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  1. Woah that's an impressive first season in Europe! Hopefully you can squeeze through in second place after Betis
  2. Actually, Desportivo Brasil is more of an academy focused on developing youth prospects. They have partnerships with teams from China, hence their nickname "Chinese Dragon"
  3. That probably means there's a Peruvian person with that same typo on the database
  4. Oh yeah, there's also former Copa do Brasil winners Paulista and Santo André and Portuguesa, a very traditional club that recently got relegated. Brazil has a lot of clubs with history.
  5. Why's that the main player of the youth intake is always a foreign goalkeeper, especifically?
  6. FC Andorra is getting bigger and bigger! I bet the Andorran supporters are going crazy!
  7. Same here, waiting for DB 20.4 on Mobile as well
  8. What's up with other clubs suddenly stepping up the competition? One of your youngsters is a half-Brazilian! Then it's true there's Brazilians everywhere around the world...
  9. Man, in this save your academy is ON FIRE! Never seen something like that! Every year has golden generations coming through the pipes!
  10. Some clubs are hard-coded to never buying players of other nations, that's what I mean. By the way, please don't take the Japanese clubs out, we can use your mod with a database that adds the players back
  11. Question: how clubs like Athletic Bilbao, Chivas Guadalajara and El Nacional work regarding their foreign player police? Because whenever I tried other updates like this they would get bugged and always relegated. Regarding your balance based on CA, are the Japanese clubs hit hard by having no players at the start?
  12. So, any estimates on the new update's release (since 20.4 is out on PC)?
  13. The Tottenham researcher got salty there
  14. You did your best! Time to bring another teams into the limelight
  15. Great job with Caxias! Love when people play in Brazilian leagues, it's an unique experience
  16. Hello. In the former versions of the Editor, if I were to remove all foreigner-based rules I would select every nation, click on Relationships and add every continent to "Nations Treated as Non-Foreign". On the FM20 version of the Editor, I can't multi select to do it any more. Is that right?
  17. Did you have to change every single country, one for one? I've tried to multi-edit before but the Editor doesn't let me
  18. Nice work regarding the Kazakhstan issue! Sorry for joining in randomly, but is there a way to select multiple nations and change them all at once? For instance, If I select Asian nations to add South American nations as non-foreign, how would be the quickest way to do it?
  19. Question: why can't I select to loan players that are listed for loan? That's something crucial for gameplay, please fix it. Screenshots:
  20. Beijing Guo'an has "Beijing Sinbo Guo'an" as full name, when it's actually "Sinobo". https://www.transfermarkt.com/beijing-guoan/startseite/verein/3176/saison_id/2018
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