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    Advice on 3-4-1-2

    Hi Andrew, Big style lurker, hope I don't bungle this post... I'm a fan of 3 at the back also and like you got bored of WBs being highest assister. I generally like squad building so I often setup a tactical framework I like and develop my squad bringing in players to suit my aims. Unfortunately I have never been able to get the 3412 to work, its my favourite formation harking back to FM in the late 90s when I had Benito Carbone running riot in the AMC role. As a compromise I have developed a possession based 352 that I have had success with and enjoy watching. Perhaps you can take elements from it in your 3412 quest? I will outline it briefly below and some of the ways I play the game and hope it helps you. It came from stripping down and playing around with a downloaded tactic by Wizzu (Damar). I love possession football so my TIs reflect this. I probably have too many but they make me feel good about myself. Here are my formation and PIs (images from my Cesena save season 3, usually play in England but fancied a change). http://imgur.com/a/XpPxl I do use some PIs for some roles that I like, mostly promoting passing/pressing. I'm not going to include them all below, it would take too long to explain them all and frankly you may not be interested, I don't mind sending you the tactic if you want to have a look/tinker. It is important to stress that although I use roles above I do like certain attributes in my players and use these to emphasise the way my team plays (I do like decent teamwork and workrate across the board) e.g. my wide midfielders generally work better with some defensive attributes, e.g. 9-10 for tackling, marking and positioning and I have had success playing full backs there (Andrew Robertson should be ideal) however I do generally prioritise classic winger abilities (pace, dribbling and crossing!) GK - SKs. I have a high line so need my keeper to sweep up. Saying that I struggle to find a good SK so just go for decent GK attributes and if I can get a bit of rushing out/pace/acceleration all the better. Defensive strata - As Herne I like 2 outer stoppers, they help cover the flanks. Have tried a cover in the middle but prefer a CD defend with a PI of close down less to hold his position. Pace is obviously important - these guys will get exposed. I use a flat 5 in midfield. I like to control the game so I like numbers in midfield. I just couldn't get this to work with the four across the middle and AMC. Wings - I like wide midfielders. Only PI is sit narrower - this keeps me tight but also seems to encourage them running in-between full backs and DC and receiving a through ball from F9 or AP. Or sometimes popping up at the back post for a tap in. The midfield 3 - the 'DLP defend' needs defensive attributes alongside obvious passing skills. Tried a BWM here but he didn't hold his position well. Tends to have low ratings but I ignore that. Huddlestone may work and he is a player I like IRL but he is too lazy for me! Probably go for Diame for Hull. Advanced playmakers - these two get high ratings almost regardless. Similar to WMs I like a little defensive ability but prioritise AP (dribbling, and passing technical/mentals) Front two - Both F9s no PIs. In FM2015 I used creator/finisher roles like you (CFs or DLF and CFa or AF) however I have found the F9s using players with differing attributes to work well - I have four strikers with slightly different skill sets and I rotate and sub them. All have decent pace and technical ability. 1 = speedster/poacher type, 2 are more true F9s and a bigger guy. I don't tinker too much in game. I like to drop the defensive line if I am up against it or up against very quick players other than that I pretty much leave as is. I found opposition instructions mostly disruptive so don't bother with them. Most goals come from AP through balls and interplay with F9s but I do love the wide midfielders skinning people and whipping in a low cross that gets turned in. The wide midfielders do track back and the DLP is crucial in plugging the gap between midfield and defence. Because I play high line and high press this isn't too much of a problem anyway. You will come up against a team playing direct with pace out wide and that can be tough but generally you will have so much of the ball teams struggle to hurt you. Hull have a good squad for this formation, only concern would be pace of DCs and loan in a couple of APs. Should tear up the championship. As mentioned happy to send the tactic to you if you want to have a look/play around and give more info on the roles and PIs I use if you are interested. Hope it helps, would love to see the 3412 cracked!
  2. Love your work (so much so that you have ellicited my first ever post on the forums and i been lurking for many a year). You create logical, sensible well thought out tactics that always seem to work for me and the way i play the game. Looking forward to trying this. 1. Defensive passing - not to be a negative ninny but perhaps a realistic limitation of the players you have available? Im sure your defs mental and technical stas are not going to be the best.... Even still i note that your def passing % is actually higher than all of your opponents including arsenal and spurs in recent games - not bad for Norwich! (probably more to do with the way you are pressing them and reducing their options perhaps than your own players silky skills). Personally i would accept that you have some donkeys that will make mistakes and stick to your team passing ethos. Out of interest what was the error count/defence passing % like for the spurs save? 2. Def set pieces seem to be a problem for most on FM2014, on my saves if i notice a particular trend of conceding from set pieces i tend to change matchday training to def set pieces for a couple of weeks - if nothing else it makes me feel like im being proactive about it. The reality for me is generally along the lines i have vurnon anita marking nemanja vidic... 3. 'Plug and play around a bit' - i always feel true 'plug and play' tactics leave people bored after a short time period. Whereas if there is some (small!) effort on their/our part e.g. a toggle of mentality it keeps us all motivated and feeling in control that little more and therefore play on that bit longer. Yours in eager anticipation.