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  1. Hello Normally I search and find the answers to my quetions via forums and google. I am stil living in the stoneage and playing FM18 (I have downloaded the FM19) but I am hanging on to FM18. How do you plan general training for a 60 + fixtures season. I have rest day before and after match and general training set to average in weeks without a midweek fixture and low in the week with a midweek fixture and during the x mas and new years periode. It gives hardly time to proper training and the atributes rises slowly. My tactic is very physical demanding a lot of closing down etc. I have a small squad so it is hard to rotate I am playing in the english premier league and in europe. I am aware of natural fitnes is a importent atribute. Average natural fitnes for the entire squad in relation to high/average/low training intensity. xx natural fitnes set to average intensity xxx natural fitnes set to high intensity etc Any other tips or ideas. Thanks Henrik
  2. All my save games has gone I can not load last game or any game from the start screen:mad:. Very strange. Are the games lost for ever. I loaded my old fm 15 all the save games are ok.
  3. How can I boost team morale. The morale was at highest level. I did not put one of my players on the transterlist as promised. The morale changed from superb to poor for the whole squad...unfair treatement of team mate.
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