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  1. Errr, IF(A) is nothing like a "false 10". False 10 or a central winger is a moniker given to players like Ozil or Sneijder (and more current Hazard or Coutinho) who would have been played like "classic 10" in ye olde days but nowadays they are often pushed to the wing and expected to perform the defensive duties of a winger, but then float more centrally (freeing the flank for the attacking full back) into traditional no 10 hole when the team has possession. IF(A) on the other hand is a typical wide forward looking to make diagonal runs behind the defence so more like Salah or Sterling. They will generally do no playmaking and will certainly not tend to play in the hole. So in FM terms, false 10 would be more of a advanced playmaker (probably in support role) in wide position with instructions to sit narrower and cut inside. Plus generally, when using any kind of no 10, classical or false, you probably want to use some kind of attacking forward ahead of them, who would push the defence away from the hole. Using false 9 and false 10 together is bad idea as they tend to operate in the same area, therefore getting in each other's way and attracting more defenders there, creating a quagmire in a place where you want more space for your most creative player to operate. Luckily IF(A) is not a false 10, but instead exactly what you want to have with a false 9, someone who will look to exploit the space left open when false 9 drops deep.
  2. Sure I can (and have now), but, what's the point? It's just a meaningless single point of data that could be completely random. Or down to who knows what reason. I wouldn't even consider it a bug and therefore worthy of checking up the save game. Just like that stupid post above mine that I replied to. Honestly I don't really see the point because this is a thing that should be easy to catch in a soak test if it is true. Of course a million players will create all kind of weird random results, cherry picking a couple of them doesn't really have any meaning one way or the other. And some bias is always going to be there. Everybody is biased, that is just non avoidable. People are messy, subjective and very good at lying, both to others and to themselves. That is number one lesson you learn in any science, to not believe anyone, including yourself. Only believe in cold, hard data :P
  3. On the other hand, in my Toulouse save, 4 and half seasons in, 8/8 champions league finalist were english and Endgland just won the 2022 World Cup, so, where are those other mythical clubs or mythical other nations, they obviously don't exist, it's just clear confirmation bias from people who can't look past their english bias.
  4. That is probably due to difference between quick sim which decides things in leagues that you are not playing in (unless you put them to full detail) and which produces much more conservative results, and a full sim that uses this match engine where strikers easily overperform quite significantly.
  5. The color is 99% irrelevant, role suitability is just a very broad and super generic guide about what role suits the player theoretically, in isolation and with absolutely no relevance put on wider tactics. By your logic you could put 11 goalkeepers on the goal, they would all be full green so that should be perfect tactics. You are so utterly, completely and incredibly wrong in your approach. Your tactics looks like a random jumble of incompatible roles. Carrileros are generally used in systems that dont have any "naturally" wide players, so it is kinda not suitable for tactics that has a winger and a full back on that side. No defensive roles in midfield mean that you have no cover for defence and are therefore easily caught on the break, and you have no midfielder that stays a bit back, therefore providing a passing outlet to stretch out teams that park the bus. And who knows what else problems are there that can't be spotted because it is not in english. Ignore role suitability, it has absolutely no influence on performance of players. Give your players roles that work together to create a meaningfull and cohesive apporach on the field.
  6. It's not south american, it's FIFA rule. It applies to all countries in the world, it's just that, due to worker migration laws, EU is "considered" a single country for these purposes, so inside EU those restrictions don't apply. Also, there are of course ways to circumvent the rule - usual loophole is that if the whole family moves to a new country then of course young players are allowed to sign for clubs in new country, so employing the parents (big clubs can never have enough janitors ) and moving the family is sometimes used to get players to come when young.
  7. Many of the PPMs just change player's tactical settings behind the scenes in order to simulate "personality" and do nothing else. That was explained by Ov Collyer (and he should kinda know it ) somewhere on FML part of the forums, so no, no one can give you the link as they are no longer visible (or even existing). Examples he had given were specifically pairs like Goes forward whenever possible / Stays back at all times which only "change" forward runs (Run From Deep as it is called now) settings one notch higher / lower (if possible, of course, it can't go higher than Often or below Rarely) and do nothing else. I'm 99% sure that Shoots from distance / Looks for pass rather than shooting was also mentioned as doing the same thing for Long shots settings because I remember many of us being confused by that just as people here are, so Ov had to confirm it, as we all took the "Looks for pass rather than shooting" to mean a bit more than that, but seems like no, it only makes player perform as that his Long shots setting was one notch lower than it is in his tactical setup.
  8. He might be on youth contract with signed pre-contract with his club. In that case you would be able to buy him when he "goes pro", that is when that contract kicks in, and when is that depends on the league, try on his 18th birthday.
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