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  1. All players and staff are on Amateur contracts, are not paid and move clubs pretty much every year.
  2. American Samoa March 2021 Domestic News Our top Division is gaining in reputation all the time. This definitely is something positive, but I'm unsure how much of an affect it'll have long term. The second Division continues to rise too. Division 1 Division 2 Vaiala Tongan are the first team to win back to back titles under my reign. The first major trophy for manager Jordan Hardie-Jordan. Managers don't last more than one season at clubs in American Samoa and I'm not sure why. It may be to do with the lack of opportunities and quality coaches. This is slowly changing though and teams are hiring coaches too. This can only be beneficial for longer term development. There look to be some good coaches out there too. More of that later. Pago Youth lost their top flight status for the first time too, breaking a top division record, losing 8 games in a row! 17 year old midfielder Misi Taumua broke the top division record for most assists in a season, accumulating 9! Potentially one to watch. In the second division, Atu'u Broncos bounced straight back into the top division winning their second Division 2 title in 3 years. Hopefully they'll make a good fist of it next season. Pago Youth, technically relegated Pago Youth B, but there is no relegation from Division 2, so they'll play each other next year. There were more records broken in this division: Black Roses - Most defeats in a row (6) Ramin Ott - Highest Average Rating (7.47) Pesamino Rocha - Most Assists (9) Ryan Hardie-Jordan - Most Goals (9) As i said earlier, it looks like coaches are improving all the time, more than the players and this has been proven by the American Samoan Under 23s Manager being selected by an MLS team to join their coaching team. Well done Kid Bartley! Four teams have also been taken over, again, I'm not sure the effect of this as they are just local businessmen!
  3. Honestly, I really don't know, I've yet to find anything. I've tried to ask him on Twitter before too. I saw him play for Rotherham against us. Who knew he'd be leading my American Samoan team!
  4. American Samoa September 2021 World Cup Qualifiers American Samoa vs New Caledonia (Friendly) Before my first World Cup Qualifier, I decided to put in a friendly against New Caledonia, with the intention of seeing what my back up team could do, should one of my regulars get injured or suspended. Quite frankly it was a waste of time as not one player put in a decent performance and we were well beaten, we lost 6-0 with nothing worth noting. I now feared what this may do to the team. Vanuatu vs American Samoa In the first game of the group, we took on the Vanuatu, who sat just below us in the World Rankings. If we had any chance, this was probably the side we'd be more likely to get anything from. I picked pretty much the team that got me here and we had a slow start to the game. Vanuatu controlled possession from the off and duly went ahead after 8 minutes with a shot from the edge of the box. Poor start. Vanuatu continued to control the first half without giving us too much concern. At half time, I decided to change the 4-5-1 to more of a 4-3-3 pushing the wingers a bit higher, to hopefully give us a change of holding on to the ball. This almost immediately paid off as Nyepon was played in 1 on 1 but couldn't score. We started to look better going forward, but were still open at the back as we couldn't really hold on to the ball. With Nyepon tiring, i thought I'd change forward thinking players rather than the tiring defence. A long ball from left back Siligi, was knocked down by substitute Shalom Luani, into the path of El Capitan. Conor Newton tucked it away! 20 minutes to go. The game was end to end and on 0- minutes Vanuatu struck our post. The game faded from there. Vanuatu 1-1 American Samoa. American Samoa vs Tahiti Next up were the hosts and favourites for the group Tahiti. I'd scheduled a friendly a few days after this game to try more of my National Pool, however, I had a very unfit squad. 