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  1. I've cleared out the User Data folder from My Documents, and the Sports Interactive folder under AppData - am I missing any? Deleting both of those before reinstalling doesn't seem to help, unfortunately (I'm pretty sure I've tried before, but I tried again now and it doesn't seem to have worked).
  2. I've redownloaded for every fresh install, so unfortunately thats not it either. Its too bad I can't go back to an EA version, when I had the game working. Thanks for trying to help, sorry my computer seems to want to make things difficult.
  3. I'm on Windows 7, so no issues with upgrading to 10. And I've uninstalled and removed all related files, and then reinstalled several times, so that should fix any file permission issues anyways (unless they're set up wrong by default for some reason). I haven't moved the My Documents folder, so that shouldn't be it. On my most recent install to try to find these issues, I changed the default User Data folder location away from My Documents anyways (onto that second hard drive I mentioned above), but that doesn't seem to have solved it. I've manually given all user groups on my computer all permissions to any of the EHM files (both Steam and the User Data folder), but that doesn't seem to have helped at all. I've tried both installing as admin and just installing regularly, and running as admin both ways - still get these errors.
  4. Hi Ivan and Asher, I experience this issue with every game I create (I create a new game in each attempt to correct it - I can't seem to get past about mid-October before these errors make the game unplayable). I do have save safely checked, and also save compressed. I seem to be able to save and load games fine - I never get these errors when saving the game, and if I load one that I've seen these errors in before, all of the data seems correct. As Asher mentioned, I also sometimes get these errors when initializing a new game (this seems to depend both on the database I select, and the number of leagues I have set to Enhanced or View-Only), which I believe is before a saved game is even created.
  5. Hi Ivan, Thanks for your reply. I ran chkdsk a couple nights ago to try to fix the problem - it found/fixed one bad sector, but I still get these errors. I just ran memtest+ and it didn't show any issues either. If the problem was the HDD or RAM, wouldn't I also be seeing problems in other applications? I only have issues running EHM. EDIT: I just tried installing on a different hard drive (I've got two in this computer), with the game data also saved to that drive - still get the same errors.
  6. Hi all, When I played EHM back in early access, everything worked fine. I've been trying to pick it up to play again now, but the problem is I keep getting the errors below: I can click through these errors and keep playing, but by mid-October of a season, I'll have to click through 50+ to be able to sim a day, which essentially makes the game unplayable. These don't happen every sim day, but they do happen fairly often. I can also get them when creating a game (as seen in the screenshots above), but I've found that is at least somewhat dependent on the size I select for the database (it happens more often if I select a larger one, and if I have more leagues set to view only/enhanced). I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, running as admin, installing as admin, changing the folder/file permissions of the saved games, running a disk check on my computer (and fixing errors), changing database size, changing the database I use for the game, and nothing seems to fix it. I've got ~2/3s of my hard drive available, so disk space isn't an issue either. I've tried to Google the problem, and I've found a few people that have the same issue, but no solutions. I asked on the Blue Line forums here, where it was suggested to uncheck "Verify Available Disk Space" in preferences, but that didn't seem to help. I'm happy to upload a save, but I don't know at what point the save file would be most helpful (especially since this error can occur before even creating the save, and I can't predict when simming a day will cause it).
  7. Playing in the NHL, one of my RFAs was awarded a contract amount of 8.034 million from arbitration. Not wanting to pay this, I chose to walk away from the contract. The next news item I received was about how I had signed the player. The player has been added to my roster at the arbitration amount. As you can see, I chose to walk away from the contract. And now the player is signed. I've uploaded the problematic game (Arbitration1.sav). Simply react to the news item by walking away from the arbitration contract.
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