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  1. Im Having the same issue after updating 15.14.0b. It has to be something in the update that won't allow the game to initialize. It's strange to say the least that it has worked so perfectly prior to this specific update and now it's unusable. Something must be killing the initialization process I imagine?
  2. There is something seriously flawed with the current way a general manager's reputation is being evaluated. I've spent 3 seasons as the GM of the Charlottetown Islanders in the QMJHL and made the playoffs in all 3 seasons. In the third season I checked my reputation the world just before the playoffs started and I was 25th in the world. Went through the playoffs and won the Presidents Cup (QMJHL version of the Stanley Cup). I decided to then check my reputation in the world again and I had somehow inexplicably dropped to 54th in the world despite winning the championship. I would then go on to win the memorial cup and after that victory I checked again and had dropped even further to 65th in the world? How is this remotely possible to drop 40 position despite winning two championships? This is an extremely annoying glitch because my goal was to take my Q team and build it into a dynasty which I have accomplished thanks to a record of 57-8-3 in this past season. I now want to be hired by an NHL team however I have continued to apply to every opening and each time I am not offered the job. Even the AHL team refuse to offer me a job despite what I have accomplished in Junior. Something is seriously flawed with the calculations for reputation and it is preventing the capability for human GMs to move between leagues easily.
  3. Yeah it appears with generated prospects there are a couple major flaws at the moment. One of them being the complete and utter disappearance of offensive defensemen. Of course the issue with mental attributes has been discussed as well. Currently generated prospects needs a work over thats for sure.
  4. Try taking control of a team that has virtually no promising prospects or any real superstar talent. The game's difficulty level will of course be dramatically altered based upon the talent level of the team you control.
  5. Just to confirm the wineskin wrapper works almost perfectly. It is extremely stable as I have yet to personally experience an unexpected crash. A few minor issues with the wrapper as it will take a few minutes of the wrapper being open before the keyboard will register within the game meaning no typing for a few minutes which is an annoyance but relatively minor. The bottom portion of the screen is also slightly cut off as a result of the wrapper but you are still able to access preferences and such.
  6. Noticed the same issues as well. Once the game begins generating it's own prospects the drafts become relatively worthless. There is very little in terms of talent
  7. Yeah I've seen that. Mental attributes are garbage across the board regardless of how highly touted the player may be. Seems generated players needs a little tweaking.
  8. Perhaps this is me just being unrealistic but when I send my scouts out to scout future talent for the draft I always end up being rather disappointed with the perceived strength of the draft class. By this I mean I have my scouts set to intensive to they will scout for three months and comeback with somewhere around 300 scouted prospects. However every single time there are maybe 10 five star prospects followed by 2 or 3 four star prospects. Then there are numerous 3 star potential prospects but the majority have limited potential. It just seems that the drafts appear rather weak without much top talent. Once I'm past round four there appears to be no meaningful prospects will all remaining players two star or below.
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