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    Support Villa. Difficult to play FM with any other team.
    Like golf - nvg!

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  1. No, that's what I need advice for. Chester has made his mind up to leave - so no point keeping him. With the loanee CVB leaving as well I am really in a mess. I need a new RB and the LB aint up to much - so a complete defence - yay!! Hourihane has decided he can get a better contract elsewhere so looking for a skipper and a replacement. Oh ye - and a striker of course. Have my scouts going everywhere - but no-one wants to join Villa. I have an additional question - when I 'Start up' a new game I only select the english leagues. Is this why I cannot find all the players I know exist? Should I be activating German, French, Italian, etc leagues?
  2. I need some advice on an area I have struggled with for some time. So I have won the Championship with the Villa with the squad the game starts with. Now I am in the Premiership - what players do I buy and sell?? I get a transfer budget of about £50m
  3. Championship now. Several 'high profile' players wanted to leave - so I did not stop them. Lost - Richards, Amavi, Westwood, Lescott (but got no offers), Jordon Ayew, Libor Kozak - made about £19m Bought in - Marcus Olsson, Adam Clayton, Aiden McGeady, Leanado Ulloa, Daniel Bentley (free) Promoted a couple of reserves. Still have some cash to spend but thought I would wait until January transfer window and see how things were going. Started season - played 5 won 4 drawn 1 - so going OK so far
  4. Started a new unemployed game last night on the new patch. Waited a season and Villa got relegated, sacked Remi. So I applied and beat 2 others to the job. New season - about £12m transfer budget and a negative wage bill. Now what to do.???? Richards, Gueye, want leave, I cannot pursued them to stay so they have been transfer listed. Unloading some high earners for whatever I can get for them. Had a bit of staff turnover. Now got to concentrate on the squad. Any suggestions will be investigated.
  5. I support Villa so can only play as Villa Manager _ have tried others But no good, not interested. Have just finished first season as Villa manager 7th in League (into Euro cup next season) and lost in FA Cup Final 3-2 to Chelsea having been 2-0 up and conceding a 90th minue penalty for Chelsea to equalise - lost in extra time. Only purchases were Calum Wison, Michael Keane, Lasse Vigen Christensen and Jake Bidwell who all performed very well. Callum Wilson got me 15 goals with 2 assists. Had no Real backup striker, so played Scot Sinclair when necessary and he did well. Sold some high earners but kept agbonlahor (mistake - most of season injured) . Stars of my season was Idrissa Gueye (Av 7.64 5 goals but too many Yellow cards) and Scott Sinclair (Av 7.33 19 Goals 5 assts 8 Man of Match) Joleon Lescott was dreadful - must sell him, if I can Tried to fit Crespo in but he failed also - must sell him. Have already bought Sam Johnstone (GK) from Man Utsd. Tactics were variations on 433 with always at least 1 DM. Now comes the bit I struggle with. What to do for next season. Who to buy and who to sell if I get bids. How do I keep my better players? Just about to offer new contracts to Grealish, Traore
  6. During almost every Villa game 'hit the woodwork' at least once and sometimes upto 4 occasions. Has anyon it m else experienced this, or is it my players or tactics??
  7. I have a question about coaching course.. I have had coaches who have been on the course but consistently fail. What should by response be - there is not WITHDRAW option.
  8. I am sick to death of STEAM telling me I cannot even access the editor. I have a agme I have paid for and am NOT able to use all its features. Someone tell me what the hell is going wrong.
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