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  1. Error displaying score: Team Liptovský Mikulás beat the team Petrzalka 3: 2 (Slovakia competition) However, under Inbox - Social Feed, the result showed the other way around!
  2. Bug where opposing players are invisible outside of their heads and hands. First time occurrence though. The same thing happened to me today. Just about half of my team disappeared players' bodies. They were translucent. It never happened to me before.
  3. Is it possible to modify the look of the stadium in real-time? Is there such an editor in FM 18?
  4. In year 18 is adjusted according to the stadiums? For example, in the Czech Republic stadiums do not fully correspond to the real world. Thanks.
  5. How do I get the following rule "The squad must have no more 5 over-21 players in the first 11." to the U21 competition (Czech Republic) at advanced rules in editor. I can't do it. Otherwise, the database is ready. Please talk to someone and please edit it or into the included database. Please, it's an important rule for that competition in the Czech Republic. It's the last thing left in the database. Thank you in advance!!! Database name "kurevskapraca". kurevskapraca_180540FD-DC33-47BD-B417-390A7EEFBDDF.fmf
  6. So I am sending the final version of the database. His name is different, but is based on the previous one. I commend both of you. Otherwise, the database from the previous post goes in the Editor normally. The second (newer) "adalsipokus" it will make the competition in the new game, but do not update the table, remain zero and for teams in the table in the schedule of the matches anything non vision, only friendly games. And other errors. It is a pity that in the basic rules of the editor are not the two relegated teams, it would be after the extension of the database on a lower competition without problem. Thanks to. Cesko17_AE07E003-88B3-4E31-83F8-CA7BFC5071F7.fmf adalsipokus_5495F511-94B7-4D47-A6F5-5CB486A75BF1.fmf
  7. Because it is not to expand the structure of competition in the Czech Republic in the basic rules editor FM17, it attempted to do one man in the advanced game rules editor. The database is verified, it works in the game, but despite this, they are in the database entered two competitions and the U20, U19 so you will not appear in the game. Anyone know what to do, can anyone help? Thanks to. Database for download below. Cesko17_AE07E003-88B3-4E31-83F8-CA7BFC5071F7.fmf
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