3 of the back 4 started under 87% match fitness. Not one for moaning, we got on with it and kicked off. 6 minutes gone and we were 1-0 down, I was fully prepared for another goal fest. I wasn't completely wrong.. We ventured out of our half only a number of times and one of those was the 37th minute. Newton fired up to Mamadee Nyepon who had no other options. He hit it into the bottom right corner. Game on! At half time, again we tried to utilise the Target men a bit more in the team and gave him some wingers. We were lucky our keeper wasn't sent off for handling outside the area just as the second half started. However, 6 minutes in again, Tahiti slotted past Jason Sii. It was a close call but the linesman said onside. we started to grow with confidence and have some possession and it was rewarded when Falevalu was released down the right to cross to our other winger Alexander Hardie-Jordan to tap home. Again, just over 20 minutes to go. Tahiti kicked off and went straight up the other end and scored. My defence were suffering, but we kept pressing, unable to find the equaliser. So close! American Samoa 2-3 Tahiti American Samoa vs Tonga (Friendly) Another chance for some youngsters and back up players to impress. I'm really hoping that there is something more than what we have and I persevered with the 4-3-3. The defence were solid and kept a clean sheet with Tonga getting 0 shots on target, meanwhile going forward Raphael Falevalu netted at the beginning and end of the second half to secure a comfortable victory. American Samoa 2-0 Tonga Tahiti vs American Samoa Our slightly shuffled and new look American Samoa headed into this game with confidence. No doubt that this was a tough task but we believed. We went with out 4-3-3 and despite not having a lot of possession, we defended well, with Tahiti having few chances, mainly off target long range efforts.The opening goal came from my winger losing the ball, they headed down our left, whipped in a cross and scored. We were holding on before the half time whistle relieved us from the pressure. Second half we had marginally more possession but couldn't create a decent chance, Tahiti offered nothing that was frightening us, I was sure we'd keep it at one, so could we get the goal? We pushed and pushed, the last 5 minutes were relentless, in the 93rd minute Bartley and Newton exchanged passes before a ball into Luani. He headed wide. It just wasn't meant to be, we were out. Tahiti 1-0 American Samoa American Samoa vs Vanuatu With our fate decided I rotated a bit. I wasn't happy with the draw, I knew we were better than these guys. I wanted a win and i told them. 3 minutes in and an attack down the right. Falevalu crossed for Mamadee Nyepon to head home. We were controlling play and Kaleopa's through ball put Mamadee Nyepon in to score his second. Two minutes later Nyepon laid the ball back for Kid Bartley to fire home from the edge of the area. Half time came and went and we continued to control play. 61 minutes in and Panwechi Kaleopa offered another key pass to Raphael Falevalu to volley home. This was great stuff and a wonderful way to end the Qualifiers. 10 minutes from time holding midfielder Dylan Luani bent a free kick into the top corner. The only slight frustration was a shot in the last minute from Vanuatu which hit the post and rebounded off the keeper. None the less a great performance! American Samoa 5-1 Vanuatu Standings Results Current World Ranking: 166 Players Eligible for American Samoa: 355
  5. American Samoa December 2020 Results Since the summer tournament, I've tried to see if we can improve the squad in any way possible. Also, I've been so reliant on certain players that I'm not sure what I've got in reserve. The short answer is not a lot. As you can see by the results, not many players stepped up and I just have to hope that come the world cup qualifiers, I'll have the majority of my squad available. I have about 16 players who are genuinely good enough and 2 who are very good. Lose one of them and it could be a tough set of fixtures. Best Performing Players in 2020 Conor Newton Fantastic season for Red Bull Salzburg and for American Samoa. Captained us to World Cup Qualifiers and by far our best player. Raphael Falevalu Raphael is battling to be our back up right sided midfielder / winger. In Sam Kome's injury absence, he has put in some consistent performances. Bright future ahead hopefully. Mamadee Nyepon American Samoa's highest ever goalscorer and lynch pin to our side. Clearly our second best player, he found a new club in USA, Indy Eleven, scoring 18 goals this season. Other News Another first for American Samoa. Conor Newton is shortlisted for Oceania Player of the Year 2020! I don't think he will be in the top 3 but a fantastic achievement none the less! We need to cherish him while we can! Current World Ranking: 162 Eligible Players for American Samoa: 311
