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  1. Hey guys, I am also looking for a new laptop as mine is dying atm . Could you experts help me please. Obviously, a Portsmouth save is top priority but graphics may be quite important for me as i use things like pro engineer for university. i have a budget of about £600 but would ideally like to be less. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  2. I've had an absolutely awful start. Won all my friendlies convincingly but then lost to scum at home first game of the season by a 90th minute david connoly goal. Since then we have won 1 out of 6 and am just out of the relegation zone by g.d. However, Lua Lua has been brought back to Fratton to try improve things.
  3. Haha, loving the might Trezeguet at Fratton. Just started my first save and of course went for my beloved Pompey. Lets see if i can do half as good as the people on here.
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