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  1. I'm going into my 3rd season (using an NHL roster pack, so it's with the Flyers). In my critique here I've tried to avoid calling out problems that could or probably are just due to the nature of the roster pack I'm using. Some of the problems I've run into, though, make the game either unrealistic or flat out difficult to play: Veteran FAs are cheap: Usually it seems like the top free agent or two will ask for a realistic $7 to $8 mil, but after that there is a sharp drop off. Mike Green coming off of a 50 point year only asked for a 4 year deal worth like $2.7 or $2.8 annually. I signed him for $3 for 4 years. I signed both Kesler and Backes coming off of big years for under $5 million for modest contract lengths. Veterans should ask for more money on the FA market. A lot of teams don't highly value their prospects: Every summer a slew of highly touted prospects with 1st line or top pairing potential either are left to go to free agency, or are put on the block. I've signed a few top end prospects on cheap deals over the past couple summers, and acquired a bunch more for 4th liners and low picks. Leading to the next point: Role players are heavily overvalued: I was able to trade 3rd line role players like Ryan White and Bellemare for high end prospects and 1st round picks. Ryan White was the key part of a trade acquiring the prospect who was picked 2nd overall in 2016. I think I ended up paying like Ryan White, Chris VandeVelde, and maybe a 3rd or 4th round pick for the can't miss prospect. The value of average players needs to be deflated. Financials destroy every trade: I can't trade any veterans. It just isn't possible. No team will accept a trade for any player paid more than $4.5 mil, just because of the "financial problems". I've made sure to offer fair or even negative value trades to teams with lots of cap space. It just doesn't work. I tried trading Claude Giroux (coming off of an Art Ross year) straight up for Alex Pietrangelo. They wouldn't take him cause Claude is paid about $2 mil more annually. Just to see if it would work, I offered Wayne Simmonds AND Claude Giroux. They didn't accept because of financial concern (keep in mind that this was in the offseason, where there would've been a higher offseason cap). Then I tried offering Giroux straight up for Jonas Brodin, they refused cause of the financial concern, when they had plenty of cap space. Then I tried offering Giroux to every team in the league with the "offer to all" command. The ONLY offer I received for a Art-Ross and Hart winning Giroux was from New Jersey. They offered a 2nd round pick, and refused to give any more. So there's something up there, as well. I tried offering him to low salary teams who were close to the cap floor, and no one would take him cause of the financial concern. Teams part with high picks too easily: I've traded for the 1st overall pick for 2 straight years now. In 2015 I actually traded for the 2nd overall pick, too. I didn't have to pay very much. I again also traded for the 2nd overall picked prospect post-draft in 2016. So I really ended up with the 1st and 2nd overall picks for two straight years without having to give a whole lot up. Teams often don't mean it when they put players on the block: Many times, a team will place a core player on the block for whatever reason. Many times I'll see other teams bombard them with trade offers for this player for sometimes even months. The original team will continue to reject every offer sent at them because they "don't want to upset their core of players". It's a little silly to see a team put a player on the block that they won't trade for anything. Because of a combination of these issues, I'm finding it difficult to continue playing. I signed Backes and Kesler assuming I would be able to trade Giroux and Simmonds, which would really be hard to do without ******* off the board and the fans. I have a slew of young players like McDavid, Eichel, the 2016 1st overall and 2nd overall, a bunch of top-tier prospects acquired through free agency or by cheap through trade, who need new contracts soon. I no longer have a real way to make space for any of them except to trade Giroux and Simmonds for essentially nothing. I just tried offering Giroux to all again and actually got no offers, so I might even need to send him through waivers before next summer and hope he gets claimed. I love this game, I just hope you guys sort some of this so I can play a career longer than 3 years.
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