  6. Yes, yes. Laptop is ready again.
  7. American Samoa June 2020 Domestic News The Champions this season were surprise package Vaiala Tongan, lead by none other than our hero Nicky Salapu, he immediately left for South Korean Baptist Church. Players and coaches here move every season. Interesting to note legend Larry Mana'o hasn't won the division for 3 consecutive years now. There was another new record for domestic attendance with 789 turning up for SKBC vs PanSa. SKBC also broke the record for average attendance which stands at 445. I'm pretty excited by this but our division standard is growing year on year, there were 2 more take overs this season too, hopefully those local businessmen have a bit of money. The Second Division has followed suit and is now competing with our rivals' first divisions, this can only be good. International News I ended 2019 with friendlies against Micronesia and Tonga, two teams I wanted to ensure I beat to prove the year wasn't a fluke. I then scheduled a slightly harder team in US Virgin Islands to finish my preparation for the Oceania Nations Cup Second Round. The game against Micronesia was awful, I took the lead but had no possession at all, Micronesia scored two goals and won the game, deservedly so. Not what I was hoping or expecting. Thankfully, normal service was restored against Tonga, a comfortable victory and found out more about some players. I had a real shuffle of the national team in the new year, I like to do this every 18 months or so. A couple of players had their chance against USVI. Although they dominated much of the game, some great defending led to an unlikely victory. I feel suitably prepared. After this round of games, our stock kept rising. Players Eligible for American Samoa: 311 Oceania Nations Cup Second Round Being drawn in the easier group and having played some of these sides before in friendlies, I knew we had a small chance to cause an upset here or there, but I'm sure fitness was going to be a factor. The games are 3 days apart and we will have to see how they cope. I'm hoping I can sneak a draw or maybe a win, if I can finish in top 3, then I'll be in the World Cup Qualifiers in 2021, that really is my aim if possible. Squad Here is the 23 man squad tasked with creating American Samoan history. American Samoa vs Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea were ahead within 10 minutes down to their decent striker who I tried to play out of the game, that clearly didn't work, disappointing start as this was the team I was hoping to get something from. Possession was even but PNG were carving out the better chances, then just before half time (what is it with strong ends to the first half) we broke down the left and Hardie-Jordan sent in a cross which Mamadee Nyepon volleyed home. Second half we flew out of the blocks, Nyepon saw Kome breaking into the box, his shot was saved and before Nyepon could tap home the rebound, he was tackled, own goal. 2-1, could we? Would we? We were playing okay, Papua New Guinea weren't particularly threatening but I had one problem, fitness. I tried to hold out on 2 players just a little bit longer, but PNG equalised with 25 minutes to go. I freshened the team up and changed some roles to make us a bit harder to beat. With 3 minutes to go, our lads were doing their job very well, then Conor Newton literally pinged a 40 yard ball over the top to Nyepon, as the ball came over his shoulder he volleyed it from the edge of the box, what a goal! We can do this, even though my players were dying on their backsides. 30 seconds left and PNG send in a cross, which misses everyone, even the keeper, 3-3 absolutely gutting. I'm chuffed in one way, but can't deny my frustration, there is nothing I can do about that or my players fitness. Vanuatu led the group after thrashing Fiji 4-0, what a great next fixture. American Samoa vs Vanuatu Vanuatu have been too good for me to beat in friendlies, this felt no different. They were better than us and I had to make 7 changes due to my players struggling. Vanuatu started fast, lots of possession but not really testing my keeper, a lot of long efforts wide in an uneventful first half. I'd be happy to contain them like this for 90 minutes, but I know what my teams fitness is like, it won't last. Second half we started to get a foothold in the game and create a couple chances ourselves, then on 58 minutes, Conor Newton found himself on the edge of the box, with no real options, he had a shot which found the bottom corner, 1-0! Unfortunately my players were already dying, I needed to be pro active with my changes to avoid what happened against Papua New Guinea. As the board went up showing 3 minutes, Vanuatu had 24 shots with just 2 on target, the game looked like it was about to end as 6 seconds was on the clock. The ball was then hoofed into my area and as it was half cleared, fell to a free, un-marked Vanuatu midfielder. With 3 seconds of the game left, Vanuatu equalised, absolutely gutting this time. If this was the best team in my group, I thought I'd have every chance of