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  1. I think this part of the games bugged. I had it too. Makes no sense to offer praise. I'm sure I praised a player and his morale went rock bottom. Footballers hardly winch when they blantantly dive and get a penalty in real life. There not exactly emotional 14 year old school girls. Wouldn't fancy being a Sega executive and going to SI to praise them for another no 1 PC best selling game lol
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    Sorry I don't know. I would suggest redoing it again. If it does the same thing maybe go to the bug forum and ask for help there.
  3. I would like a few more tactics for indivual players. Such as passing/shooting/tacking. More like the PC one where you can tell a defensive midfielder to pass short. It would be cool if you had a spinning paper with headlines on regarding big top league stories. Your playing style affects your career potential. So if you adopt long ball you won't be head hunted by bigger clubs like Barc or Real but instead the stoke city's (sorry Stoke fans) Lastly if a well respected pundit gives criticism the way you respond has an effect. So if I respond to Carragher in a disrespectful way it counts against me getting the Liverpool job.
  4. Yeah that could be improved, and not being asked can a new player win matches at press conferences when you sign a 35+ reserve.
  5. Fickle fans who moan if you don't adopt certain club ideology. Like your rating goes down if you make Paul Ince a coach at West Ham even if they win the league using long ball.
  6. What happened with vita version this year? I'm guessing sales were poor and can understand its probably not worth the effort.
  7. The tablet versions are more straight forward but have limited tactics where as the PC version is super indepth but overwhelming if your new to it. Personally I found this years tablet version a bit disappointing. The PC demo I gave up on due to being rubbish at it. So overall I prefer the tablet but would like more of the PC tactics.
  8. Same here, but the 3D is rather dated looking and i can imagine younger players unlike my age group that remember waiting 20 mins for a game to load from cassette may expect a lot more. The kids now days are brought up with visuals. I would prefer they stick with the 2D match engine and add more depth to the game in general and fix the bugs quicker.
  9. I think the game needs more visual representation with press conferences. The press conferences are boring. A 3D MOTD team interviewing you after the match would be cool but that's too much I guess.
  10. They were saying in the news that Sega plan to lay off 300 staff so I was referring to Sega not being in the position at the moment to worry about the FM match engine. There concern seems to staying alive. But in a ideal situation it would have made sense for Sega to develop the 3D match engine. People might say why would they be bothered. Well I imagine FM sells a lot more than the recent Sonic games.
  11. Hi, a lot of people mention FIFA in comparison but the FIFA I last brought 2013/14 has no 3d match engine in manager mode. Maybe this has changed but I think SI do the best they can considering their size. Ideally if Sega still exsisted somewhat it would have been cool for them to do the match engine. Leaving SI to do the main bulk of the game.
  12. Hi I'm new to the forums but a big fan of FM, maybe its been discussed before but I feel if SI reduced the database and some minor leagues it would give them more time to work on the core of the game and bugs. Surely its better to work outward and simply release via steam more playable leagues.
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