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  1. :/ i was quietly trying to hope for someone from si to answer this :(. I shall keep my fingers crossed and wait and hope
  2. Don't think this topic has been created yet, so just trying to start a discussion on what this years pre game editor will be like. I don't remember where i heard but i recall si saying they were progressively trying to decrease hard coding and make more stuff changeable with the editor. Question for anyone at SI: Will we be able to do MLS style rules in the editor this year? What about adding in naturalisation only for uncapped players?(currently hard coded for Russia and Ukraine)
  3. @claassen will you update your files for any rule changes in asia for the 2018 season? also where to you get the info for Singapore, China and Hong Kong? all three league systems have awful information with singapore NFL not even having an website and in china the CFA seems to fax everything to the clubs directly in chinese. What are your sources?
  4. i would like to see more stuff available in the editor, for example the ability to make transfer polices(only local players or only players from country x). i would also like the ability to add foreign players but not Asian or whatever its called to the overall squad limits and have the same rule for the match day squad moved to the non advanced rules editor. Also, i believe it would be beneficial to improve on the dual nationality system. This is because generally in FM, countries who naturalize players, e.g Singapore, are just set as allowing dual nationality. This is flawed as while naturalization of foreign players does happen in Singapore, it is only if they would help the national team, and as a result, capped players are never naturalized. i believe this could be solved by having a system similar to that used in game in Russia, where only uncapped players can be naturalized. This also use to be the case with Ukraine, but it was changed even though players like marlos are still being naturalized to help with foreign player limits, despite this meaning they would have to renounce previous nationalities. there should also be a distinction between nationalities eligible for and second nationalities. This can be seen with Tiyas Browning who is eligible for china, but doesn't have a Chinese passport, so cant be registered as a local player in china.
  5. fm doesn't run well on laptops as a rule. its also got quiet a low clock speed and fm doesn't use multiple cores very well. So it will run, but not as fast as you would want.
  6. Hello. The purpose of this thread is to provide information to the FM Community about Chinese football in FM, with emphasis on the CSL. As someone who follows the league in real life, and has done for many years, as well as playing in the league in game, understands the culture from both a Chinese and Western perspective and someone with a healthy dislike of British tabloids, I feel qualified to give good information on this topic. Any questions, both about real life CSL myths and China in FM can be asked, and I will try to continue monitoring this thread. It is also worth noting that the CSL runs on a calendar schedule, and there will be rule changes when the February update comes out. This guide will be written based on the implementation of the rules in game now, as well as mentioning the changes next season. The Chinese Super League: in FM18 the CSL is recognised as one of the best leagues in Asia by reputation. It is played on a calendar season, as with the rest of east Asia, and has 30 league matches in a season, as well as having the Chinese Football Association Cup, in which all matches are two legged(including the Final). Every year the bottom 2 teams in the 16 team league are relegated and the top two are promoted from the China League 1 Squad and Transfer Rules: The CSL has strict squad rules compared to Europe, but slightly weaker than those of South Korea. In the 2017 season the squad is limited to 5 foreign players, with only three in the match day squad. unlike much of Asia, there is no AFC player allowance(3+1 rule) for ether the squad or the match squad, although in real life 1 of the 5 must be AFC. In the 2018 season there will only be 4 foreign player slots in the squad. Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan players are not local in 2017 unless their contracts were signed before 1/1/2016, but for the 2018 season are local(but I'm not sure how to real life limit of 1 non naturalised player will be put in to FM). Foreign Goalkeepers are also not allowed but any prudent player will realise that a goal keeper would not be a good use of a slot anyway, due to the shortage of local players On each match day clubs are also required to have 1 u23 Chinese player in the playing 11 at all times(although in real life this was worded as starting 11, leading to the u23 players being subbed off) and 2 in the match day squad overall. In the 2018 season clubs will be required to have as many u23 Chinese players in the match squad as foreign players, although as the CSL website is unavailable in the UK(where I live) and the SINA post is unclear, this rule is unclear. In China in FM, the Bosman rule is not used. This means that there is nothing stopping a player from being held by the club for ever. As this doesn't happen in real life though, I advise anyone playing in China to be sporting and renew contracts. There is 100% tax on foreign signings, designed to emulate a much more complex rule on transfers. This will probably be the same in game for the January update. Finally, there is a limit on Chinese signings. there can be at most 7 o17 Chinese players signed per season