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  1. Tbh I don't really change much if at all. Sometimes I drop the D-line a notch if they are playing balls over the top other than that I just try and gee up the players from the side lines by demanding more from them.
  2. That's the PI's I am currently using in my 41212. More or less the same as the CMA except closing down is much less. As for the FBs I want to look at switching to FBa , Wbs , Wba , CWBs and CWBa. All to see which offers the best option in the 41212.
  3. I am now also signed up to the Dafuge challenge with the not so mighty Buxton. Lets see how far Little wonder can take me.
  4. Decided to give this a go with my own Little wonder tactic to see how I fair. I choose Buxton.
  5. Nice result. Maybe some better quality players will help shore up your defence for that level. I am still using 41212 in my online save with friends although my am is support not attack like yours. Team instructions are the same as original as I wanted to see how flexible it could be to accommodate different players. I am arsenal so I have Ozil in the am slot. Tbh think it still works really well and is a different option if you have the players. fiddled with the Ois you linked but decided to go back to none as like you they seemed to make the tactic less consistent. I am also looking at the fb position to see if I can use them more in the 41212 as there is space to use but a bit short on time atm to test properly. Once Christmas is out of the way I will see if I can improve that position.
  6. Tbh I haven't noticed any negative effect from the me update. would be interested to know which players you have and in what way are they worse.
  7. I found that Zlatan and Martial was a pretty damn good partnership with Rashford as cover. With that partnership Zlatan scored 47 goals over a season.
  8. Been testing Little wonder both fluid and structured as original download and they appear to still be working.(thankfully!)
  9. Great season, very happy its delivered for you. I am also using those OIs in my online save to see how they go with my 41212 version of Little wonder. So far so good but will continue testing till season end and will report my findings.
  10. Thanks , just testing your tweaks atm to see how they go. (couldn't stop wondering so thought what the hell lets take a look). In our game I drew Arsenal , never managed them before but because they have Ozil thought lets give it a go.
  11. Thank you some great results there. Delighted its doing well for you. Some interesting tweaks there , when I have a bit of spare time I will take a proper look at your suggestions. I myself am playing in an online league with friends with a version of the original to see how it goes. I have simply moved the CM A up to a AMC support to make a 41212. Went well in testing now to see how it goes against friends.
  12. As above I do agree with you about too many shots/long shots. I am not sure how to limit this without losing something from the tactic. Would be interested to see what you can come up with. I also think the current me plays a part too.
  13. Hi, Yeah the Ti get stuck in does get you more than your fair share of cards. I tend to use fines on the players to help control this as much as possible , but I also kind of like the fact that we put a foot in. As for the high amount of shots I tried to limit this with Player Instruction to shoot less often but you are right it is high. To be fair in previous Fms I have just left this to ride, a result of the possession game I choose to play and as long as I am winning I can live with it. Delighted it has proved successful for your Man Utd team hope it continues.
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