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  1. Well i am not going to repeat my last answer so we can expand the discussion in different directions than the other topic. I will just say that if you read my suggestions on the matter they don't have much to do with the older system. Workloads are good but i want a more dynamic control over training. I want to have the actual matches to be another way of training . i want to have the players learn corners tricks , flair decisions , passing etc through training depending on a new coaches system .(An other "true " idea is that training performance should be improved by having more technical players when training passing) In the end i want the tactical and training to merge (not entirely) but in a way that each parameter affects the other in the way real life happens and i believe it can be implemented in a game like this too.
  2. Seconded . The level of football is not among the best but is good .(Comparable with Belgium , Greece ) What astonishes me is while Cyprus national division A teams and players were researched quite accurately by several researchers and all the players stats are there Si refuses to enable the division for reasons i can not understand . Sad. 2)Ticket prices , merchentise increased by signing Asians . The more ways there are to control the financial situation the better. However the Ticket price change should be limited by each club by allowing diferent variables. Example ( 35$-45$ for chelsea a different variable for Manchester United) 3) Data issues . I think there should be what i call objectivity and more balance between different leagues. Leagues player's shouldn't be overrated nor underrated because of the League they are playing . Obviously players that play in top leagues are elevating their game because they face harder opposition but that doesn't mean player a plays on league a so he is worse than player b that plays on league b. Researchers should be able to recognise how the quality of a different league affects the player since it is possible that a great player may play in not the best league. I also want more detail in the Spanish , Italian and others leagues. 4) Training . The current system is horrible. Only players under 24 improve now . That shouldn't be the case , depending on the player they can improve/learn even after that age . That shouldn't be as usual but it should still remain an option. Furthermore i want a more dynamic feel between training - stats and actual performance(match engine) . I want my striker that had amazing form and scored showing good composure in the last six game and he is training in those areas to improve in those areas. I also want training to have more to do with tactics than now. 5) More media options (without having the Media always interfering) regarding players and of course the board . Other than results they may also criticize your tactics or the way the team is playing (too defensive etc). Also other than takeovers it is possible that new money comes in from new board members witout creating a crisis or a media outbreak . Criticisms aside i loved all the latest Fm (until Fm 2007) and i believe that Si will do a good job. But i do think the above are somewhat vital and should be some day implemented.
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