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  1. When you start another new game and sign the group of core players who looked Sh*t hot but always let you down.
  2. When your away from, the game and you get an A4 sheet and write a 1st eleven of players you will sign along with where they will play when you get back and start your new game.
  3. I KNOW ITS BEEN SAID, BUT ITS RIDICULOUS Realistic Transfers, whats the point of a player having a value if you have to pay nearly twice as much for him. How is that then a value. E.g. Scott Brown Celtic - Bolton 17.75 Million Diego Cavalieri Boro - Napoli 17.25 Million Oscar Trejo Mallorca - Lazio 19 Million If I see a value I want to pay that, otherwise show a higher value. Realism???
  4. I know I should be doing these all in one post but they keep coming to me. A really small but fun touch would be If you keep a homegrown player throughout his career and he retires into his late 30s suggest to the board to retire his number ( assuming you kept his number throughout the game)
  5. Another one from me ! This is radical but needs sorting. Instead of just AM with a line going forward on the position tactics screen Support Striker is needed. E.g. Tevez is not an out and out striker but not a AM with a line going forward.
  6. A feature where around Transfer windows players have increased form, even though an FM player would want to keep him as hes playing better, you could ask more for him and also if you didnt sell him he slumps after the window and his morale would drop ( even miss training). This wouldn't be every player just players who would be interested in leaving. E.g Man Utd are linked with Berbatov
  7. Im sorry if this has been mentioned. 1. the media talk about your team strengths more. E.g. its anticipated that Tottenham will have a squad clear out this summer, players could come to you about their futures rather than just when there is many players for a 1 position. 2. Even though it is up to you to decide where your squad is weakest, you should be able to get opinions of staff.
  8. What kind of age have you put them at. All at 20 or something or did you decide to put them at the peak career age?
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