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  1. I would love the following features: - After a certain period of time, once many known players have retired, the game can lose an element of attachment. I would suggest a good feature would be the generation of famous historic players around the globe that you can go after even local legends spawning at your club etc. At the very least adding the option in the editor for future player spawning would be a great way to enhance the game! - I would love the ability to build design stadiums, any additional creativity can really enhance your experience of a club, I appreciate this would be an ambitious step of development but there have been some very good stadium builders on other games. -I would also love the ability perhaps after some time at a club to design a new club football strip, this could also be received well or badly by the supporters and linked to generating more/less revenue but do it too often (new one every season) and fans don't buy as much, get into europe and add a 3rd strip again to help generate additional revenue, perhaps you develop a jinxed kit that the players can't win in! PS keep up the good work!
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