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  1. I don't think it's great now that I'm lumbered with a 3rd choice CD on 150k per week, but I know what you're saying. No promotion or birthday as far as I'm aware and he's not suddenly surrounded by other world class players. He's gone from supposedly world class to 3rd choice behind the mighty Lovren at Liverpool!
  2. Hi everyone, Apologies if the problem I am about to describe is well known, but I wasn't sure how to search for it. Basically, I signed a 4.5 star rated 'world class' player (Andreu Fontas, CD from Celta Vigo) for a very reasonable fee, which was greeted with delight from the fans. I made sure to get an up to date scout report before completing the signing just to be careful. Sure enough, he joins and I check my squad depth to find him rated no. 1 in my team at 4.5 stars. I progress a few days without thinking anything more of it only to find that when I check on him next he has suddenly been downgraded to 2.5 stars and is no longer described as world class! I know that scout opinions can differ and attributes can change but this sudden drop seems ridiculous and has made the signing completely pointless. I thought I had a new CD star but instead have been lumbered with a squad player on world class level wages. Has anybody else encountered the same or similar problem or, if not, can anyone offer a logical explanation for this?
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