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  1. - The ability to become (via applying in the job or being contacted by another manager) an assistant manager at a club. You could give the coach your views on certain players, devise the training scheme, take control of the reserves, be asked for advice etc. and eventually replace the manager upon his sacking. - In future editions it could be expanded to becoming a scout/coach etc. (For example, if you were a coach asked to control 'Shooting' you could choose which exercises the players would perform to develop certain aspects of 'Shooting', like technique, power etc.) - A set piece editor, with arrows for runs, passes etc. would be great. - Although this might be pushing it a bit, I'd like to be able to add in leagues mid-game; although it would take some time for FM to do this, "greyed-out" players could turn into "real" players with the same ability, and players could be generated with ability reflecting the club's reputation at clubs which don't have any. (Poorly articulated, I'm aware!) - As someone else said, in the 'improved transfer system' which lots of people here are calling for, season-long loans for players who would normally be sold should, in most cases, be accepted with the option of purchasing them for a certain fee at any time. I know that this can be done on FM, but it is somewhat more rare than in real life.
  2. I don't know if this has already been suggested, but I'd like to be able to become Assistant Manager and/or coaches of teams. You could be responsible for managing younger teams and giving the manager advice, and could get promoted to manager if your boss is sacked.
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