getting to the qualifiers in 2021 if I can avoid defeat to Fiji who had just lost 2-1 to Papua New Guinea. American Samoa vs Guinea This game was simple, lose and we are out of everything, draw and we are in the World Cup Qualifiers, win and not only would we qualify for World Cup Qualifying, but unless the other game finishes in a draw, we could be in the Semi Finals of the Oceania Nations Cup. At least we knew what we had to do. With my players shattered from the last game, I pretty much reverted to the side that started the tournament. A few tweaks to try and give us more possession and venture out of our half a bit more and we were ready to go. We kicked off and were moving the ball about a lot better, 2 minutes in Alexander Hardie-Jordan found himself on the left with little options, he fired in a ripsnorter into the top corner, what a great start. The game was very even, lacking much quality. On 25 minutes everything was level when Fiji's striker found himself clear to head home a cross. As the half closed (like the theme here?) Newton picked up the ball off Kome and whipped in a beautiful ball on to Nyepon's head and he found the back of the net. Moments later Hardie-Jordan played a ball in to the back post for Kome to tuck home. Great half! The second half was non eventful, as Fiji made all their subs early, I knew we had the fitness advantage this game and we saw it out. Checking the score was the first objective.. Vanuatu 4-2 Papua New Guinea... Oh my goodness we've made the Semi Finals AND World Cup Qualifying!!! Semi-Finals Obviously the power houses New Zealand and Solomon Islands made it through the other group, there is no way I'd beat either of these but was looking forward to the test. We were against New Zealand, Vanuatu takes on Solomon Islands. American Samoa vs New Zealand Another 8 changes for the semi final, not at all confident with a full side, but this is where we want to be so we are up for the challenge. Quite simply, New Zealand were peppering our goal with shots and it was great defensive practice. It took until 38 minutes for New Zealand to open the scoring with an effort from 25 yards out. Second half continued in the same vein adding to their total in 61st minute, then something unexpected happened a ball into the box was headed home by Mamadee Nyepon, could we get back into this? No. Moments later it was 3-1. By this point my players were gone, I was fearing how many more would be added, 2 beautiful strikes from distance glossed the scoreline but what a great effort from my boys. So proud and definitely something to build on, we are so far off New Zealand, who had 50 attempts, but hopefully we will be playing them a lot more! Solomon Islands beat Vanuatu 5-1 as well, before being thumped themselves by New Zealand 4-0. A great moment for American Samoan football, in particular Mamadee Nyepon. Top Goalscorer of the Oceania Nations Cup! What a great effort by the lads, we have something to work toward next year, here comes American Samoa... We are heading to the Oceania World Cup Qualifiers!
  8. In real life the Oceania Cup doubles up as the World Cup qualifying. If you win the Oceania Cup, you go to the FIFA Confederations Cup, but the top 3 teams in each group play inter continental qualifiers for the World Cup, this was in 2015/16, I'm not sure if the game fully replicates this or it may have changed in 2019/20, but I can't find much info. The lack of competitive games will mean we won't rise up the rankings quickly, but as the side gets better, then we can try better friendlies. I'm intrigued to see how the game pans out from this ONC, as the game starts just after the last ONC.
  9. American Samoa September 2019 2018 Results 2018 was a really poor year in American Samoan football, injuries everywhere, lack of any real talent and the hunt for a number 1 keeper. It was very much a trial and error year, working towards our first competitive games in 2019. A real low was the 2-0 defeat to Kiribati, a nation not even ranked by FIFA. The games against Montserrat and Vanuatu provided me with a good foundation for what I wanted to do heading into the competitive year. Satili Tupua won the starting job in goal with some consistent performances. Best World Ranking: 187 Not a lot to note about the year. Elsewhere in domestic football, Larry Mana'o finally lost the title, wherever the experience manager went he picked up silverware. This year, the title went to PanSa and our ex goalkeeper Nicky Salapu, delighted for him. Also, Black Roses were relegated despite winning the title just 2 years ago. The American Samoan league has risen another place, as it has every season. The league attendance record was broken with 656 attending a Pago Youth game and the record profit for a team was broken with Pago Youth making a season profit of £6,000. 