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  1. Would like to see defensive d-men able to garner higher ratings. Currently I find they seem to always average below 7 even if seemingly playing well.
  2. Agree with everything in Markbros6's post. Would also like to see better AI for the signing of players in some of the smaller leagues. British teams in the EIHL in game sign reams of rubbish free agents to fill our their rosters, all these free agents are terrible and most retired years ago in reality so it breaks the immersion. In the real life EIHL hardly any teams run 4 lines so in game it should be the same. For starters implementing some sort of rule for each EIHL team telling it not to sign players with a CA of less than say 45 in the Ehrhardt and 35 in the Gardiner conderence would help.
  3. I think that it is the way it works in real life, though I'm not sure how Sarich and Cowley seem exempt. Have the devs ever mentioned anything about the AI and three line hockey Archi?
  4. I struggle a bit with the tactics side and I don't really have time to mess about with it too much. I usually just use one set of tactics and don't get into the unit tactics. Could be a nice option to still be able to select a pre-set for each line such as scoring line or checking line. Also similar to how football manager lets you select preset roles I'd like the same for Eastside. Sniper, grinder, two-way, power forward etc for forwards. Stay at home, two-way, offensive for d-men. Enforcer for your fighter.
  5. Players that are serving their release notice can be played Archi and there is no limit to the number of imports you can sign only the amount you can dress. I really beleive that the game engine needs to be set to recognise the EIHL as a three line league. Aside from Nottingham who likely have the biggest budget and occasionaly dress four lines all other teams dress three with spare players dressed fitting in here and there when needed, for instance Cardiff may run a fourth line occasionaly with their two Brit forwards centred by one of the guys on the main three lines. The game is currently either generating these grey players for clubs or they're signing up handfuls of crap or generated players to fill our rosters which is immersion ruining.
  6. Hi I've got an issue in my game which seems to have occurred since the move to full release from early access. Throughout the early access when playing games I was able to set highlights to none, match speed and clock speed to the fastest options and wizz through games in seconds. In the full release I set all the settings the same but the game limps along in fits and starts and takes much longer. I don't have a great deal of time to sink into the game so would really appreciate any advice on this.
  7. Would love more options to customise the number of players loaded from the database when starting a new game, especially limiting the number of generated players and teams.
  8. Would like to see more fights. Would like to see fighting become a visible attribute rather than hidden. Would also like to see a better way to keep track of who has fought who and who won. Would like to see having an enforcer in your side give real benefits. Would like the option to target opposition players with either "roughhousing" which could put them off their game, "wind up" to get them to fight and potentially get kicked out the game, "drop gloves with" your enforcer will target them. Would also like to be able to set enforcers the same way extra attackers are set.
  9. I'm already in contact with Archibald over at TBL in regards to helping out so I'll wish for whatever I damn please.
  10. Next leagues should be NIHL North and South 1 please.
  11. Biggest frustration in the EIHL is the desire of every team to field four full lines on defence and forwards. In reality all the teams attempt to ice three lines as strong as they can muster. Some of the bigger sides with the best British players will ice four lines of forwards and a seventh dman. In the game at the moment the desire to ice four lines means the sides who have four or give Brits go and sign absolute dross from the free agent market just to make up the numbers. If there aren't enough good players available they should ice three lines not just sign total rubbish to make an awful sub standard fourth line.
  12. Hi I have a question for other players about how you set up your players in game. For instance I've got a couple defencemen that I'd like to play in a more limited stay at home kind of way. Has anyone had any success playing with the player tactics to accomplish this? Also I'd like to set some of my forwards up to purely chase the puck and hit whoever has it. I'm also interested in how setting up a player this way affects his match rating. If he is fulfulling the role well but not scoring many points does the game recognise this or will he just get 5s and 6s?
  13. Yes in the EIHL there are some teams who have arrangements with teams in the below division that see some of their players sent on two ways who feature for both teams throughout the season. For instance some of Coventry's best youth prospects are likely to get the odd game for them whilst playing in most games for second tier MK Lightning.
  14. ***** gonna ****. I'd like an easy option to be able to send a player on a two way to my feeder team or whatever it's called. I know I can send them and recall at will but I'd like them to sit in both squads with the senior team getting priority the same way as if I sign a feeder teams player on a two way.
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