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  1. Hello, any sign of a fix to the Twitter problem yet at all? Thanks!
  2. Ok, thanks Alari! have other people had this then? I wasn’t sure if it was just me? cheers!
  3. Hello, thanks for getting back to me. It’s iPad OS 13.1.3. Could there be something in my iPad settings that I need to tweak maybe?
  4. Hi Alari, I’m having the same problem in mobile 20. When I click On log in to Twitter, nothing happens, just like in 19. any ideas? thanks
  5. Hi Alari, any updates to this at all? i know you’re probably focused on fmm20, but I’m thinking there’s a chance my Twitter updates might not work with that either? do you think it’d be worth trying a reset on my iPad? Would I lose my saves if I did that? (Can’t use the cloud for this as it’s full and has been for ages!) thanks!
  6. Just tried, no change so still not working unfortunately ☹️ Any settings I can tweak or anything else that might help?
  7. Hi Alari, Thanks for getting back to me, I just checked and it’s still the same , so no change unfortunately. I’ve also just noticed that the Twitter option in game status isn’t there now either ~ see attached. any ideas about what I could do? Thanks.
  8. just to add, I recently updated to iOS 13, so that may be where the problem lies? Don’t know how to fix it though. Cheers.
  9. Hello, All of a sudden, I can’t link to my Twitter account in the social networking section, see attached. When I click on ‘log in to Twitter’, the text colour changes but nothing happens. Not had this problem before and I quite enjoy posting updates on Twitter, so anyone got any ideas about how to fix this? cheers!
  10. Ok, thanks for the reply. Does that mean that I should still be able to buy it on Friday morning?
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