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  1. In my opinion the game is just reflecting what it is in reality. Comparing it to the values of players in the EPL especially is not a good idea. When you think of some of the players in recent years that have left the Scottish league for peanuts in the grand scheme of things when it was obvious their value would be much higher had they played in a different league such as the EPL. Take players like McGinn and Robertson etc Both left clubs under £5 million. Even at the higher end looking at Tierney, if he was in EPL moving across clubs his transfer fee would have been a lot more.
  2. Playing beta patch and am Stenhousemuir in League 2 (Fourth Division). Feel long shots might be a bit accurate for this level :S Even ones that are missed are either saved, hit woodwork or very narrowly over. Some goals for and against from my last 6-7 matches. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlxVWkAWzZQ Having now played a decent amount of hours for myself, I would agree with some of the others within this thread that the match engine really has been the let down of this version and probably the last few versions as well for me. I can only hope that maybe something
  3. I have come across a weird issue. My rb got sent off in the 78th minute and I still had two subs remaining. I moved by cb to rb and subbed a mid for a replacement defender as soon as the red occurred. Anyway I lost a goal in the 83rd min and who do I see at fault the cm who I subbed off who is now at the cb position. I advanced further to the 89th min and he is still there. Its like it can't register the substitution for some reason. when i look at the tactics screen and highlight subbed icon it says subbed on 90th minute yet I haven't reached the 90th minute yet :D. Also he hasn't moved
  4. Am a bit indifferent about this tactic at the minute i used it for first couple of seasons at tottenham and it worked ammense just as all those who are giving positive comments have said but recently it is not really impressing even though the players i now have in my team are of a higher quality I keep conceeding a shocking ammount of goals and losing most away games.
  5. This is a great tactic. Agree the goals come from most areas. Am tottenham and have won 6 out of 7 games with this tactic. What makes it more unusual is that when i took over them they where going bust so had to sell off most of the assets and only really could get in frees with all the good ones already gone. So basically that is with less than average players.
  6. yassss mon the hibees Think ill download and give it ago when my current tactic fails me.
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