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  1. Hi @Ben AllinghamAllingham Thanks for the update. Just an FYI, I just tried continuing progress and saving again and it still failed. I'm going to presume that's because the fix hasn't been implemented yet. Should we give it a few days to be completed?
  2. Hey man, Not an employee or anything but I've been having this issue for a while now also. My understanding here is that once the fix is made (this week according to Ben) the game should be able to save correctly again. This unfortunately means that any save file that doesn't load is gone (lost a lot of progress also) but any working saves can be continued and saved correctly from here on in. Also new games should be fine, if you have the motivation to start a new one. I would say that if you have one working older file of your save try continuing from there and 'save game as' a new file to make sure you don't overwrite the working one at first.
  3. Thanks Ben, let's hope it gets solved soon and permanently. I know it's a lot to ask, and probably not possible, but it would great if we could somehow recover the corrupted files that happened as a result of the bug. That's probably wishful thinking on my part though
  4. any updates at all here @Ben Allingham? Been over a month and a half since i've been able to play the game. We all need either a fix or a refund asap at this point, beyond acceptable for a game to have a bug this gamebreaking for so long.
  5. Hi Ben, Thanks for your help with this. Good to see some movement. I spoke to Google who said, in short "save files are user data and so we do make them available through Takeout. However, there's no way to import save data into Stadia. Whether or not save files are compatible between platforms is up to an individual developer." So it seems to me that (provided SI allow the files to be used across different platforms) we can use these files on the local version of FM20 through Steam as you've stated. It also seems that even if you find the root cause you won't be able to fix our broken saves as you cannot import the fixed version back into Stadia to resolve the issue. I will try to send you my only remaining working game file shortly to help you identify and fix the problem. In relation to the game and user experience in general, will Sports Interactive be providing a complimentary game key for FM20 on Steam to make up for the game breaking Stadia bug? If I can download my saves and use them through Steam then great, but I won't pay for a second copy of the game having already done so once on Stadia. Thanks
  6. Hi @Ben Allingham Does this mean that we can then use those save files with Steam in the local version of FM?
  7. I have recently, for the 3rd time, lost nearly all of my save files due to file corruption. This is a game breaking issue I have flagged with all of Google, SI, and Sega, and have yet to receive any fix. Save files that were previously working suddenly have become corrupted. New save files cannot be created. Existing "working" save files revert back to prior in game progress for some reason. This has been a game breaking issue since launch. Either fix it, or allow users to download their own save files to use on the local version on Steam instead.
  8. This has happened multiple times now for me through three different saves. Completely game breaking and until it is resolved I simply won't be playing anymore. I've logged multiple tickets with all of Sega, Sports Interactive, and Google and nothing has been fixed or even communicated, so far they're just blaming each other. This issue is a critical one, the amount of posts and replies with the same problem show it's common. Get it fixed.
  9. I recently installed the new update and started a new save and suddenly after a few weeks the player and staff names have all changed to random names. They all still have the correct photos and stats, just the names have been randomly generated and replaced. How on earth do I fix this?!
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