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  1. I have signed some players on free transfers to join my club before the start of the new season. I have then looked at the join dates of them and none of them are joining until the January window? Their contracts have expired so they are just going to sit on rolling contracts with their current clubs until that date. I had a previous save with some before the agreements and when I enter the negotiations it definitely says the join date should be June. Images below of most recent save When i went back a save and tried again Uploaded on owncloud previous.fm and recent.fm 15:36 Previous.fm
  2. Hi. I was only running the game in high graphics as opposed to very high. Game gives graphics for the PC 5 stars so guess that means I should have been able to run it very high? Will try running it in low next time I play and see if it as any baring on crashes.
  3. Just like to add because i forgot. I have no add ins like graphics etc installed. I have also checked antivirus but again doesn't seem to be related to this.
  4. Hi I have been experiencing crashes to desktop during matches. I have been trying to work out if there is a pattern to it but there doesn't seem to be. I will try and give as much detail as I can but if you need more just say. I can sometimes play for hours with no crashes and sometimes I can have a couple back to back. Which is irritating me as win, lose draw I hate wasting time playing the same match over again. I have 9 leagues and a large database. The crash displays no message and it isn't creating a crash dump. It just freezes and its like the screens flash and the game closes. Graphics drivers are all up to date and apart from the crashes have no issues with the game. Runs fast etc. Have attached a dxdiag file. Thanks, DxDiag.txt
  5. I find the discipline side of the game a bit messy. I recently had a player who was unhappy and missed training so I fined him. He reacted angrily which obviously can happen. The problem being another player came to me and said that he was unhappy that player hadn't been fined, when he had been and at the same time was unhappy that the same player had been fined. He then himself decided to skip training and then was unhappy he got fined .
  6. I notice stuttering as well. I'm not sure if there is a pattern or why it happens but it is pretty noticable when it happens. I play fm always windowed so I don't know if it would be worse in full screen like one of the previous posters mentioned. I always have graphics drivers up to date so don't think its that. Intel I7 3930k, 16 gb ram and SLI gtx 560 ti's
  7. Have to say I love this years game. Only problem I have faced is the default font. Thankfully Someone had made a skin with a different/bigger one which made the game playable for me. I think a number of things have been mentioned by other people already but something I like is the sub/keep on option when a player gets injured. I think this could be improved upon if your Physio gave you some sort of recommendation. I know you can go and view the potential injury at the player page but I'm no medic, so a word on what the injury is and the potential implications of keeping him on from the physio would be nice.
  8. Yeah you should be able to cancel subs but I think it is difficult for SI to implement or something. It has been asked for by many people over a number of FM games. It is something I would like to see added to future versions anyway.
  9. You would of thought with them having the license, efforts would be made to get the most out of it. Inverness, Aberdeen, Celtic and Hibs all without player pics :/
  10. Yup really need a fix for this. Its causing my eyes to burn and water and is also giving me headaches. Real shame cause from what I have played the game is quite enjoyable. Will try the skin to see if it is better, not a big fan of dark skins but if it enables me to play then at least that is something.
  11. Some player images seem missing in mine for some Scottish clubs. Not sure if they just weren't included or something. For some clubs I see them and others I don't.
  12. From what I have seen I liked. Only thing I noticed was when I got an offer for one of my players. I went to negotiate it and when I added the next sale clause it greyed every option out apart from withdraw. Even when I left the screen and rejoined through the news it was still grey. When I went through the view offer option in the transfer centre it seemed to fix it.
  13. Whats up with the current 2D works really well for me. 3D isn't a problem for me either.
  14. Im greedy I want them to bring in multi monitor support then I can have both!
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