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  1. Thanks. i guess it is the only challange left in FM for me. so i will try with poland(i am from poland) so it will be fun to raise this league to the top. it will be fun to see legia, lech and other teams spending 1mln. a week for salary last save i played with Palermo(itali) so in 4 season i made monster team. defenders: umtiti, balanta, vranes, zouma, doria midfielders:l.romereo, g.romero, hallilovicm fernando quintero,januzaj strikers:zvitkovic, g.barbosa so all players are young and all megastars, best players in game just in 4 seasons. englans, italy, spain, germany leagues is just to easy. too much money. in italy i got 65mln from tv rights, 40mln from sponsors, 40-50mln. from CL and so on. it is just too much easy. in engalnd even simplier I also played russia league. but they have non russian players limit, so it is difficult to achieve something big P.S. my english is SOLID
  2. I raised the club in england premier league.from 3 league to premier league). My team grew all time, salary has risen from 40k $ a week to 1,8mln $ a week. SO it is pretty easy and simply. But it is possible in small leagues, say in poland, romania, switzerland there top clubs spending 100-200k $ a weak. Logical thinking growing reputation of the league it should increase revenue(prize pool, sponsorship bonus, tv rights and so on) say i took poland team legia, whick is spending 100k$ a weak and reached uefa champions leage stage all time. so league reputation should grow and than it should increase revenue.
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