per club, and 5 o21 Chinese players per season per club. There is no limit on u17 players. UPDATE: for the 2018 season, clubs may only register 4 foreign players The Clubs: China, contrary to popular belief, has some very big clubs with proud histories, most noticeably Liaoning(relegated in 2017 season), Shanghai Shenhua(a mid table club with a history of alleged miss management and big foreign players)(Shen is short for shanghai, Hua means flower) Beijing Guo'an(Guo means nation, An means safety or security) , Shandong Luening(a company name), Tianjin TEDA(Technological Economic Development Area I think) and Dalian Shide(folded in 2009 I think). However, the big clubs today are Guangzhou Evergrande, now 7 in a row winners of the league(in the game as Hengda, the former Chinese name of Evergrande group, roughly meaning very big), shanghai SIPG(Shanghai international port group, in the game as Shanggang, meaning Hong Kong. How it became the translation I do not know. Formally known as Dongya, meaning east Asia) Hebei CF and Tianjin Quanjin(a Chinese medicine company). Along with these noticeable clubs there are a number of strong mid table clubs, all well funded(especially if one was to give the league its real TV deal). Most clubs also have strong facilities and stadiums between 25000 and 50000. This season in real life Liaoning and Yanbian have been relegated, while Beijing Renhe and Dalian Yifan have been promoted. The Players: It goes without saying that there are some very good foreign players in the CSL. Among them Brazilians Hulk(SIPG), Oscar(SIPG),Elekson(SIPG) and Alan(GZE), 2017 top scorer Eran Zahavi(GZRF) and Tianjin Quanjian stars Axel Witsel and Anthony Modeste. There are also some decent Chinese players, but china lacks in depth and as a result, good Chinese players sell for a lot in real life(not fully reflected in game) and are payed a lot(reflected in game). The best are Zhang Yuning(ST;West Brom on loan at Bremen), Wu Lei(AM;SIPG), Zheng Zhi(CM;GZE), Zhang Chengdong(AML;HBCF), Zhang Linpéng(DR;GZE) and Gao Lin(ST;GZE). The best goalkeepers are Zeng Cheng(GZE), Yan Junling(SIPG), Wang Dalei(SDL) and Yang Zhi(BJGA). As a rule in the CSL Good foreign players are Low to Mid EPL Level, whereas good local players are Low to Mid Championship Level. The Managers: In the 2017 season, the CSL had many top foreign managers. Most noticeably Big Phip Scolari, a Brazilian world cup winner, Andreas Villas Boas, Manuel Pellegrini, Fabio Cappello, Felix Magath, and Roger Schmit. in the 2018 season the manager list is significantly weaker as clubs have opted to go for local managers or younger foreign managers. of the previous list only Pellegrini, Cappello and Schmit are still in the league. Setting up a save: For people starting new saves, I would advise, as a minimum, they load Brazil, S.Korea, Saudi Arabia and Japan. This is to ensure proper functioning of th AFC Champions League. If playing with a database that adds Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau Players, or the January update, it may be wise to load Hong Kong. I would also advise that people get databases that add Japan and Saudi Arabia, as well as the Chinese National Second Division. Also, a file increasing the TV money in china(roughly 15000000 GBP per club per season) to approximate real amounts may be worth making. I have not attached mine as I modified someone else's file, and cant be bothered to ask permition to share it. Finally, one may want to add a database file that changes Asian competitions. I will attach mine, which increase the reps of japan, Saudi Arabia, China and Thailand while decreasing the reputation of South Korea. Tips: I will update this(I think) when the updates released. Feel free to ask questions. I might answer. Asia Competition Reps.fmf
  7. i have never had bugs with the editor. and i dont think they update the editor hugely, they just get it to use the new database
  8. while two weeksnot enough to make a whole megapack, it is enough to get started either making it possible to start a proper save sooner, or making it possible to make major world leagues that are not in the game already available by the start of the real game. good examples are nigeria, a country where poorer European leagues sign a lot of players from, and the east Asian country i will not name, who are a key player in asian continental competion. of all the people i know in real life, most like to have real life league databases loaded, because many of the African leagues offer very good cheap players i am aware of that. i do not want the editor so people can use databases during the beta. i want the editor out earlier so the people, like classen who make megapacks or the people who add all the players to the east asian country that i will not name's league system can start working on them sooner.
  9. the editor coming out with the beta would really help the people who make league systems. I know lots of people really like to have them. for me i feel i need nigeria, the middle east and a east asian nation that will not be named. Surely releasing the editor earlier would make it possible for people to start their main save before Christmas.
  10. its also worth noting with alot of the games for the big clubs are against really small teams so they can play a weaker side. For the small clubs most state championships have knockout bits and they exit the cups quiet quickly. Its better for the clubs because more ticket money(if they do their wages with any competence) and not much more wage bill. In brazil to the best of my knowledge the state championships matter a lot no matter how small the opposition and big matches will always have decent attendance.
