and one more patient, possession based tactic, but I change them up from time to time just to get some variation.
  3. Hehe, I just had to! I also picked up Alderweireld a few seasons ago, but I sold after last season as he turned 34. Bought Alli at deadline day last summer and Sp*rs just escaped relegation as they didnt have the time to find a replacement.
  4. Here are the league tables: .. And then the last season that went very well. I also won EL first season, 4 CLs with one runner-up where I lost the final to Barca. The tactics have of course varied a bit over the seasons, but I've mainly played a wide 4-3-3, but now I got two amazing regen wingers that made me develop a 4-4-2 with regular wingers as well. Now I rotating between the two:
  5. Its hard to pick one of Junior and and Kean. They have been absolutely amazing both of them. I add screenshots of them if you consider to buy any of them: If I have to pick one, I have to say Kean. Scoring for fun now, but I play him as an IF on the left and Junior as a winger on the right is its kind of understandable that his tally is better. Both of them are extremely good, so if you can pick any of them up I would say its a no-brainer. They teared the league apart last season, with just one annoying loss against Leicester:
  6. The regens are about to take over, with this guy leading the line: Of real players I have Moise Kean, Vinicius Junior and Malcom playing out wide in a 4-3-3.
  7. Just sold Lacazette after 194 games, 185 goals and 45 assists across all comps. What a player he has been for me over the last seasons!
  8. That was my thought as well, the IWB does offer that, but he will also cut inside to outnumber centrally when the winger stays wide.
  9. Yes, I play 4-3-3 and 4-4-2 with Kolasinac/Monreal-Koscielny-Mustafi-Bellerin/Chambers in a IWB(s)-CD(d)-BPD(d)-IWB(s) system which works very well for me.
  10. For me it workes much better with IF/IW at one side and a winger on the other side. And Laca has more goals+assists than games over five seasons for me as CF(a). You might get too exposed at the back with both wingbacks on attack? And Savic is a beast as BBM. He scored for fun for me from CM in the beta. That will also give you slightly more support in defense. Its a bit wierd, but after looking on the tactics shared in the download section, IWB seems to be very overpowered in the game atm. If you play a left footed on the left and vice versa they will still provide widt, but they tend to
  11. It sounds like you've found the right formation then!
  12. If you try to replicate IRL, I would say Ramsey is more like a mezzala than a BBM. Arsene might want to play him as a BBM, but as he continually "forgets" his defensive duties he ends up like a mezzala anyways. I would say Xhaka play DLP(d). That gives him the creative freedom to pass, but he stays deep in his position. You might go for a carrilero when you play Coq/Elneny as they do more of the dirty work and are less creative? Its an attacking duty, but I would maybe say that Özil is pushed forward in a trequarista role in the new system. Its often him that launches counter attack
  13. If you need wingers, Malcom have the same issue as Alexis. He doesnt renew his contract and get cheaper every season until he goes on a free if no one picks him up. He is very good and can play both flanks, but I think he is still expensive after one season. Abouchabaka is also one to look after, he is amazing for me!
  14. Good point! It definitely doesn't need tweaking to improve the results, it was just an idea to switch up the style of play. The only thing that bothers me with the tactic is that every goal I concede (except for 2nd leg CC where my defenders decided not to show up) have been coming in the opening minutes means that I have been chasing all those games from behind. I dont know if thats just random with such a short period of testing. Anyways, I felt like I had to share the results when they were that successful. Great work, thumbs up from me! I changed my CBs to BPD btw, but thats just because i
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