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  1. -In my Preston save Deepdale is expanded to 34.000 which is maximum. I have 30.000 season ticket holders and 3.000 tickets to away fans (premier league rules) the stadium is getting to small. All premier league mathes are sold out. I would like a new and bigger stadium. In fm18 in a Nottingham F save the board decided to build a new 63.000 stadium. Can this happend or will happend in fm20`?
  2. Thank yuu for the advice affter a little study I came to this solution SWK A FB A BPD D BPD D FB A W S CM SP Mez S W S AF A AF A Playing wiide max Narrow defence looking for overlab Slightly lower tempo High pressure Def line low Matc prep Att movements Diffcult away mathes deff shape Working perfect in premier league with Preston P 26 W 20 D 5 L1 goals 74-17 13 clean sheets possesion is in the low end
  3. How can I post tactic. tactic I play in Premier League with Preston N E
  4. I agree I am not a tactiacal genius Would this make sense Play wide Low crosses Looking for overlab Mentality Positiv Focus pkay down right/left flank Lookung for overlab Tempo slightly higher Passing standard GK A Left WB A CD D CD D Right WB A Left WM A CM S AP A Right WM A AF A AF A
  5. My opponent park the bus in almost every game. Any tactical suggestions. I play 4 4 2. My suggestion is 4 4 2 Positiv mentality Play very wide direct passing High tempo Low crosses GK Sweeper keepe A Backs inv fullback S Cen Def ballplaying D CM APM and DLP both S Inverted wingers S 2 DL strikers S
  6. Hello I need some trnaing advice/input In my Preston save we play 2 matches a week in many weeks Premier League Champions League and Carabau Cup I use this for a typical week I would like any comments. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Defending Attaking movement match preparation Rest Travel/Rest Attack movement Rest Travel/rest Attacking Rest/Travel Match Recovery Rest/travel Match Recovery Rest Match preview Rest Match Review Match preview Rest Match review I use attacing movement as match preparation as many of my opponents are begining to use diffrent variantion of parking the bus tactic. Maybe I shold change to attacking patient
  7. Sometimes if a player is injured you can use club doctor or send to specialist. If I know the club doctor is a top clas doctor I could save the money for the specialist. It would be good to se some kind of rating stars.
  8. One of my boards visions is increase commercial revenue. How do I do that ? Club reputation is worldwide - 4,5 stars.
  9. I ca not remember if it was MC or AMC as AP. I talked to him and after a couple of days he calmed down and now he his happy to stay and I am on his list of favourd personal.
  10. I have a MC who has been playing MC advanced playmaker support the entire season, Now he is furios a want to leave the club because he has not payed in his favoured role AMC advanced playmaker.
  11. Is it possibke to sign a New club doctor?
  12. How can I get a senior playert to mentor a playeI from my u23 and u18 squad. Is it correct it is not possible or is there a trick? I have created mentoring groups for u18 and u23 squads.
  13. My board change views. In my Preston North End save my board changed view for the next 5 season from qualify for Champions League to Europa League. Why this change I wiil call unambitious. Do the board not belive in the squad? Do they not belive in me? I think me and my squad have proved we can do the job. We have more than fulfiled the boards expectations. Last 3 seasons 2023 Premier League 6 2024 Premier League runner up, s final Europa League 2025 Premier League winner (10 pts margain scoring 100 goals), q final Champions League, semifinal FA cup, runner up EFL cup 2026 My players are ready to defend the title in the upcomming season We have 134 M pond in the bank I can not ask the unambitious board for a increase transfer/wage. We have no loans.
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