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  1. During the season I can offer an 8 year extension to one of my own players. However, if I have a qualified RFA player and I haven't signed him by June 30, I can only offer 7 year contracts, not 8 year contracts as I should be able to. Additionally, if I offer 7 years (or whatever amount of years I offer), when the contract is signed, it is always for one year less than I offered. In this case I offered 7 years, but when the contract was signed, it was only for 6 years.
  2. The maximum contract extension I can offer one of my own players is 7 years not 8 as the current CBA states. CPU controlled teams have signed players to 8 year extensions, but it appears human controlled teams can not.
  3. 8 years is the current max contract extension length under the new CBA for your own players. I know in my current save that there are few players on various CPU controlled teams where players have been signed to 8 year extensions, so that their contract is for a total of nine years (current contract + 8 year extension), so the new CBA rule is in the game. Maybe it's a bug and only CPU controlled teams can offer the 8 year extension? Have you guys tried offering 8 year extensions to your players?
  4. Does anyone know why I can't offer an 8 year extension to any of my players? The max I can click up to in the contract negotiation is 7 years. What am I missing?
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