2019 Results Knowing I'll be facing Tonga, Samoa and Cook Islands in the First Round of the Oceania Nations Cup, I decided to prepare against them, also adding Montserrat to my preparations for the main event. I ended 2018 knowing what I wanted to achieve and how to get the best out of my limited players and more importantly out of my better players. The game against Tonga was a great start to the year. We dominated the game scoring early on and although Tonga equalised, I was pretty confident, I knew my back up players were on par with my first team and utilised the squad to keep them fresh, we went right to the end and deserved the victory. We then played local rivals Samoa. We again absolutely dominated, however, the games were potentially too close as my players are genuinely not fit. We had plenty of the ball but didn't get enough shots on target, to rub salt into the wounds, Samoa scored from a corner in the 92nd minute, gutting, yet encouraging at the same time. Suddenly, my number one goalkeeper suffered an injury which was going to keep him out of the Oceania Nations Cup, I had a look at my young keeper, who looks better then most of my keepers, at 19 I thought I'd give him these two games to win the starting spot, despite never being capped. We controlled the game against Montserrat and came away with a victory and a clean sheet for the young stopper, the defence looked good, which it rarely does! I stuck him in against Cook Islands who are that bit better than us and he made some saves to keep us in it. We were out played in patches, but really made a game of it. I'm really encouraged going into the Nations Cup. 19 year old Jason Sii will be between the sticks for the competitive games! I feel comfortable with him there. We have nothing to lose anyway. In the domestic game, Larry Mana'o failed to win the top division again and ended up moving to Division 2 side Vaitogi United. The division was won by South Korean Baptist Church led by ex international Young Im Min, so delighted for him. Some really good coaches coming through, hopefully some will move abroad to reach their potential, however, if they stay it could improve our talent pool. The American Samoan Division 1 rose again, now 11th best competition in the area. The record for season profit was broken again with PanSa making £10,000 profit. The attendance record also broken when 773 people watched PanSa vs Pago Youth. Is there a chance football is really on the rise in American Samoa? Oceania Nations Cup Round 1 I was drawn in a group with Tonga, Samoa and Cook Islands, the 4 worst team in the region. Id say I'm on par with Tonga and Samoa, but behind Cook Islands. Aim is to beat one of the first two and compete with Cook Islands, I don't set targets normally, but great chance here with the squad I seem to have. American Samoa vs Tonga With Samoa beating Cook Islands the day before, that threw all spanners in the works, I really struggle against Cook Islands and maybe Samoa were better than I thought? This was probably our best chance to get some points. We came out of the blocks slowly and Tonga went 1-0 up on 18 minutes. We were all over the place, chasing shadows and looked nervous, misplacing passes, clearing the ball so it just came back. The half was coming to a close and a counter led to a free kick. Conor Newton stepped up and fired it into the top corner, what a time to score your first goal for your adopted country. Stepping up when it was needed. We came out second half and dominated without threatening. Fortunately Tonga missed a late chance and we got our first competitive point. Disappointed but we are at least on the board. American Samoa vs Samoa Just TWO days later, we were at it again. Samoa topping the group, with an extra days rest. We had no chance, zero, zilch, zip. I was furious with the way the schedule was, but it is how it works down here. Anyway, despite tired players, I needed our guys to step up, I also felt confident in the squad players, so wasn't afraid to start the fresh legs. We dominated, absolutely dominated and were rewarded with a goal from Talisman Mamadee Nyepon on the brink of half time. Second half we dominated again and it was a case of managing the game. The substitutions were good and we kept it fresh. Nyepon adding to the score line in the 80th and 86th minute to score his first ever hat trick. This was very comfortable, we now topped the group, could we actually get to the second round? The day after, Cook Islands thrashed Tonga 3-0 eliminating them, however, the other 3 had a chance to qualify. We've already done well, but I think this could be a great opportunity which may not come around often. American Samoa vs Cook Islands A few days after their thrashing to Cook Islands, Tonga faced Samoa. Again, they were thrashed. Samoa winning 4-0 and topping the group. If we win, we qualify, if Cook Islands win or we draw, Samoa qualify. Unfortunately, my holding midfielder Terrance Sinapati and my talisman Mamadee Nyepon are both out for a week, missing the vital game. Absolute disaster. I felt confident that I could replace the holding midfielder, not a problem. A striker though, who just scored a hat trick? Much harder. I felt confident as we had 6 days rest and an extra day than Cook Islands, surely my squad will be refreshed? No, many players were struggling, meaning 4 changes on top of the enforced changes. Any confidence I had disappeared as the Cook Islands squad were all 100% fit, how? None of them have decent stamina or natural fitness stats and played a day after us. Anyway, I sent the squad out telling them to pick up where they left off, despite most of them not playing the game. It worked, 2 minutes gone and centre back Nicky Kuresca scored from a corner in only his second American Samoan appearance. 