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  1. I am in my third season with Oldham. I have won promotion from League Two to the Championship in two seasons. Playing an attaclking, direct, entertaining style of footbal which the board want me to After the promotion the board expected me to continue this playing styule and fight bravely against relegation-a litle unrealistic. I knew my playing style will bring us in trouble. I gave it a try. Played 17 43 - 25 25 points placed mid table 11 th place, The board was delighted with playng style and everything. I n my world I am not hee to please the board in every matter
  2. Which shout do you use if you use any if you have narrow one goal lead in a tight game with 10 minuttes to go.. I have tried Focus but the morale head icon turns red - overwhelming-
  3. I have some very good tactics I used in FM 20 can I use them in FM21?
  4. In a FM20 save with Crewe I took them from League Two to Premier League in 3 seasons playing attacing football. I had some difficulties the first season in Premier League with a squad of players of Championship quality. I took a gambling in 2022 World cup break in november and december i changed my tactic to a more deffencive tactic. Arranged 7 friendlies during the break so my my players could get used to the new tactic. We finished 6 or 7 in the first season. Two or three seasons later we won the Premier League and reached the CL semifinal. I agree it is imoportent to improve traini
  5. I have just got Oldham promoted from League Two to the Championship in two seasons against all odds, champion League Two and runners up in League One, Players who has CA decent National League player is 1 and leading League One player is 9, The squad average CA 3,4 is somewhere between leading National League and decent League Two. A few have PA to be better. No one is interested in signing for Oldham, I can bring in loans Premier League talents or free transfers. After Brexit the poosibelity to sign foregin players for a club like Oldhan is non exsisting. All ideas are welcome.
  6. Hello Is it possible to ad more advertising board for special competions EFL, EPL and UEFA competisions CL, EL and Conf L ? I mean both the static and dynamic ad boards. Henrik
  7. I have just got a new stadium, 24.000. Half way into the season in feburary I asked the board to exspand it, they aggreed to an exspansion to 32.000, price 14M pound,, work began and should be finished around 9 month later in october. After the season in may the board annouced an exspansion to 36.000 price 21M pound; it will take 11 month and sudenly we are relocated to Ethihad for the entire next season, In the club vision screen the work began in feburary. Building time is feburary until june the following year ,,,, around 16 month. What is going on, I am playing FM20..
  8. n the last I play a cautios 4 2 2 1 1 tactic high def line and high pressure Tactical training is my normal tactic for all matches + defensive tactic used to deffending a lead i the last 10 min + time wasting tactic . How do you use the 3 tactical slots? I use this training set up for a normal week one match mo tu we th fr match day sun quickness endurance match tactic def from front trans press
  9. In my Crewe save I got them from League 2 to Premier League in 3 seasons as champions of every league and scoring 110 goals in average, the fans loved my entertaining/attacking playing style. I continued with the tactic after promotion to the Premier League realished that my palyers did not have the quality to the tactic. I changed the tactic and used the 6 week world cup break to arrange 6 friendlies to get the players used to a new tactic. A gamble but it worked we finished 5 th against all odds. In season 2 and 3 we continued with the tactic finished 6 th in both seasons,. In
  10. I have just finished the 2022-23 season in England, The top 4 team qual for CL, my team Crewe finish 5 th and get a EL qual the FA winners Norwich get a EL and Wolwes the Conference League winners get a EL qual. EFL cup winners Man C finish as runners up. Is it correct their is no Confrence League qual for english team? Have Enland a limit for teams in european club cups?
  11. Hello Is it possipble to go bankrupt im FM20? The econmy looked good 250 M pound in the bank and we made profit every year until a new board (russian name?) took over. It began good they signed to players for 60 and 90 M poumd. I worked inside the wage and transer budget . Tey allowed to sign payers and now the bak account is empty. The board decided to built a new 61.000 stadium to Preston NE. This season we start with a 209 M pound expendiure ground maintenance + we pay 1,2 M each month to a 135 M pound banklone. Hpw can I pass the FFP with a projekted
  12. I can not arrange a friendly match until my players are back from holliday july 2nd and the tournament starts june 16th.
  13. Can the FIFA club world cup/holliday issue be fixed
  14. Somethong must be right winnig the Premier Leagus last season with a 18 points margin and goals 104 - 27 9th title in a row and this season won the first 13 matches goals 28 - 6
  15. Any comments to this tactic I play Preston in the Premier League Keeper sweeoer keeper A Full Back A CD BPD D CD BPD D Full Back A INW S CM S Mezxla S INW S AF A AF A In possesion Pass into space Tempo slighty low Passing standard More
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