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  1. Right sorry about that, also sorry if my english is not 100% correct But I will try to explain here. What I got running is more like a 4-1-2-2-1. (Id post screens but I'm not on my gaming computer.) 1 limited defender (cover), 1 central defender (defend). 2 x Wing backs (attack) 1 Defensive midfielder (support) 1 box to box midfielder, 1 advanced playmaker (support) 2x Shadow strikers and on top I use a defensive forward on support. Controll mentality. Retain possesion Shorter passing Pass into space Work ball into box Play out of defence Low crosses (Optional) Play wider Push higher up Close down more Prevent short gk distribution Higher tempo. Both midfielders, shadow strikers and forward is set to dribble less, shoot less, more direct passes Wing backs and defensive midfielder is set to, Shoot less, shorter passes, less risky passes. GK is set to distribute the ball to the wingbacks and to roll the ball out. In the middle of the match I might switch the defensive forward to false nine for a portion of the match. Then switch back. I usually stay at 65%+ possesion, the playstyle is nice to look at because they are passing the ball around very quickly and it looks like a very playful gamestyle. The settings also makes it so my player will only make a shot if they are really in position to do so, most of the time they will pass the ball to their team mate and some wonderful looking goals can come from it. Also by retaining posession so much, keeping calm. It will cause the opposition to constantly be chasing the ball, tireing them out and this often shows during the end of the match. The opponents just can't keep up anymore and you will score many goals. This tactic is just destroying nearly any team so far. It's perfect for manchester city but also been tested with lower league clubs and the rsult is the same. Edit: I'm using rigid team shape.
  2. Is it just me or is 4-1-2-3 narrow tactic way overpowered ? No matter what team/ what league I play in my team is dominating with this tactic. It seems too easy. I have not experimented much but it seems like nothing can come close to this....
  3. I haven't played with any world class teams since a few patches ago. Personally I think this is much much better then fm 2013, I did not try 2014. And I'm having a blast with my team. I have not really had much trouble with my defenders but I know the keepers are acting ******** sometimes. I just tell myself the match 3d engine does not replicate exactly whats going on and it doesn't bother me that much. So I don't really have much negative to say on fm 2015 atm. Most of the matches are spot on in my league. And coming back from 1-4 has only happened one time for me.
  4. I just felt like sharing this incredible match. I've played FM series for years but never experienced anything like this. ( Sorry for my bad English) I'm playing as kristiansund in the Norwegian tippeliga (I just got them up there from 1.div). The match was against Viking. My team was under 3-1 after first half. The beginning of second half Viking goes straight up and scores another goal. It's 4-1 one now and things are looking rather grim. Then my team just snaps.... My shadow striker Fredrik Midtsjö gets a high ball around 22 meters from the oppsition goal and proceeds to bicyclekick it with furious power straight into the upper left corner. 4-2. We are 55 minutes into the match now. Not long after that he exploits a fault of the oposition defender and scores yet again. 4-3..... 80 minutes into the game after putting on massive pressure my striker is able to exploit another fault from their defence and score quite easily. 4-4. In the last minute of the match before overtime Midtsjö hammers the ball into far left corner again but it hits the bar this time and bounces down straight at the line but the Viking defenders are able to clear the ball and I was thinking. Thats it.... BUT then, 3 minutes into overtime My second shadow striker is able to score. 5-4!!!!!!! And I unlocked the comeback king achievement on steam!! :D
  5. I had no idea, thank you. I will look for this option.
  6. This is getting frustrating and slightly annoying. Why is Football Manager 2015 opening my browser (without my my permission) in the middle of matches? It takes me to a webpage called gamesaid. I think this is intrusive. I do not want to see this. It can also cause my game to crash because I have an old computer. So please, explain to me what the deal is here..... Regards, Grumpy customer.
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