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  1. In my save with Sassuolo, Domenico Berardi is unhappy at my decision to sell Stefano Sensi to Inter for £17.25m - This is a pre-agreed transfer at the start of the game. Should this be raised as a bug or is it just unfortunate with the timing of the deal being confirmed? EDIT: And now a squad revolt too...
  2. Here's Raspadori. He's a great prospect and I was reluctant to sell but I had a potential revolt on my hands! Also attached my tactics in case anyone notices anything glaringly obvious that I'm doing wrong.
  3. I started a game as Sassuolo as I've really enjoyed watching them this season and they have some very good young players but it's also quite a challenge. 34 games into the first season and I'm sat in 10th with mixed results. Having looked at other people's saves in this thread I've done 'OK'. I just can't get my team scoring goals though -Berardi is my top scorer with 5 () but my defence is pretty solid apart from defending set pieces. I've been playing a 4-3-3 wide and players like Rogerio and Locatelli are developing well. My signings were Amin Younes who has been disappointing like most of my forward players, I also signed Paulo Ghiglione to add depth at RB/RWB with Adjapong already out on loan for the season and Toljan on loan at the start. My plan is to try a 3-5-2/5-3-2 next season with Adjapong and Rogerio bombing down either wing. I've agreed to sell Raspadori to Spurs for £11m with future clauses and a deal to sign Marco Varnier from Atalanta for around £4m. I'm desperately trying to finish the 4 games off tonight so I can get my teeth into pre-season and organise my squad, they have an outrageous amount of players out on loan!
  4. I'm really enjoying the game even though the goals tally seems low - I'm undecided whether it's linked to the bugs mentioned, my tactics or a combination of the two. After 30 games with Sassuolo I'm in 10th place but I've only scored 27 goals and I've conceded 34 (10 of which are from corners). My top scorers are Domenico Berardi and Alfred Duncan with 4. It's frustrating me because the Club Vision demands attacking football and I feel like I'm playing an attacking style but there's not many goals at all so I'm getting criticised for it. They're playing some nice football and I seem to get into some great positions when my wing backs overlap but I'm not scoring nearly enough - obviously not helped by the side-netting issue but I've managed to reduce the amount of times it happens with individual player instructions. The one on ones are noticeable but I have scored a couple at least! The overall feel of the game is great though apart from the staff responsibilities page, which is not pleasant on the eye at all. I'm massively frustrated by my game but not in a way that I don't want to play it. I actually hope it's my tactics that are wrong so I can put it right!
  5. I have sympathy for the Blades researcher this one. Lundstram never looked like doing what he's done this year for us, his improvement over the summer has been ridiculously good. Overall I think the Sheffield United data looks good on first viewings. The two main issues have been picked up on this thread with Lundstram and Norwood's international status. The Season Ticket sales on my game were 13,200. We've sold 23-24,000 this season. (Not sure if this is the right place?) I think Wilder and Knill's tactical knowledge could also be increased from 11 and 7 respectively to reflect the level they're working at now. There's been so much talk of the innovative tactics they've used and how they've adapted in various situations over the last three years and their ability to find different ways to win.
  6. No problem, thanks a lot! Wasn't sure if it had been raised already, but thought better to raise it twice than not at all
  7. My match just finished, and before it got to the Team Talk stage I was greeted by this screen, which I can't leave. Have included a screenshot and a PKM file incase they can help. Reading v Preston 0, 52_fm-7.pkm
  8. I'm glad you've mentioned this as I'm coming to the end of my first season with Preston, and I've been debating what to do with Paul Gallagher who is out of contract at the end of the season. He's 33, one of my highest earners, is behind Daniel Johnson (25) in the pecking order for his position with Tom Harrop (21) third in the pecking order so it makes sense to release him at the end of the season for financial purposes and to get Harrop more game time to develop. However, he's still listed as 'Highly Influential' in the Dynamics so I'm terrified of getting rid of him in case it causes a backlash!
  9. I definitely won't change anything straight off the bat. I am adjusting how I watch and analyse my games though. The good thing about being a team like Preston who aren't expected to push is that I can experiment with less pressure. I'm only 4 points from the play-offs so I'm doing well, but I know there's room for improvement.
  10. I'm using the 4-2-3-1 with Preston at the moment, and I thought I'd managed to find a balanced way of playing when I last played it on Monday night. Having read the content from @Cleon and other responses in this thread I am now questioning every single part of the tactic I use
  11. On a save I did with Valladolid on FM17, I lost in the play-off final for promotion to La Liga. I went back on several days later to build my squad and found that I hadn't saved it. Being the honourable man that I am, I played to lose. And won. So I had to quit and play it until I lost again...
  12. I'm off work tomorrow and will be free to play FM until about 2pm. After that I can't play it until Sunday night. So, get ready for it to be released at around 2pm tomorrow
  13. I've got a few ideas in the pipeline this year, as most of us do just before release My first game is going to be Preston North End. They've got some good young players, and have decent potential as a club so I think it will be a good one to get used to the new features etc. My 'career' game will be Oxford City. I tried one with Gainsborough Trinity last season which I really enjoyed before my file corrupted, so I'm venturing south this year. I don't tend to be the teams I follow but Betis look a really exciting prospect on FM this year too. Other options - I might venture further afield this year and try a save in Mexico or South America as I've never done a save over there before.
  14. It may have been suggested before, and it's very minor: When hovering over the 'i' next to a player's name, I think the players preferred foot should be on there. It'd be very handy when setting pre-match instructions if I want to show somebody onto a specific side. I know you can set it to 'weaker foot', but if they have either it's not worth doing.
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