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  1. Hello, I'm getting the exact same speed issue that peted82 mentions, although getting a new device isn't on the cards for me unfortunately. I can still play the game, but it's just not worth trying to scout players as it now takes ages. Bizarrely, without scouting, it does mean I can actually get through seasons much quicker! But I'm missing the scouting part of the game. Incidentally, if I run FMM17 on the same device, then there are no speed issues - the scouting goes really fast. Cheers.
  2. Hello again, I've done this now and it's looking like it worked. I saved the saves to my computer, but I also have been able to access them via the iCloud. My IAP was restored OK as well (I didn't get that refunded as that - rather bizarrely - did come out of my iTunes credit. But all good now (apart from the speed issue mentioned elsewhere, which remains). Thanks for your help!
  3. OK, thanks for your help. I'll try this later today.
  4. Hello, I wonder if anyone at SI can help me with a FMM18 problem, please? OK, so it’s a bit complicated, but I bought FMM18 – but instead of it coming out of iTunes credit (from a gift card already loaded on there), it came out of my bank account. I had deliberately saved my iTunes credit for FMM18, so I got in touch with iTunes and they said they’d refund me my money and then I’d need to repurchase FMM18, using my iTunes credit. It was bizarre though that the game came out of my bank account, but the add-on I bought (never get sacked) did come out of my iTunes credit. iTunes can’t work out why this happened, but have said it was no fault of mine – so was some kind of mistake in their system. Anyway, so far so good. But then when I went to repurchase the game, it wouldn’t let me – the only option was to open the game. I don’t really want to delete the game as I don’t want to lose all the work I’ve put into my saves. My first question is – is there any other way of doing this that doesn’t involve me deleting the game from my device? And if I do have to delete the game, then will my saves in the iCloud be able to be restored, once I've repurchased? And what happens to the add-on (never get sacked) I already purchased? Would I need to buy that again, effectively paying for it twice? Presumably this is also why it won’t let me load the latest update from FM? I asked iTunes all these questions, and they said I’d need to ask yourselves. I really wish I hadn’t bothered trying to get this to come out of my iTunes gift card now! Thanks for any help you can give me – I’ve gone back to FMM17 until this is sorted out, which is kinda frustrating. Thanks!
  5. Hello, Was this bug supposed to have been fixed in hotfix 2? Just asking because the update said something about player history, but I'm still getting the bug where you don't see anything in the team and club history summary pages (see earlier screen grabs further up this thread). Or do I need to start a new career for this to work? Thanks!
  6. WoodyCAFC

    FMM17 - Hotfix plans

    Thanks, Alari. I appreciate that you guys have been working hard on this. I also think some of the flak you guys take isn't fair.
  7. Ah, glad it's not just me that enjoys managing in lower-league and non-league! If you can't enter the FA Cup as a non-league, then I'll probably end up going back to FMH15 or FMM16 in the long run
  8. WoodyCAFC

    Club history fault

    Hello, This was raised a few days ago here: It's under review by the FM bods.
  9. WoodyCAFC

    FMM17 - Hotfix plans

    Thanks for sorting these out so quickly, Marc. Overall, I really have been impressed with the new features in FMM17 - especially having abroad as a scouting option - and am enjoying the game.
  10. OK, thanks for letting me know.
  11. Hi Marc, what's the Football Manager Cup? It's on one of your screen shots.
  12. Hello, I don't know if it's just in my game, but it seems that the third qualifying round in the FA Cup has been done away with - meaning we start with the fourth qualifying round. Anyone else noticed this? It might not sound much, but it does mean that when taking over some National League South/North sides, you won't even have an FA Cup campaign in that season. I've noticed this for some of the newer NLS/NLN teams, like Hungerford. It also seems to mean that no lower non-league clubs will be in the FA Cup, which is a shame as it's fun being drawn against obscure teams. Anyone got any observations on this? Cheers!
  13. Also, I've been getting other errors in these two games I sent you. One is I got a news item saying that Charlton were drawn at home to Burnley in the cup, but the fixture list said I was away to Burnley. And when I played the game, I was the away team. Also, sometimes the league's other fixtures that you see in the tab when playing a game (inbetween the away stats and the league table) don't appear in alphabetical order of the home team. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't, which is a bit weird. Lastly, I'm also seeing the bug that someone else mentioned, that you can't click on games in your own league or other competitions to see the scorers. You was able to do this in both FMH15 and FMM16. It'd be handy to know if I should stop playing these games until the fix comes in, or if I should start again from scratch? I just don't want to put hours into a game, only to have to start again from the beginning at some point in the future. If I'm going take that hit, I'd rather do it now before I get a few seasons in. Ta!
  14. Hello, I've done this now. Have sent you the DAT files for both saves. Just shout if you need anymore info, Thanks for the guide - it really helped!