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  1. When creating a new club, when i try to import a club logo it crashes the game on my iPad Air Pro 2.
  2. Have seen a very minor improvement - when selecting a match squad and swapping players in and out it no longer opens up the profile of every single player you interact with (man, that was annoying). It has started going a bit mental with auto scrolling though on that squad selection page though, at least on my iPad Pro Air 2 anyway. Way more usable than it was though so, slowly slowly catchy monkey. Starting a new game is a bit of a challenge with the outstanding bugs - picking a nationality for example is pretty limiting.
  3. Same for me also on iPad Air 2. Same issues as those encountered above. Particularly annoying for contract negotiations, especially loans where you get stuck and unable to ask for 100% of wages in some scenarios.
  4. Have experienced this issue ever since starting late last year on FMT19 - 3 or 4 different games in that time with multiple clubs. For most clubs I've managed - for example Chelsea, Palace, Leicester - the rumors of a takeover start, then transfer embargo and then it falls apart. Have seen this happen continously for years and years - have played two saves for the full 30 years - and have never seen a takeover completed. Are there only certain clubs where a takeover actually completes?
  5. I don’t have a computer to connect my iPad to - any other way of sending you my save?
  6. Update on this - still mot working, however during the matches if a player gets booked sometimes get a prompt from assistant to ease off tackles which i can click and tactics change. This is the only way i can change this, and at halftime this is disabled. Anyone have same problem?
  7. I'm England and West Ham manager in 2025 season, on iPad Air 2. I'm unable to recall any players from loan (who have 'can be recalled' set) as I believe I have a column/field missing when selecting Actions. This only occurs when I'm a combined international abd club manager, when i was just club manager i could recall players fine.
  8. Couple years into a game, moved to my third club and the in-match player instructions have disappeared. E.g. If i get a yellow card I can't change a players instructions to go easy on tackling. The same happens in match preperation tactics page also. Have i inadvertently changed a setting, or is this a bug?
  9. I purchased £50m last night, says it's £2.29, but then Apple charged me £4.99. Still says it's £2.29 on the game - but it's passed the sale date now?!
  10. Yes logged into Games Center and online. I can purchase stuff fine. It's just when I win unlockables thats' the problem - I click on say Unlockable Achieved - 'Abolish Transfer Windows', it arrives at the store 'processing' and then quickly redirects me to FM Touch Unlockables where I need to purchase Abolish Transfer Windows. It's happened loads of times for all sorts of unlockables. It still remembers 'All Players Interested' though - I have an option to Remove From Game - because I purchased that.
  11. On iPad Air 2, when I unlock an achievement, it won't apply to my game, for example Achieved Unsackable - click on it, and it redirects me to my wallet, which just shows the unlockable I purchased (transfer funds). I am able to buy unlockales and aply them fine to my game, but any I achieve doesn't work, even after saving etc.
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