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  1. Playing beta patch and am Stenhousemuir in League 2 (Fourth Division). Feel long shots might be a bit accurate for this level :S Even ones that are missed are either saved, hit woodwork or very narrowly over. Some goals for and against from my last 6-7 matches. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlxVWkAWzZQ Having now played a decent amount of hours for myself, I would agree with some of the others within this thread that the match engine really has been the let down of this version and probably the last few versions as well for me. I can only hope that maybe something can be improved this version and definitely for the next version. I feel outside that, most changes in recent versions of the game have been positive with the exception of the brexit feature. Dynamics, though buggy at first and the training overhaul have been positive. I also do like the UI changes though thank god I don't need to use the purple theme
  2. I have come across a weird issue. My rb got sent off in the 78th minute and I still had two subs remaining. I moved by cb to rb and subbed a mid for a replacement defender as soon as the red occurred. Anyway I lost a goal in the 83rd min and who do I see at fault the cm who I subbed off who is now at the cb position. I advanced further to the 89th min and he is still there. Its like it can't register the substitution for some reason. when i look at the tactics screen and highlight subbed icon it says subbed on 90th minute yet I haven't reached the 90th minute yet :D. Also he hasn't moved into the main team like another sub I have just made now. The sub I made after Brown for Fyvie has registered but Ballantyne is still on Ended up losing 3-1 with two goals from his area Raith v Stenhousemuir.pkm
  3. I have signed some players on free transfers to join my club before the start of the new season. I have then looked at the join dates of them and none of them are joining until the January window? Their contracts have expired so they are just going to sit on rolling contracts with their current clubs until that date. I had a previous save with some before the agreements and when I enter the negotiations it definitely says the join date should be June. Images below of most recent save When i went back a save and tried again Uploaded on owncloud previous.fm and recent.fm 15:36 Previous.fm
  4. Hi. I was only running the game in high graphics as opposed to very high. Game gives graphics for the PC 5 stars so guess that means I should have been able to run it very high? Will try running it in low next time I play and see if it as any baring on crashes.
  5. Just like to add because i forgot. I have no add ins like graphics etc installed. I have also checked antivirus but again doesn't seem to be related to this.
  6. Hi I have been experiencing crashes to desktop during matches. I have been trying to work out if there is a pattern to it but there doesn't seem to be. I will try and give as much detail as I can but if you need more just say. I can sometimes play for hours with no crashes and sometimes I can have a couple back to back. Which is irritating me as win, lose draw I hate wasting time playing the same match over again. I have 9 leagues and a large database. The crash displays no message and it isn't creating a crash dump. It just freezes and its like the screens flash and the game closes. Graphics drivers are all up to date and apart from the crashes have no issues with the game. Runs fast etc. Have attached a dxdiag file. Thanks, DxDiag.txt
  7. I find the discipline side of the game a bit messy. I recently had a player who was unhappy and missed training so I fined him. He reacted angrily which obviously can happen. The problem being another player came to me and said that he was unhappy that player hadn't been fined, when he had been and at the same time was unhappy that the same player had been fined. He then himself decided to skip training and then was unhappy he got fined .
  8. Yup really need a fix for this. Its causing my eyes to burn and water and is also giving me headaches. Real shame cause from what I have played the game is quite enjoyable. Will try the skin to see if it is better, not a big fan of dark skins but if it enables me to play then at least that is something.
  9. Whats up with the current 2D works really well for me. 3D isn't a problem for me either.
  10. Im greedy I want them to bring in multi monitor support then I can have both!
  11. lol Whenever I play the game I have tons of things I think are decent suggestions then come on and am like....:confused::confused::confused: However I do think this would be good though it would not apply to all of us fmers. I myself have more than one monitor. I think it could be useful if fm 10 or a future fm maybe has a feature for those with multi monitors. Simulators like flight sim have multi monitor support so you can have views etc. I think multi monitor support in the fm simulation would be very useful especially in the match situation.You could maybe have the 3d on one screen then on the other have the option of 2d, your tactics screen, stats etc. This means you would never really lose full focus on the match. I know in fm 09 there is the tiny little 2d match view at the bottom of the tactics screen but I really never use it as it is so small for me to focus on while im doing other things. Having multi monitor support would also mean that the widget things wouldn't really be needed. The idea of them is good though I just don't really like them on top of the match. The annoying thing for me is I line all the widgets I like to have up the top along where all the subs benches graphics are. Then minimize so they aren't covering any of the pitch. However after I make a sub I find they all reposition themselves over the screen which is rather annoying having to keep putting them back constantley. Anyway rant over. I think I'm slightly drunk so apoligise if this is complete garbage, spelling mistakes, bad punctuation etc Would just like to take this opportunity to thank my family, my agent Captain Caveman and all those who have supported me in the making of this post and in my posting career.
  12. Am a bit indifferent about this tactic at the minute i used it for first couple of seasons at tottenham and it worked ammense just as all those who are giving positive comments have said but recently it is not really impressing even though the players i now have in my team are of a higher quality I keep conceeding a shocking ammount of goals and losing most away games.
  13. This is a great tactic. Agree the goals come from most areas. Am tottenham and have won 6 out of 7 games with this tactic. What makes it more unusual is that when i took over them they where going bust so had to sell off most of the assets and only really could get in frees with all the good ones already gone. So basically that is with less than average players.
  14. yassss mon the hibees Think ill download and give it ago when my current tactic fails me.
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