  11. trades - no draft - no contract types (senior etc)- no (but a minimum wage can be added) foreign player limit- yes unregistered players contacts terminate - yes wage cap - yes designated players - yes but no forced release clause - yes no bosman - yes with designated players, in advanced rules you can add wage cap minus designated players. This sets a wage cap where designated players count as 0. you then set a limit on the number of designated players. Only problem is you cant offer designated contracts in game. all the other things have to be done in editor rules. If you want to create a college like system you can add a non promotion league full of clubs which are always amateur and have an age limit of 21
  12. enable the editing of a nations continent( i dont remember how to do that. search "creating nations in fm editor" and they will show you) and change new zealand to asian. than change a small asian country to be in Oceania so that the number of nations for international competition is correct.
  13. strangely worded to say the least. 1.chairmans philosophy. already in the game.alternativly in advanced rules you could set their squad to require a certain number of u24 players 2. dont really understand but b teams and ii teams are done on a clubs home page under additional teams. delete the one you dont want. sometimes its done as an affiliate(type b team). delete the affiliation and then the club. make sure to replace it or the game could be buggy. 3. dont know(answered above) 4.what are ki trainers? 5. change the nation coefficient. find a country you dont care about(san marino or bosinia are some of the less important ones) and copy their coefficients into Kosovo. than put kosvos old ones into theirs 6. ki? 7. add nation rules - add lower divisions or cups - existing nation - Germany - convert to advanced rules - find fixture rule index for leagues by cliking their names and then scrolling down. do to those fixture rules(nation - fixture rules) bundeliga is probably rules 0. scroll down on the general page for said rules. under nation rules add - match squad or starting 11rule to require said number of players. than remove germany from the EU(because part of the EU agreement is that eu nations must be treated the same) (failure to do this will make other eu nations non foreign) than remove countrys counted as eu and countrys counted as non foreign under the germany page in nations. finally, on this forum when a question is either too hard or too dumb no one replys. also when your title is crap like yours is, no one replys
  14. the club competitions should just be assigned to a nation(just increase the nations rep for transfer values to be correct) and then done in the same way as a normal new league. The cup competition can be done by attaching it to a nation and then for teams(in advanced rules) fetching the champions of each of those leagues. alternatively, make it a continental competition in europe, and then fetch teams from leagues , which should get the champions. all this is in advanced rules. if you dont know that much about the editor, watch tutorials to get a basic understanding, than study files made by the likes of classen to learn from them.
  15. wont have much luck here. only ways i can think of are contacting si, asking someone who makes utility software for fm or finding a few thousand people to do it manually.
  16. wage rise for ffp. the loss of 2 billion will be covered by the owner who will quickly get sick of it and leave. if you are loosing that much you are going out of your way to waste money.
  17. it might be. if you set up the canada and us only leagues a child leagues and then set the dividing line as the boarder. it still would not work well though as the Canadian teams are disadvantages(lower youth rating higher taxes(unable to compete financially)) so would get relegated more than the us teams. alternatively, you would set it up as a continental completion, which would completely work but be really hard to do and explain. if you are desperate to do that you will have to learn about continental rules from someone who a) is experienced with continental rules b) has alot of time c) speaks your native language
  18. you can go into the leagues in competitions, select all the teams and edit the competition they are in. just dont forget the number of teams in each league ( prem to confrence south 20-24-24-24-22(i think)-22-22). another way to save time is to use someone else's for england(readily available on the internet), but i dont think they exist for the rest
  19. hello. is anyone aware of a way to make the country a clubs league is in foreign if the club is based abroad? in real life the lions xii(based in singapore and owned by the singaporian fa) could not sign non singaporean players(they went out of existence at the end of 2015) and brunei dpmm in the s league(league in sg, club in brueni) can play Singaporeans, but they count as foreign players. i cant find a way to do this in fm(unless the team is playing in hk or china). does anyone know a solution? thanks in advance
  20. first, it is already possible for weak countries to generate a really good player. in a save of mine, in the early 2030s there was a Micronesian player playing for beijing guoan in the csl. after checking his ca and pa with a scouting tool(i downloaded one just to do this). his ca was over 150 and pa was over 180. second, factors effecting player quality are: youth rating(anything above 100 is pretty good(serbia is 100 england 120 brazil 150<(cant remember))) youth template(especially professionalism and ambition), quality of domestic league ,available playing time(if there is a minimum u23 player rule for example) and each clubs youth system(more good academies = more good players). finally, one way you can improve the youth is by making a academy league. to do this, create league and then a large number of clubs with good academies, limiting the clubs to u21 players(maximum age)and being amateur so that the better clubs can sign them.
  21. hello. if you are still trying to do this in the classen league megapack (final pack 233 not sure if its in the others) there is the Caribbean club championship,to which teams from the virgin islands can qualify. if you want to make sure of it, load the file into the database and then under rules add a minimum of 1 club for the british virgin islands.
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