16 minutes, 2-0 striker Hardie-Jordan slipped through and tucked it away. This boy really had deputised Nyepon so well. I like my striking options at the moment. Moments later 2-1, Cook Islands pull one back, I thought it was just a matter of time that my fast start was erased. This wasn't to be as Ryan Paaga let loose from the edge of the area and found the bottom corner, 22 minutes and 3-1 up, I really needed to manage the game now as Cook Islands were devastating on the ball. My young keeper was earning his keep but despite us being open at the back, so were Cook Islands. Second half was even and we managed to see the game out, we were going to the second round!! Also managed a national record, under my management, of 13 shots on target. Here is the table, in hindsight, I'm disappointed with the Tonga draw, but it really doesn't matter now! The draw for the second round consists of 2 groups with the top two going through to face teams from the other group. I'm delighted I've avoided New Zealand for now, but it is still a tough group. All of these nations are that next level, but if I can keep my star players fit then who knows. Squad Here is the squad that finished the Oceania Nations Cup, Terrance Sinapati and Mamadee Nyepon were in at the start. Players of Note Conor Newton Conor is the heart beat of our team. Recently made him play maker and he is thriving on it. He now has 17 caps and has recently completed a £425,000 move from IFK Goteborg to Red Bull Slazburg. He is playing consistently in Europe which is great news for us. Sam Kome Sam came through the ranks at South Korean Baptist Church and is an ever present right sided midfielder. He has played Division 1 football his entire career playing 51 games, scoring 5 goals. He is the current captain of the American Samoan side, however, missed most of the Oceania Nations Cup due to injury. I managed to get him a handful of minutes in the last game against Cook Islands. At only 23, I hope he will continue to produce for club and country. He won the Division 1 title last season. Panwechi Hardie-Jordan Panwechi is my latest addition to the striking department. Impressive displays in friendlies convinced me to take him to the Nations Cup as Mamadee's back up. He came through the youth ranks at Tafuna Jets and made his debut at 15 years old. Despite playing Division 2 football, Panwechi has 3 goals in 6 American Samoan apps. He scored 7 goals in 11 games last season, with Tafuna narrowly missing out of promotion. One for the future and I hope it isn't long before he jumps up to first division. Current World Ranking: 179 (hopefully will increase after ONC performance) Players Eligible for American Samoa: 266
  10. American Samoa November 2017 Backroom Staff I was getting a little frustrated with my Assistant offering me zero support in games, absolutely useless. I then found out I have zero back room staff beyond my Assistant. For some reason, my many players who have retired have turned out pretty decent as coaches, so I'm hoping some of those will move on to jobs either within the league or USA eventually. I sorted out some changes to improve us, you may recognise some names. Welcome to: Assistant Manager: Terrance Sinapati Goalkeeping Coach: Nicky Salapu Physio: Dylan Paaga Coach: Aliva Petaia Results Well, what a couple of months! I'm not sure if it was the addition of back room staff or the tweak in formation, but 3 unbeaten I'll definitely take! We seem to be lasting a bit longer in games and seem stronger at the end of a match. The Tonga game we went behind early and then by the 20th minute 2-0 down. A few minutes later we grabbed one, before netting 7 minutes later, we clearly had momentum and confidence, we were moving the ball about better and creating a load of opportunities. It was a matter of time. Goals came in all over the pitch and a special mention to Fai Rocha scoring on his debut! I then had local rivals Samoa twice in a number of days. Samoa dominated the first 15 minutes but we grew into the game and then started dominating. One counter and we were 1-0 down by half time. We controlled the second half and scored pretty late on again, 2 in 2 for Rocha, unfortunately we didn't find the winner. The second game against Samoa was the opposite, we dominated the first half and then died away in the second. Definitely have something to build on here. Current World Ranking: 187 Players Eligible for American Samoa: 169
  11. He's English, born in Newcastle, but half American Samoan apparently. I'm intrigued to find out more though as I can't find anything on the internet! None the less, a great addition!!
