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  1. All of your flank players want to stay wide - that is 4 players trying to be in roughly the same space and all trying to send in crosses to a single player (the CF, although perhaps the CM-A comes in sometimes). I would change at least one of your wingers to something like an IF, which will add a second player into the box to get on the crosses and also open up that flank for the FB. For the side you keep a winger on, I'd probably reduce the FB to support. Right now you have no one staying back to cover the flanks, which would be why (in part) you are conceding a lot from crosses
  2. It was already there when I started. I did previously try to start a save with Chemnitzer (having done Rostock in FM15 I thought I would go with a different team) but didn't have much luck (despite them being a better team). Anyway, I cannot recall if they had a reserves team - but if they did it would probably be like Rostock where there are no real players in the team initially so you just don't really care about them at first (just the U-19s)
  3. 2 quick thoughts: 1) You are playing 'higher tempo' but also 'shorter passing' and 'work ball into box'. I think, especially given the low quality of player, these are conflicting. Your players presumably have poor first touch, so flinging short passes into them probably means they lose them a lot. Also, shorter passing+work ball into the box means when you get to the box you are relying on quality movement and/or passing to find the space. But your players don't have that, so you get the result you are seeing (lots of passing back to support players). Given that you are already on c
  4. First, I think the advice about not being afraid to use an attack-duty striker was good. A player with the proper role in the AM strata functions well enough as another striker to deal with the concern that made you want to use a support striker. Just consider if you were playing something like a 4-4-1-1. Your AMC as an AP would allow your striker to be (for instance) an AF-A and not get isolated. In fact, I had been running a "4-4-2" that was actually an asymmetric 4-4-1-1 where the striker was an AF and the AMC was a Treq. The AF was the top goal scorer in the 2nd-tier of German soccer
  5. From what I can tell, yes. Sometimes I buy a player who is like 19 or 20 but already really good and so he will only accept a 'first team' squad status (but super low pay...) so I sign him, and he cannot be tutored because he has a role in the first team. I switch him to rotation or some such and then he can be tutored. This is obviously a reason to avoid assigning a young player a 'first team' or 'key player' squad status while he can still be tutored (age-wise) if you want to tutor him at all.
  6. It may be worthwhile to see if the ball playing defender role trains teamwork. I'm not sure if it does (and cannot access the game right now) but if so, it'd be a better option if you don't also want to familiarize the player with the dm position
  7. Not quite a response to an opponents action but I was having issues with my team conceding right after scoring. I started assertively telling my team to concentrate right after scoring and since then have seemed to have better luck. I'd need to analyze it a bit more to be sure, but it certainly hasn't hurt. I also often tell my team to concentrate in the last 10 minutes of the game if we can't afford to concede
  8. Well I had a player or 2 who were too old for my U-19s but clearly not good enough for my first team (now or ever most likely) and so they were automatically moved to my II's. I will try to use them as an experiment to figure out the effect on player development. Of course there are a lot of variables here - the players may have crappy personalities that mean they don't develop well. I did also find out my II's are in the 5th tier (Oberliga) not 4th tier. So that is relevant for me deciding whether to send them there in terms of quality of match play (if they do indeed get credit fo
  9. Yeah, I knew the Regista played differently, but the player was well suited for it, and I could see it being useful in a different way. In fact, so far, in an albeit admittedly small sample, I think the regista does work better in the overall tactic than the DM(s). Neither gets the guy to make the late run through the lines in the box that the BBM would sometimes do, and so then the question is what contribution should he make if not that? But much of what you mention here - drifting to the flanks/half-spaces, covering a lot of space - are exactly what I saw working well with the
  10. This is great information. I currently am playing a 4-4-2 (OK technically a 4-4-1-1 asymmetric) and was looking to shore up our defense a bit by dropping the central midfielders into the dm strata. But I had a b2b and cm(d) and the b2b was very useful in attack, so I was trying to find a way to maintain that contribution while starting in the dm strata. I was playing a regista, which was good but different. I did add the get further forward PI though. So I'll give a dm(s) a go and see if he gets the runs I want
  11. I'm not sure what change that makes, so here are some options: 1. change mentality to something more attacking 2. push defensive line up as a team instruction 3. choose 'push forward' as a team talk. I do this sometimes to get a short attacking boost. but I do think it is only temporary whereas mentality or instructions would stay for the rest of the game or until you change it
  12. I'm still playing FM16,I'm assuming the bug is FM17 specific? That would make it very frustrating
  13. I'll be following this closely. I am currently working on a 3-4-3 variety as well but mostly to take advantage of my great AMCs. So I'm trying to play with 1 striker and 2 AMCs behind him, rather than 2 strikers and 1 AMC. I'm also hoping to use wide players in the midfield strata, because I have strength there (and my fullbacks aren't quite as good all around) but will have to see how that works defensively. I've never really tried a 3 center back setup before so happy more experienced people are trying it out too and giving us insights
  14. But I should add. if I can send youths to other regionalia teams and their development does benefit (at least to some degree), then should it matter whether the regionalia/oberliga team is my own or another? My main thinking is just that my training facilities are significantly better than those at regionalia clubs. my II's use the same training facilities. so sending them there rather than out at least has that benefit. But since game time matters more, I need to know about that too
  15. Yeah I though someone may say "just try it" and I could, but I don't want to screw the development of my good youths. I was thinking to send some mediocre players there, who probably weren't going to make my first team anyway. And I'll double check the league now that I know the names and tiers (so thank you!) but that is largely beside the point to the development question
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