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  1. also marc, what do i save it onto when i have done my changes. eg. data, icons, temp? thanks
  2. ok great cheers marc! looks good!!
  3. hi marc, got it downloaded fine but could you give me instructions on how to make it work (where to put it on my memory stick)
  4. normal weekend of footie generally... although chelsea got a convincing win at last! Leeds v Birmingham cancelled. Man u win again. but west ham v fulham what a game 3-3!!!!
  5. Premiership - Too hard?

    o excluding chelsea then 0. hehe! never tried with other team
  6. kl it automatically puts **** there!!!
  7. **** you charlie! hehe!! ooops!!
  8. Hi! Talk about Celeb BB here!
  9. Editor problem

    ring him up... 01923282291
  10. Editor problem

    o dear charlie coles from chorley wood
  11. Editor problem

    all my recent editor updates aren`t working aswell the game loads but none of them have any effect
  12. somebody please help me

    do you definitely have X:/PSP/FMH/chnages.txt?
  13. editor hep

    why are you moving him anyway you cheat!