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  1. That is probably due to difference between quick sim which decides things in leagues that you are not playing in (unless you put them to full detail) and which produces much more conservative results, and a full sim that uses this match engine where strikers easily overperform quite significantly.
  2. The color is 99% irrelevant, role suitability is just a very broad and super generic guide about what role suits the player theoretically, in isolation and with absolutely no relevance put on wider tactics. By your logic you could put 11 goalkeepers on the goal, they would all be full green so that should be perfect tactics. You are so utterly, completely and incredibly wrong in your approach. Your tactics looks like a random jumble of incompatible roles. Carrileros are generally used in systems that dont have any "naturally" wide players, so it is kinda not suitable for tactics that has a winger and a full back on that side. No defensive roles in midfield mean that you have no cover for defence and are therefore easily caught on the break, and you have no midfielder that stays a bit back, therefore providing a passing outlet to stretch out teams that park the bus. And who knows what else problems are there that can't be spotted because it is not in english. Ignore role suitability, it has absolutely no influence on performance of players. Give your players roles that work together to create a meaningfull and cohesive apporach on the field.
  3. LatZee

    Free kick defence bug

    The only goal in attached pkm, 49. minute, Rennes has a free kick wide which is headed away, but after that my whole team runs away towards the center, leaving the opponents to do whatever they want against my keeper alone Rennes v Toulouse FC.pkm
  4. It's not south american, it's FIFA rule. It applies to all countries in the world, it's just that, due to worker migration laws, EU is "considered" a single country for these purposes, so inside EU those restrictions don't apply. Also, there are of course ways to circumvent the rule - usual loophole is that if the whole family moves to a new country then of course young players are allowed to sign for clubs in new country, so employing the parents (big clubs can never have enough janitors ) and moving the family is sometimes used to get players to come when young.
  5. Many of the PPMs just change player's tactical settings behind the scenes in order to simulate "personality" and do nothing else. That was explained by Ov Collyer (and he should kinda know it ) somewhere on FML part of the forums, so no, no one can give you the link as they are no longer visible (or even existing). Examples he had given were specifically pairs like Goes forward whenever possible / Stays back at all times which only "change" forward runs (Run From Deep as it is called now) settings one notch higher / lower (if possible, of course, it can't go higher than Often or below Rarely) and do nothing else. I'm 99% sure that Shoots from distance / Looks for pass rather than shooting was also mentioned as doing the same thing for Long shots settings because I remember many of us being confused by that just as people here are, so Ov had to confirm it, as we all took the "Looks for pass rather than shooting" to mean a bit more than that, but seems like no, it only makes player perform as that his Long shots setting was one notch lower than it is in his tactical setup.
  6. Your tactics look like an unholy mixture of classic and tactical wizard settings Van Persie is a "Complete Forward - Attack" but with mixed forward runs (so basically Support and not Attack) and without running with ball, shooting or crossing, so not at all Complete. He's in fact setup more like an Deep Lying Forward - Support, only with mentality of an advanced forward. There is probably a reason why such a setting does not exist in the wizard. Front three are on 18 mentality, but midfield three are on 5, 9 and 12, with short passing (although the team is on default). I don't think that any of tactical wizard philosophies create such a huge gap - no wonder they are disjointed (especially as they can't even pass too long). Don't mix and match, either let tactical wizard do its job (with minimal adjustments like setting long shots and things like that) or do it all classic, at least unless you know really well what you are doing. Beside that large mentality gap, you also play 2 playmakers and a defensive midfielder. Playmakers are supposed to drop down (relatively) deep to get the ball, so none of them is really linking with the attacking players. Either push one of them to AM position and/or change Ramsey to Central Midfielder - Attack, that way he'll be more advanced and provide some link. Don't shorten their passing, that way you are limiting their options. To repeat, unless you know what you're doing, don't tinker with tactics too much. If you're getting other things right (squad quality, player management, keeping high morale...) tactical wizard is good enough to win everything. Learn to use it first and then when you have that understanding think about adjusting things if you really dislike something.
  7. He might be on youth contract with signed pre-contract with his club. In that case you would be able to buy him when he "goes pro", that is when that contract kicks in, and when is that depends on the league, try on his 18th birthday.
  8. The key attribute for this is keeper's kicking the lower his kicking the shorter distance he'll kick the ball and then more often you'll see this happen. It can be partially avoided by having one of the central defenders on cover, than he has somewhat better chance of stopping it
  9. Maybe he had a sell on profit fee? Profit is not the whole fee, just that part that is above what you paid for him.
  10. The question is probably what do you mean by them becoming more of a factor. By severely limiting their Creative freedom you told them to keep it extremely simple and not try anything ambitious. So of course, they will not be much of a factor in creation of offense, they will mostly recycle/keep possession. If you want i.e. Wilshere to be more of a creator, raise his Creative Freedom significantly and/or change his role to Deep lying playmaker (defend/support).
  11. Olić still has both of his kidneys you're probably confusing him with Klasnić. And he is certainly supremely fit and last season probably had his best year at the age of 30. And he wasn't even mentioned as in issue, you completely misunderstood it. He was mentioned as one of fair number of players (strikers) who peak around 30, which is pretty common with highly professional players nowadays. The issue mentioned wasn't about players who are in that situation now (in reality) and as such are hand crafted in the database. It was that those players who are younger in the starting database almost never reach those years without declining. Couple of seasons in the future there are almost no players like those mentioned who reach 30ish without starting to decline already.
  12. Yeah, finishing up above Barcelona in 07/08, playing CL semi final and general overachievement for 4-5 years at Villareal had nothing to do with it Extremely bad example, in other words.
  13. You are absolutely right, there is something horribly wrong here, and that something is you A highly professional and determined player complained to you that you are basically too soft on the players. That you let them slide with anything. He wants you to actually do something about that, to be a manager, leader and not their best friend. You cried on his shoulder and promised that you will never make that mistake again - so, you actually showed him that he was right, you let him push you around. Instead you should have told him off, you are the manager, you will decide when to be strict, when to let things slide, that is not his job, his job is to go out and play - he would have respected that and respected you as well. Now if i.e. Balottelli comes to you crying that, I don't know, you are not giving him enough credit, then you agree with him, kiss his ass a bit and let him go out happy. You just have to either tailor your approach to different kinds of players or if you are not capable of doing that, choose the players that fit your approach. But this example is 100% your incompetence as a manager.
  14. Usually it will drop when you get the comment that he agrees with you and will try to do better in the future, blah blah, not if he just accepts it silently. Probably not every time, but definitely happens even when he's s just had a warning and not a fine.
  15. Aggression gets lowered by 1 every time when players accepts his warning/fine. It won't get lowered if he stays silent or complains. I tend to never fine players as red cards are pretty normal part of the game, their aggression still drops often.