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  1. A couple of other good defensive mid-fielders you might want to check out - Kristoffer Ajer (you will find him playing for Start in the Norwegian Leagues); and Maximine Amrein (plays for Young Boys). I've had Amrein out on loan since I signed him, Ajer is already in the rotation and his highly rayted as a defence midfielders. Ajer plays very well as a deep lying play maker, a regista or an anchor man.
  2. Not quite. First you have to ask them to find an affiliate (have an idea of what club you want and what type of arrangement you want before you talk to your Board). If you have sufficient good standing with them (which I dare say our OP should have), they will agree and then will ask if you want to be involved in the search or if you want to leave it to the Board. You need to choose the "I want to be involved" response when you are asked.
  3. I bought Rico Henry from Walsall. You can get him cheapish but the guy develops very well with the right coaching and mentoring. Develops into a quality LB.
  4. Sorry not been online for a while. My set up varies between 4-2-3-1 Wide, 4-2-3-1 DM or an asymetrical 4-4-2 (with a regista and a shadow striker) depending on my opponent and what my scouting team recommend as my opponent's weakness. Tend to play possession football with a normal or control mindset and short passing with a lot of closing down. Best result was in my 3rd season playing my asymetrical 4-4-2 we beat Barcelona in the knockout stages of the Champions League 8-0 over the 2 legs. One thing with my team is I invested in a lot of players with good pace. Makes it hard to break the team down, especially when I managed to snag Emmanuel Mammana from River Plate to partner with either Sakho or Gomez at CB. Also my first season I worked on getting Karius in and getting rid of Mignolet - best decision I made.
  5. Well as I said up thread I was a late comer but am powering along. Into my 3rd season and we are the defending PL UEFA Champions Leagues Titleholders. Sakhou and Can are now club icons whilst Couthino is so liked he is listed as a club legend. I re-trained him to play on the left wing as I brought in Mario Gotze in my first season and I wanted them both in the side, Gotze often plays as a shadow striker position or advanced playmaker centrally whilst Couts plays out wide on the left. With Moreno at left back, I get heaps of assists on that left hand side. Just beat Arsenal early in January 2018 4-0 at Anfield (they were 2nd on the ladder whilst we are sitting 1st).
  6. If you release a player who is under contract, you have to pay out the amount of money which is remaining on his contract. This will come out of your transfer funds. Even with a mutual termination, you will rarely ever get a player who will agree to do so for nothing.
  7. I took Liverpool to the Premier League and Europa League titles in my first season. When vacancies occured during my second season, both REal Madrid and Barcelona asked me to interview with them.
  8. I'm a very late comer to FM 2016. In fact I haven't played FM since FM 2010 so some of the changes took me a while to get a handle on. Made a number of changes my first year. Team went very well. Best highlight though were some of the goals scored. James Milner scored with an overhead bicycle kick after the ball had been headed away from a conent by a CB and then headed toward him by Jordan Henderson. I almost fell off my chair when it happened I was so stunned. In my second (and current season) Daniel Sturridge did one (i.e. a bicycle kick) with such venom I thought the net would break. Found Danny Ings a disloyal little so and so. Started to develop nicely whilst Sturridge was out and went on a tear - was so effective became a fan favourite. However once Sturridge came back he overtook him. In my second season would not take being a back up and demanded I sell him. He is current wasting away at AC Milan who took him off my hands. Benteke went after the first season too, just didn't fit my group.
  9. There is one addition I would like to see and it relates to transfers and a player's profile at a club you are managing. When you set a player's transfer status ther are two option to either set a player to "Transfer Listed" or "No Option Set". In older verions of FM and it's predecessoprs there was a third option to set a player to "Not for sale". This option should be re-instated.
  10. Best way to combat fatigue is to give the players a few days rest every couple of months or so. I have a largish squad so when I play the second stringers in a weaker match (say havibngf had a mid-week cup game) I select key players and give them 2-3 rest from training. Seems to freshen them up ok.
  11. In relation to Kuyt I thought that might have been the case (on reflection). As I hadn't tried the schedules before I only put 2 players on them to try them out. I'm trying them again so I'll see how I go this time. I'll put the ffirst trial down as user error. :o
  12. To SFraser and those who have given me a better understanding of training a big thank you. I didn't buy FM09 (I was enjoyibng FM08 too much and my PC was due for upgrading) so FM10 is still new to me. As to feedback on the ecshedules I found that over the half a season I used them I didn't see any increases in my players, in fact they all went backwards. For example, (managing Liverpool) I had Dirk Kuyt on the "veteran striker" training regimen and he saw reductions in all physical and some mental attributes. I had a few players on the "developing striker" regimen (e.g. David Amoo) and all his stats went down. I had Adriano (who I signed from Palermo for Liverpool) on "First team striker" and many of his stats went down too.
  13. One other would be that if you want to cut multiple personnel (be it players or staff) by terminating their contract or by mutual termination you have the option to do so by selecting all of the players/staff and doing it in one click rather than by having to do it one player/coach/scout/physio at a time. When I started my current game I made a lot of changes to the backroom staff and it took a long time just to work through all of them to offer a mutual termination to each and every effected coach/physio/scout.
  14. In the "Playing History" section of a players profile details on all games played in (including Cup, Continental and International games be displayed. It has annoyed me for years that after the current year all stats for players other than league appearances disapear from their profile. It may not be possible to have thenm show on one screen, but an option to switch between league/cup/international games would be one option to consider.
  15. I'd like it so that using the game's own editor you can edit the database before starting a game to set a club to have a takeover "in the future".
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