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  1. Enjoying this, despite my risk everything comment, I like the steady approach you're taking. Good luck for this season.
  2. Good luck. I feel promotion to PL undoes all of this. Keep any good players you still have and go for it. Then if you go up, don't improve much and take the money and come back down (install relegation clauses to all new contracts). Parachute payments and profit from PL era should cover you for a little bit whilst the PL exposure gives you more clout with an upgrade potentially? There is more to gain than lose. Slowly falling back down the leagues to your natural home will happen eventually, but do you grab on you a slice of the pie before it goes cold? Will be interestin
  3. Thanks! It's enjoyable so far
  4. Pacific FC Phase 2: We qualified as the 4th best team in the first phase, with 3 of the 4 better clubs in this phase too. We play each other once and the top 2, go in to the final. Forge FC vs Pacific FC Up first we had Forge. This is apparently a rivalry and they have a far superior squad. There was a lot of build up, but we were happy to be here. I'd achieved more than the board wanted already, so we were going to enjoy this. Forge controlled much of the game, however, 9 minutes in, we hit them on our terrifying counter and Hume scores! What a start, oh, wait, the flag
  5. Pacific FC Phase 1: HFX Wanderers 2 - 2 Pacific FC An opening season disaster looked on the cards, when just after 2 minutes, HFX took the lead. We hit back quickly from loanee Theo Bair and headed in to the break level. Wanderers took control of the second half and retook the lead in the 54th minute, before controlling the next 30 minutes. Theo Bair hit a sucker punch 84th minute equaliser and before we struck the post in injury time. Unsure of the league, but seeing as HFX looked to be a team at our level, it was great to get a point, but very concerning that we were domina
  6. Pacific FC Getting Started It was clear that squad changed frequently, or I should expect them to. Half of the squad had contracts expiring at the end of the season and the remainder expired at the end of the next season. It looks like a maximum of 2 year contracts were available, so something to consider. Covid-19 had a say at this point, so for the 2020 season, the Island Games were introduced, to be played at one location. 8 teams in a league would play each other once in Phase 1, with the top 4 qualifying for Phase 2. Those 4 would play each other once with the top 2 g
  7. Pacific FC Pacific Football Club is a professional Canadian Football Club, based in Greater Victoria, British Colombia. Pacific FC was the seventh team to join the Canadian Premier League in time for the 2019 season. Founded: 2019 Stadium: Starlight Stadium (6,200 capacity) Colours: Purple and Teal Sponsor: Volkswagen There are 8 teams in the Canadian Premier League and with Forge FC current Champions, this ruled them out. The strongest teams with the strongest squads were favourite to win the Island Games, a Covid 19 tournament to finish the 2020 season, mor
  8. Over recent years, I've had a small break from Football Manager and was excited to get back in to FM21. Some wonderful career updates have taken me to the German Third Division, American Samoa and pushing for titles in Colombia. I've enjoyed my recent game, an exploration in to Canada, and felt it was worth a career journey. The Aim To take a Canadian team to Champions League glory. The League Canada will be the loaded league with a large database. The Canadian Premier League is a new concept to grow Canadian football, launched in 2019, with 8 teams from 5 of the 10 Ca
  9. 2043 on FM08 spent my entire career at American Samoa. Reached 42nd in the world at one point and got to 1 world cup. Couldn't do that length of time with a club though! Fair play to those that do!
  10. More to the point, why are you trying to sign a 5 foot 5 inch centre back?
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