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  1. Resurrecting this thread for some analysis. I started with Semi-Pro experience, a National C license, and mostly 1's in Coaching Attributes, a 5 in Tactical being the only outlier. After two seasons and advancement to a Continental C license, my Coaching Attributes have increased to: AC: 4 DC: 3 FC: 4 GK: 4 TaC: 7 TeC: 3 MC: 7 Yo: 1 All of this time I have only personally been coaching Tactics, which went up the least, while Mental Coaching increased by 6. On the Mental Attributes side, the only areas that have increased have been Player Knowledge (+2), Man Management (+1), and Motivating (+1). I handle all of the Team Talks and they're usually pretty successful, so that's kind of disappointing (Man Management and Motivating both started at 10). Just more data for the data pool.
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