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  1. I understand that youre no gonna win a champions league with Bari for example (that doesnt mean that i havent seens things like that, but let just leave it that if a guy wins a champions league with for example, sparta prague which i have seen, its because he is damn good!) but what im trying to achieve is for example, get to europe with a normal team (lazio mine) and with time and money maybe asidually champions and maybe being a contender. Im not talking about winning a league in the fist season, im not a fool. I know being a manager in football must be really complex, if dont, I would be one earning millons, but after all this is a game, its supposed to be played and to have a good time with it. Its nothing personal, i love the FM series, but this change between lest say FM 12-13 to FM 14-15 is very drastic, at least for some of us.
  2. If it makes you feel better, me too. Definitely it's too complex for me. I've read lots of guides but they are almost repeating all the info but it doesn't seem to work for me. I tried to be rational and make tactics balanced and trying to exploit my strong points but is useless. For example the only tactic that has worked for me it was with a high defensive line and my defense was really slow, doesn't have sense. When I see the match they make my goals through the middle I say to my players to defend narrower and they keep beating me through there, the same on the flanks. Or two guys pressing one guy with the ball and he magically is capable of doing a precise pass through my defense despite he's surrounded. or I see tactics where yhe the teams play narrower and the most of goals are crossing from the r flanks, its confusing. I have tried and infinite amount of saves but just one was more or less ok, and in the second season they got used to my tactic and bye. Just to say that you're not alone. There's a lot of people who doesn't understand the game, maybe for some people is challenging for me I just frustrating. Its a shame cause its almost the only game I play, well or I try.
  3. Believe it or not, bayern munich. Last position in fm 12. I was playing online with a friend.
  4. Hi, i got a question about TI and mentality. With and offensive mentality youre supposed to play width and fast right? So if i select a offensive mentality and put as TI play narrower the will just ignore the global instruction or they will get just confused?
  5. Hi to all, I have been playing with Lazio and this is my first good save in FM15. First season was great finished 3rd and lost in semi finals against Juve in italian cup. The problems started at the end of the current season, the second one. I finished 2nd pretty far from the 3rd and the 1st, juventus made more than a 100 points and they were unbeatable. Lost an important match agains sampdoria in europa league and we lost like 6 in a row, so the end of the season wasnt pretty good. Im starting to think that i have to change something from the tactics for the next season, but i have no idea really what to change cause is the first tactic that has worked for me, so thats why im asking some advice. Tactic TI I based the tactic on high pressing, i tried to make a counter and defensive tactic but i failed miserably so i decided to attack. Keeping possesion and giving the ball to Candreva, he is very dangerous and creates a lot of spaces for the other players so hes free to do anything he wants, when Candreva doesnt play I use Felipe Anderson. I Use the right wingback as a support to help him. Hes the only one who has is own instructions, the other guys are default. Except the goalkeeper, short passes and distribute to defense. This is the schedule of this year, as you can see we were playing pretty good, but since that elimination with Samp, all went down (almost win the cup, very unlucky against milan!) The main thing i see is that team like inter, milan, napoli started to play more defensive against me, and most goals are counter attacks. I dont wanna to put my defensive line back cause it has never worked for my team really. And this is my squad: Im not pretty sure what to do, so if you can give me some advice about what to change, much appreciated. Thanks and sorry for the long thread!!!
  6. what sort of defensive line do you use normally? When i play at home i put a higher line and pressing but my defense is slow so in the counter attacks i get crushed. If i put it normal, i receive crosses from deep and my central defenders cant deal with them, so result is loads of goals, and if i put it deep the almost shoot from the penalty spot
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