  12. American Samoa June 2017 Current World Ranking: 200 (-4) Players Eligible for American Samoa: 171 (145 of these are under 18) Results Some okay results in this spell. A little frustrated with only one win as manager, but the squad is becoming so young, I think it is something that may take a while. A good result against Tonga, totally got what we deserved, even if it was with the last kick of the game. The biggest news was Conor Newton finally accepting a call-up, this is quite simply huge! We lost Conor for the next friendlies and we were totally outplayed against Cook Islands which is very frustrating as they really aren't much better than us. Finally a pretty average result against Somalia, again we were outplayed, but positive is that we avoided defeat. Another positive is that we scored in every game. This shows how vital Mamadee Nyepon is to the side. We now have 171 players eligible, this is good news as the overall ability looks to have taken a very small rise. Every improvement counts. Life after Nicky has been hard, but we have 3 'keepers who are a similar standard now, which is encouraging. Star Players Conor Newton (Cambridge United, ENG) - Undoubtedly our best player, great to have him! Mamadee Nyepon (Carolina Railhawks, USA) - Our next best player, finally scoring, 4 goals in last 5 apps. Neemia Kaleopa (South Korean Baptist Church, ASA) - Plying his trade in our top division, he's the best native player. Decent Youngsters / Prospects Daru Hardie-Jordan Casper Kerisiano Uinifareti Afele Baby Paaga Fai Rocha I'd expect to see most of these in my American Samoan squad before too long. What is great is that they are all playing first team local football, hopefully this will help them reach any potential they have. League Standings Division 1 Division 2 After a short spell at PanSa Larry Mana'o moved to Vaitogi United and did what Larry does, win the division. Both divisions are so tight, I've yet to work out if that is a good thing or not. Definitely doesn't seem to be any dominant forces, apart from Larry! Overseas Samoans As well as Conor Newton and Mamadee Nyepon, we have recently had South Korean Kang Gun-Chul become an American Samoan citizen. As you can see he has a decent record last season in the local league, he may be able to help the national team. At the end of this year the USA league(s) kick in, so I will be hoping for one or two more!
  13. Thanks for the tips. The documentary was brilliant, I felt like I knew most of the players! It has definitely inspired me to give this a long shot. Makoto, you sir are bang on, I think I'll swap the Australian league for USA, it made logical sense before, but I went with location for some reason. Abulezz I'll add my top 3 players and then any decent regens as it is that time of year almost.
  14. American Samoa December 2016 Results This set of fixtures on the whole was tougher than previously, against better teams than me, according to World Rankings. I went into the Anguilla and Somalia matches with no key players in my squad, we were outclassed by both. Anguilla was expected, Somalia are the worst team in the world and I didn't even come close to competing. This forced me to adopt slightly grittier tactics. I'm a bit of a football purist and it was leaving us way exposed. I adopted a new 4-1-4-1 before the game against New Caledonia, who are the next level, something I'm aiming for. Not only did we compete with them, but we took the lead on 53 minutes from our young winger. Two goals in two minutes gave New Caledonia the lead and they sealed it later on. My players didn't have the fitness to even compete by the end, however, extremely encouraging first 55 minutes. Next came Tuvalu, I don't know much about them but we competed in most departments and dominated possession, they got the goal which we couldn't, again encouraging. Next up the derby with Samoa, we went into this game again with no real expectation, however, a decent performance saw us take the lead, although again we were pegged back within minutes. A 1-1 away is a cracking result. Maybe finally we are getting somewhere even if we are dependant on a few players. Lastly, Solomon Islands. Again the next level but where we are aiming for. Unfortunately, they controlled the game and raced into a 3-0 lead. Shalom Luani scored late on for us, becoming the all time record goalscorer for American Samoa with 4 goals. Delighted for him. Nicky Salapu for some reason hasn't retired, I don't have a keeper as good as him and really struggled in the games he didn't play. Current World Ranking: 196 (+7) We have our new record high Current World Ranking... Woo! Squad The squad is pretty similar to before, full of youngsters and our main man up front. Players eligible for American Samoa: 102
  15. I was hoping Nicky would be with me until late thirties. He would have been my number one for that period, it gives me time to try my newer younger squad before we major fixtures.
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