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  1. Hi Man, I've tried many times. Still lossing years in the EL contract. Just like the other guys here are saying. Give it a try, see what you get.
  2. Thanks, it worked for me back to winning with Conner McDavid!! Go Oilers
  3. I was wondering if it was possible to correct the way EL contracts are done in the NHL. Right now, once you sign a guy at his 3 year deal, then send him back to Jr, that year will count as a year in his contract. It's easy to Google all the details about the EL contracts. Same as if you wanted to sign a player in Europe a 2 year deal, before July 1st. Then he will only have one year with your team. What the game is doing is starting the contracts the day they are signed, not when the player starts playing for you. This was the same with ESHM 2007. Just wondering since it's in Alpha, maybe this can be fixed, Thanks.
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